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  Why should I or any American care about an independent Scotland?   Besides any reciprocal benefit to the US economy in having a NEW (more on that soon) nation as global partners, there is something deep in the American collective psyche … Continue reading

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Never Judge A Book By Its Meth Addict

Ok, so as I said earlier on Friday the wifey had to shop, had is the key word :roll: ,  she is in one of those ridiculous shops for skinny people ( BananaRepublic) I can’t set foot in because I may rage–long story but I’m not a  man built like an anorexic teen age boy, I have shoulders and shit–so I waited outside while the wifey shopped.

I see a few people holding a dingy orange banner with the words People yada yada I couldn’t give a rats ass, did I mention I was shopping with the wife? :P but after a few minutes–aeons in shopping time– I took notice and my RAWR took over, why are these hippies and a meth addict out here talking about Climate change? Now you guys know I go all-spastic when people say CLIMATE CHANGE rather than GLOBAL WARMING.

So, I casually walk over and say to one of them, ‘you know they are ignoring you because you are using the passive voice.’ Here a nice lady very Badgeresque, by that I mean silver fox hair and glasses, asks what do I mean, I could tell the meth addict was annoyed. I said, ‘ you are using wording specifically designed by Frank Luntz W’s spin-doctor and global warming denier.

She and a nerdy type older guy tell me that scientist have embraced the term because is –I interrupt, ‘ because it’s politically correct, the language of right-wing corporatist’. At this point the meth addict gets all angry and starts on me that I’M the problem because I don’t understand the issue—I peek inside the store and the wife is not near the cash register so I let it rip.

I said, ‘the problem is not me it’s you man,’ yes I switched to broski mode, ‘People are walking by you guys and not giving you the time because you are using safe non-urgent language.’ It should never be anything other than GLOBAL WARMING, these are urgent words— by now we all cool down and we kinda hear each other, so I asked who backs you guys financially and they say they have a large coalition which I took with a grain of salt, hell I meant to look them up but forgot about them until badger mentioned them. The meth lab asks if I’m involved and I slip and say that I’m part of a small online community that is very AWARE and make it a point to keep the dialogue going. He asked if I would join and I said yes they then gave me the flyer which did not survive the trip home.

So I guess it’s the old never judge a book by it’s cover lesson revisited, as I just went to their website and it looks legit and very relevant. I swore they were just a few tree hugging loons no more relevant than the La Roche loons.

So the dick of the week award goes to me:


Hell I may even go to this thing of theirs :D

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Fri SATURday Night Music

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Remembering 911

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The Fight For Net Neutrality

Well it looks like the porn sites get it, A………..s…l…..o…..w….i…n….t…e….r…n….e…t……i…..s….b…a…..d. Not many other sites are taking this seriously including many we visit every day.   Not only is a slow internet a bad idea but when the providers EXTORT  bandwidth … Continue reading

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