What you get

This is a basic way ti post until I can fix things

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A Working Page?

If this works I’ll be able to post if not just know you really are in a coma and life as you know is an illusion.

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“TO INFINITY, AND BEY…. I DON’T GIVE A RAT’S ASS” If were 10 again I would have geeked out on yesterday’s Virgin Galactic’s publicity stunt. ( they should have just toss another car out into space) I would have news … Continue reading

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Baby Mothra!!!

Baby Mothra By MSolomon2 Not sayin baby Mothra but baby Mothra!!! Giant wood moth: ‘very heavy’ insect rarely seen by humans spotted at Australian school Mammoth moth which can have 25cm wingspan found by builders working on Queensland primary school … Continue reading

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