Happy Memorial Day

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(Taken May 24, 2015)

Strange thing to say on a day of remembrance, a strange holiday in fact. Amid all the reverie-I remember spending many memorial day playing tag; chasing rugrats, ending-up with their ice cream draped on my clothes-we take time, at least we should, to honor those who paid the ultimate price while serving in the US military.

“…Theirs not to make reply, Theirs not to reason why, Theirs but to do & die…”*

WHATEVER the reason, patriotic call of duty, a military family  tradition, a way to escape economic hardship, WHATEVER the reason-No matter how we individuals feel about war, or the US global military occupation or any of the million and one negative things we can reason; we should ALWAYS divorce that sentiment from the sacrifice people take on while they don the uniform. Perhaps one day we will not need the generals; the grunts and certainly not the parasitic worms that feed off the military-those that make a lucrative business out of sacrifice. If we ever get to that day it will be because of the sacrifice of those that served.

To the fallen, Thank you, to vets and enlisted men/women I say Happy Memorial Day. I say this wholeheartedly because the fallen fought for more than their remembrance they fought  for those still alive to have a good life. Remember them but live, they would want this but go out burn some burgers, clean some mess a little one made at a BBQ party, eat too much, drink too much, be happy because that is the ultimate way to honor and give thanks to those who died while serving the nation.


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Late Show with David Letterman: A Journey’s End


33 years as a host, 6,028 episodes. Prickly, irrelevant, controversial, funny…for us New Yorker’s he is just one of us–retirement? Nah! he’ll end up doing something else in between golf games. Thanks Dave.

Devil Letterman’s Top 10 Reasons Republicans Should Burn In Hell

From 10/11


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Of Myth And Man…


“We’re so engaged in doing things to achieve purposes of outer value that we forget that the inner value, the rapture that is associated with being alive, is what it’s all about.” 
― Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth

Walt Disney is cryogenically frozen, Newton was hit by an apple, Eve ate an apple, The Lost city of Atlantis, Man never landed on the moon, Elvis is dead-Ok maybe the last one  true.

We create myths, sometimes it seems they create themselves, out of real events but mostly they are complete fabrications. They are supposed to entertain, carry some ideas throughout the ages but modern myths seem to be more about satisfying a sophomoric desire to prank someone; unless you really think there are mutant alligators in the sewers, Psst…don’t tell anyone there really are.

Already the divisive myths are being used on you; to indoctrinate you, to make you fall in line, to keep you from questioning. The front-runner myth in politics at this time  is that  Bernie Sanders is not electable, but if you are a lib/dem and are critical of Hillary Clinton then you are said playing right into the RIGHT-WINGER’S hands….yes, folks!  free independent thinking is the enemy, for some there is great comfort in being part of group think.  So go listen to the Pied Pipers of the Internet—I’m sticking with Sanders until Xenu returns.

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In Memoriam: BB King

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Never Trade Your Life Away

I don’t know what Buffett’s plan is, so if anyone has a link please post it; because  if anything the last eight years has shown the American people is to be skeptical of ALL politicians—there’s no OUR side but who is less-likely to do the least harm.

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