Power Of Veto

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If you don’t get the reference, google Big Brother TV show.

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Your Page

Well it is. So fill it with great stuff.

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Nanu Nanu

Since last night we, hell the entire world, has been mourning the tragic loss of actor Robin Williams at the hands of  depression. His life long battle with the devastating disease came to an end  in one desperate moment depression … Continue reading

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Aloha! Bon voyage! Gueti Reis! Xäyerle yul!… 4EEEE

We’ve been, with great sadness, saying good-bye to our Friend Mark. This process is sad but things will get better; Goodbyes don’t always need to be sad, they can lead to reunions, vacations, new beginnings, or like in the case … Continue reading

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Mark Rave!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our dear departed friend has left a hole that can never be filled. He had a tough life but he never let it get the best of him, if anything it made him stronger. He was a joyous person and … Continue reading

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