Spring/Summer 2014–So Far

Just so of the stuff I snapped on camera while going about my day and play. WATCH ON HD MODE.

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Love Always Wins

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Love Always Wins; a simple statement, devoid of any alliteration but it has a rhythmic feel and carries an undeniable truth.  These words seem to cascade from our friend Snoyoda’s fingers on to the keyboard every time he is here. I think … Continue reading

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Saying Goodbye To BIB

I never had to say something so difficult in the  four years I hosted this blog.  Our dear friend Mark, BoyInBoycott, will be saying goodbye to his loved ones and friends in the next few weeks. This is a difficult … Continue reading

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James Garner: A True Maverick

  Few are the actors that cross generational gaps or well liked by both men and women. My wife knows him for his role in “The Notebook” about a love that would not die, I remember him from  one re-run … Continue reading

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A Dire Warning About Net Neutrality

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My vision is murky; my bones ache; my muscles are strands of thin spaghetti; my spirit although not broken is heavy with regret. I have survived many wars; I’ve seen too much devastation. I stood tall and there was nothing … Continue reading

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