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Quiz: Identify on the image above, the ONLY hero.   Hint: It will not be obvious.  Post your answers  NOW before reading the post to get the correct answer to the quiz. Heroes, the ones I think of, can be … Continue reading

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We Are Not Donald Trump

Last week we, pretty much the entire world, watched us debase ourselves by the actions of a maniacal President and an obscene Republican party. We can’t champion equality, justice, and fairness anywhere else in the world when we don’t have it here … Continue reading

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Beatlemania​ 2018

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Sorry about the quality, I grabbed an old action camera because I could not find my good point and shoot, the images are taken from the vid. The voice singing “Hey Jude” is a person who has Down syndrome, the crowd … Continue reading

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Our Condolences

“Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It’s the transition that’s troublesome.” ― Isaac Asimov Our friend MSolomon has suffered two huge loses within a short time. Our thoughts are with him as are we should you need us.  

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Our Beloved Companions

It doesn’t matter if they are named Herbert Hoover, have fur or feathers, bark or swims to us they are part of our family and when one comes to the end of their life cycle, we mourn them and remember them … Continue reading

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