Solar Eclipse 2017

Sorry no music, came home goy busy. This was on NYC Bethesda Terrace Central Park.

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Total EclipseOf The Sun…Turn Around Bright Eyes

Find best viewing time for you here: Build your own pinhole projector: Safety word: Traditional sunglasses won’t work, be careful with counterfeit protective glasses, and ONLY USE  #14 WELDER’S MASK/SHIELD!!!!

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American HATE on Display

  Virginia could very well the beginning of a “massive super volcano of hate” explosion. I support fighting the troglodytes on the streets if need be, allowing them to mainstream  their HATE as freedom of speech; UNCHALLENGED is giving-up. Having … Continue reading

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IF You Think This Is Only A Fair Statement Of Donald Trump And The Political Right You Have Kowtow To The Oligarchy

The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark –Carl Sagan, 1995.

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Pomchi, Angus And Fiends

With “OUR” Angus recovering nicely, and today being POMCHI’S 12th anniversary of captivity by “HER” I think we should pay tribute to those critters that, share our lives and are family. Of course being a city dweller means I have … Continue reading

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