Happy Earth Day…And March For Science

A word from our Mother: I am your home. I keep you fed, warm or cold if that’s your preference, I have abundance and hold many wonders to always sate your curious nature; we are not removed from one another, what … Continue reading

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Happy 4/20

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Medicinal or recreational, Cannabis; Marijuana, Mary Jane, Burnie, Reefer, Weed, Pot, Ganga, Chronic… well you get it.  Legalization has become a fight between the citizens and the  Prohibitionist government that is dead set on ignoring the medicinal benefits and ignores the revenue from legalizing … Continue reading

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Happy Easter, Day A Guy Returned From The Dead And Did Not Want To Eat Brains

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Day 102 of 2017

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“The most interesting information comes from children, for they tell all they know and then stop.” — Mark Twain

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Ewoks: The Russians Of The Galaxy?

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“Deajstare t’hesh  hillary akeeata obama aargutcha gooka yunyum rig fektur elections.” I’m sure the Green party is behind it all.

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