Martin Luther King Day

  I think today more than ever; in the days before the modern face of American Hate takes control of our government, Dr.King’s message of love and unity should be in our hearts. HOWEVER! Don’t forget that MLK ,challenged, defied … Continue reading

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President Obama, Pardon Chelsea Manning And Edward Snowden

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Enough Of The Sh*t!

We all see it,  the progression in CONSUMPTION is destroying everything we hold dear.  Fueled by OUR own greed we have allowed corporations to adopt a scorch the earth policy with little thought to the repercussions, finite resources, finite biodiversity and … Continue reading

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2017 Year Of The Dumbass

EDITOR’S NOTE: My Bum would never go near that! I’d rather use a tie, a T-Shirt or my hands. I know it’s not fair to trash a new year before patterns begin to arise but bad form or not, it … Continue reading

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Positive Energy For Our Friend

I got the news via Bebe, that Tío/Cobalt’s son “fell down some stairs onto concrete this morning while helping a friend. He has broken ribs a C7 fracture and worse of all a frontal brain bleed.” I can’t think of … Continue reading

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