Maybe She Was A Kat

Four years, it doesn’t seem that long since Fancy Kat departed this REALM of existence. But you know how Kats are always curious, she just went ahead of us to explore things and make sure Mark is not sitting on … Continue reading

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The 46 President of the United States, Joe Biden.

Ok Joe you wanted it, you got it—Do something useful as you have way too much to atone for. Right now Trump sings to himself. I used to roll the diceFeel the LAUGHTER in my enemy’s eyesListen as the crowd … Continue reading

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DIE 2020 DIE!

2020, broken down to basics, is just a rolled up in one spectacle of the greatest failures of the human mind and hearts, a clusterfuck of gargantuan proportions. 2020 had it all: PANDEMICS DEATH MISERY IGNORANCE HATE But most of … Continue reading

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Arecibo Observatory: The Great Loss

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It is no small feat to stick around on an online forum but when the people are like Family it’s easy as pie. HAPPY 7TH BEBE! BTW: I almost went with Cool and the Gang’s Celebrate but somehow seeing DT … Continue reading

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