Those That Voted, The REALM Salutes you!


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Today Is The 121 Day Of The Year×500/istock-calendar-days.jpg?1 AND 190 DAYS UNTIL THE US ELECTS A CORPORATIST SHILL POTUS😉

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A Page For Tío

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Much like his online avatar TÍO seen some shit and is not impressed. Right now he is making sure he hasn’t drop something he may need later😀 He’ll be back–CG will give you an update.

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The Dawn Of Unlikability

I can’t think of a more patriotic thing to do in America than to arrange one’s digits in a vulgar fashion to tell elected officials to stick-it when justified. Before you clutch your pearls in deep distaste or dial the NSA, realize … Continue reading

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Prince 1958-2016

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