A Day(s) In The Life

First Row: Spooky NYC streets Second Row: Strange Graffiti that has been popping all over NYC, no one knows what it means. The Endicott– That is for Tío Azucar, only he knows what it means. Next row: Artist— I saw … Continue reading

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg: March 15, 1933 – September 18, 2020

I had just come online after spending an evening with the wife to the sad news of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death. I think I have adequately expressed my admiration of RBG over the years so I’m not going to eulogize … Continue reading

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I Disapprove Of What You Say, But I Will Defend To The Death Your Right To Say It

I CALL FOR ALL PROGRESSIVES TO ATTACK JOE BIDEN AND KAMAL HARRIS. (That should have gotten your attention) The worst thing that has happened to me the last four years is how DEMOCRAT VOTER insanity exploded during the last four … Continue reading

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BIB: Still Standing!

After surviving the  80’s AIDS pandemic, he spent the rest of his life advocating equality and living quietly. A spirt like his survives and reverberates, it helps to keep the fight strong, it leaves the living better than before. Well … Continue reading

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Will She Crust And Sugar Over— Like A Syrupy Sweet? Or Will She Explode?

I think most of you know by now that I’m not star-struck by AOC. This is mainly because no matter her resolve to break the Dogmatic, corrupt Neoliberal grip on the Democratic party, I feel that NONE of the “BERNIECRATS” … Continue reading

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