An Open Letter To The POTUS

The Honorable Barack Hussain Obama
President, Executive Branch
United States Government
1600 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
Washington, DC  20500

Dear Mr. President,

What a grand journey we had Thus far. The energy you brought  to your campaign ignited the passion of people who never voted before. Regardless of what your critics say did not create the disaster that the nation world is experiencing the one that shook the world economy. When you took office you accepted it as your own and set to fix it without having recriminations for its true progenitors. You alone are not solely responsible for bringing the nation back to balance.  We the people need to support you and those who cause the mess need to be reminded of this Ad infinitum.

You came to be in the White House, not only by your efforts, but also by a Herculean effort in part of your supporters. The kind of energy  Foster not only by your vision but by you as an individual. In the face of resistance to change YOUR PASSION made the once unthinkable ( an African-American in white house) happen. You  supercharged your base, and we responded. If we could somehow harness a fraction of that energy we probably would have made leaps and bounds to solve the energy crisis.

I’ll forgo mentioning, the bank bail outs, the BP oil rig explosion, or the  many catastrophes you inherited when you took office, none of those things are solidified as a great threat, at this moment, as is the defeat we face in the up-coming midterm elections.

Mr. President, there is no better time than now for us to build on these positive steps and maintain the House and the Senate in Democrat hands.

44 Americans and their families have taken residence in the White House while serving the American people. Out of all of them you stand singular in being the only one that embodies the very principle of equality found in our  Constitution, The Bill of Rights–today those most sacred documents are in danger, threatened by the Republicans who are the major contributors to the world-wide economic collapse.

One of the hallmarks of your platform was Bi-partisan government. A government where Republicans could join the efforts for a better America—-the current congress is not about to engage in anything other than the status quo and will deal only in subterfuge. I ask that you:

  • abandon the idea of a bipartisan government—-evidently we are not ready for this, yet
  • stand-up to the Republicans and make sure they understand you will do every to oppose their corruption.
  • Fire-up the American People during this mid-term elections

So, once again I  humbly ask that you go back to being the Presidential candidate,  in spirit, not as a recessive act but as a signal that you stand with us especially during these crucial hours before the mid-term elections.

I think we  can still hold both House and Senate, even if by a small margin,  it is it that small margin where danger lurks. I don’t mind getting up and doing my part diligently to spread the word to vote, heat cold, sun, rain as it’s often stated in colloquial language “Bring it on” I just don’t like feeling that I’m doing it without you.

Yes we can……………………………………….Again!

Respectfully yours,

J_ _ k H_ _ _ e

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56 Responses to An Open Letter To The POTUS

  1. Kitty says:

    Funky = Whimsical Lib

    I will read your letter tonight….

    • Kitty says:

      so Funky comes out at 3:30 eastern time, when he knows all of you are asleep.
      he is even using his name in his comments now!

      Would anyone here be offended if I called him a Horrible Mick Cocksucker?

      And, yeah.
      I think Obama has such a strong belief in working with others, he won’t compromise on his belief.
      Maybe in 10 years, this will work, but not now.

      At this critical time in the history of the U.S, We need more F.D.R.,
      Less of Mr. Nice Guy.

      But who knows. IF the economy collapses, he may decide to change his
      “be nice” strategy.

    • cpad says:

      Beautifully said, jack. I feel the same.

      Even though we’re Canadian, my husband and I followed the election with a passion. We could both see right away that Obama was an extraordinary man. We followed every possible bit of coverage we could take in. I just cried tears of joy when he was elected. I knew he would impact not only the U.S., but the whole world. And he has.

      I was just saying to hubby this morning: “You know, I don’t care what anybody says. Obama is my hero. I think not one iota less of him now than I did when he got in.”

      And you’re right, jack. Democrats MUST continue acting with the passion and intensity that got Obama elected in the first place. You have to fight for what you want. Obama has so much more to do.

      I want so badly for my American brothers and sisters to have the same freedom we have here – freedom from terror about our health – universal access to the care you need. And freedom for gay people to have the equal rights they deserve.

      Sorry for rambling on, but I did so enjoy reading your post.

      • cpad—ramble on!

        this whole shift was expected, no big surprise. We need to clean-up the Dem Party, I would not say so before the mid-term, but it’s time to put the pressure on bad DEMS.

  2. Mad As A Hatter says:

    He could have whined. He had every right. He has never whined.

    And he still delivers optimism.

    Yes we can.

  3. Tweety says:

    Hi House! I totally agree with your letter. I wish that President Obama would go back to acting like candidate Obama.

    On a side note, a certain person that likes to post here and on HP (who acts like a drama queen, always plays the victim card, and likes to stir chit up on HP by getting into other people’s business) recently accused a girlfriend of mine of being a ‘Paid Poster’ and questioning her Fan count. Why is she going around accusing people of stupid chit and trying to get other people to join in with the pitch forks? Is that what HP is about? She is exactly what’s wrong with HP today. On HP, I see more hate coming from the Left than I do the Right these days.

    I apologize in advance if this offends anyone other than the person to whom I’m referring to.


    • Tweety says:

      Very insightful post, James. I would hope that you will come back more often and continue to share your views on Politics in general.

      Personally, I was not all that upset about last nights election results, with the exception of losing Russ Feingold, who was a bold Progressive champion for all people. We did manage to maintain the majority in the Senate, so hopefully they will be able to shoot down any bad legislation the Repubs attempt to pass in the House.
      Even if that fails at least President Obama can Veto any bad legislation that comes across his desk.

      In retrospect, the Repubs holding a large majority in the House may work out to our benefit in 2012. They’ve claimed for the past two years that their policies would be more effective in creating jobs, restoring the middle class, helping small businesses, helping the people on Main Street, ect. Well, now they have the power in the House to make it happen. They don’t need a single Democrat vote to pass any legislation… it’s time for them to put up or shut up. When they FAIL, the Dems will have a landslide Victory in 2012 again. Unfortunately, President Obama and the Dems will have slim chance of pushing through their legislative agenda such as DADT/Immigration reform.

      My predictions for the next 2 years are that Repubs will …………
      1) Fail at creating new jobs
      2) Extend Bush Tax Cuts
      3) Attempt to lower corporate taxes and taxes for those making above 250k
      4) Attempt to repeal HCR or defund HCR.
      5) Attempt to pass Torte Reform
      6) Vote down any legislative attempts for Immigration Reform
      7) Vote down any legislative attempts to repeal DADT
      8) Vote down current legislation for Small Businesses.
      9) Attempt to privatize Social Security and Medicare, and/or incrimentally increase the age of eligibilty.
      10) Attempt to defund the remaining balance on the Recovery Act (Stimulus)
      11) Vote down any meaningful legislation proposed by the Dems.
      12) Possibly *attempt* to reverse Roe v Wade and/or implement States Rights.
      13) Infuse more Religion into Government.
      14) Attempt to extend our Military involvement in Afghanistan & Iraq
      15) Attempt to Assist Israel in a pre-emptive strike against Iran

      It is my hope that President Obama and the Democrats in Washington will now realize that just talking about being for the people, all the while supporting Wall Street and powerful Corporations, is simply not good enough for them to keep their jobs. It’s high time for the Dems to start LISTENING to ‘We The People’ who voted for them and saved their @sses in last nights election.


      • Tweety says:

        Darn it! I meant to post this to James BELOW. *embarrassed*

      • James says:

        I agree with your comment completely. I was not upset much last night either. I don’t know if it was due to me anticipating the horrible results for a while, or realizing that our defeat gives us an opportunity to grab a hold of the idealism that Jon Stewart, Cenk Uygur, and other passionate, strong progressives preach on a daily basis and form a better party that adheres to the principals of universal justice. Maybe it was a mixture of the two. I did, however, feel sad for the strong progressives that lost their seats, but I think they grew tired of the corporate political games in DC, so I don’t think they were that upset either.

        I know the republicans don’t have the power to get anything they want, so my concern is capitulation from the democratic leadership. I fear it is happening now with Obama’s willingness to negotiate on Bush’s tax cuts. If anything should be learned from the elections last night, it is that America hates politicians that don’t stand on principal. Oh, I like how you framed your third paragraph. You set it up where the republicans will be blamed for a stagnant government if nothing gets passed, and if our party can effectively use that strategy, we can demoralize the teabaggers in 2012. Really, that is a very effective strategy.

        My predictions for the next two years:

        1. The economy will start to boom next year, and the republicans will try to take credit.
        2. Jon Stewart will become an even bigger player in national politics than he already is.
        3.My guy will get his very own show on MSNBC. Yay for Cenk!!!
        4.I would like to say Obama starts fighting back, but I don’t think he will 😦

        Well, those are my predictions. I know they are not much about policy, but I think people will be happy if those prediction come true {{with the exception of Obama not fighting back}}.

      • HITO says:

        Robert Reich on NPR last night compared Obama’s situation with FDR’s. Does Obama once again extend his hand out across the aisle and offer compromise ala Clinton in 1996? Or does Obama do what FDR did, and tell everyone what the Repubs are up to, and publicly denounce their attempts at stalling the progress he had been charged with.

        “The relevant political lesson isn’t Bill Clinton in 1996. It’s Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1936. By 1936, the Great Depression was entering its eighth year. Roosevelt had already been president for four of them. Yet he won the biggest electoral victory since the start of the two-party system in the 1850s.

        How? He shifted the debate from his failure to get the economy moving to the irresponsibility of his opponents. Republicans, he said, stood for “business and financial monopoly, speculation, and reckless banking.” And Roosevelt made clear his opponents wanted to stop him from helping ordinary Americans. “Never before have these forces been so united against one candidate as they stand today,” he thundered. “They are unanimous in their hate for me — and I welcome their hatred.”

        Text and audio are here, it’s about 3 minutes:

        Obama’s latest problem, imo, is that for him to denounce the Repubs now, after their Tuesday gains, would make him appear to be disengenuous. He should have been loudly identifying and shouting about the Repubs obstruction over the last two years to ALL citizens, not just his base who pay attention.

        He could have given the Repubs a chance by extending the hand for one year, then have thrown them under the bus in January 2010. A better educated public might have placed us in a different position now, if he had, and perhaps it would have offered better results on Tuesday. I know, I shouldn’t go to the “coulda woulda” place. Can’t help it.

        I was a bit uncomfortable with Obama’s speech yesterday. I listened to it without the visual, and imagined his head was bowed as he stated the “America has spoken” concept. Especially given the arrogance that Boehner and McConnell exhibited Tuesday night with their “repeal Healthcare” and “Obama better listen to US” crap.

        I would hate it if Obama is now forced to listen to their rhetoric (again) AND compromise more than he already has because of Tuesday’s results. But I guess we don’t have a choice anymore. Lessons learned.

        I really liked what FDR did.

    • LiL Bit says:

      I’m not defending “her” in any way, but it was someone else, Trollslayer, who put forward the question of paid fans to her query of how so many fans in such short a time. Alot of people on HP are going in for the fanning game now, (which Funky used to be condemned for) of fanning so many people, and getting reciprocated fans in return, thus their ‘fan’ count grows huge without being based on mutual respect or agreement on comments. I see even friends doing it. For myself, if I fan someone, they’ll know I do it out of regard for their comments; either in agreement or funny. And I don’t want anybody fanning me for a step up. I want to earn it. I’m just stupid that way.

      • Tweety says:

        Thank you for your reply, Lil Bit. As far as the fanning thing goes, this is how I personally feel…..too each his own….live and let live. I personally like to mind my own business and stay out of other people’s business. But clearly, not everyone is like that.

        What I don’t care for is when INNOCENT people are being targeted and smeared, and being accused of nefarious things like ‘hacking’ or being a Paid Troll. Next thing you know, people are getting their pitchforks out and ganging up on the individual. I saw it happening to a Repub named ‘Perfect Sense’ on the exact same day…..and by the exact same person.

        And…..if it happens again to a friend, whether a Dem or a Repub….. I sure as hell will continue to speak my mind on HP. Otherwise, it makes HP no better than the hate filled right wing sites. This is the last thing I will say on this topic.

        “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.” — Martin Luther King, Jr.

        ** Please feel free to delete both of my comments Jack, and once again I apologize for bringing this to your Blog. Love Ya’.

      • LiL Bit says:

        I understand. I like fairness, too. That’s why I thought it was unfair for “her” to be accused of saying your “friend” is a paid one, when it was Trollslayer who brought up that statement. I don’t care for the person who noticed and questioned the remarkable high sudden fan count one way or another, she’s not a friend of mine, but that’s all she did do….merely question it. Accusations should be fair, that’s all. There’s too much of it on HP as it is. Peace.

      • Tweety says:

        Oh, by the way… was nice to meet you. Do you go by Lil Bit on HP? I’ll be sure to say Hi to you if I see you there.


      • LiL Bit says:

        No. Peace.

      • Tweety says:

        @Lil Bit

        Let me be clear. I accused ‘her’ of : QUOTE “acts like a drama queen, always plays the victim card, and likes to stir chit up on HP by getting into other people’s business) recently accused a girlfriend of mine of being a ‘Paid Poster’ and questioning her Fan count.” UNQUOTE

        All of which are TRUE……and just because she did not say the words “Paid Troll” to my friend does not make her LESS guilty of everything else I stated about her……..especially because SHE, not Troll slayer, accused another innocent individual, Perfect Sense, of being a Paid troll on the exact same day…… NOT once, not twice but……over and over and over again on the same day.

        And further more, my friend’s fan count is NO ONES business but her own. What should matter is the QUALITY of comments that she posts that makes her worth of the people who CHOOSE to fan her or reciprocate her fanning.

        Lastly, the people on HP that openly ‘obsess’ or openly ‘question’ stupid chit like other people’s fan counts apparently have nothing better to do with their time but to stir shit up and create more unnecessary drama on HP. What they need to do is GET A LIFE. Gee, I wonder what the QUALITY of their comments on HP are like?

        Peace to you as well. Tweets

      • Haruko Haruhara says:

        Tweety, I would like to add that people who obsess, literally for weeks on a back thread, about who is behind what sock and who isn’t, and most of all, who on HP should or shouldn’t be allowed to have a CM2 badge are likewise stirring up a lot of nonconstructive nonsense and really, really need to get a life.

        I personally couldn’t care less about fan counts. I wish they would just get rid of the whole concept because I’ve seen the “fanning” thing make people act so childishly.

      • LiL Bit says:

        In your original statement, you accused this person of saying your ‘friend’ was a paid poster. That’s just not right. She is not the one who said it, I was just pointing out the unfairness of your accusation towards her in this particular instance. That’s all. Just be fair.
        I agree with you completely about other instigating comments that have been made. Way too many, over the line.

      • Tweety says:

        @ LiL Bit

        Duly noted. I retract saying that ‘she’ insinuated that my friend was a ‘paid poster’, but everything else stands. Please know that my disgust is not directed at you personally in any way at all.

        I do stress the importance of the ‘quality’ of one’s comments on HP because ultimately HP is a Political Blog and the main focus should be on Politics (with a little bit of socializing now and again……heh). But, what I personally don’t consider to be Quality comments is this:

        * Hate filled derogatory rhetoric towards someone from a different party or even same the same party.
        * Verbally abusive language and vulgar comments towards other posters…….and can’t even bother to apologize.
        * Unfounded accusations towards other posters about stupid chit like ‘fan counts’ and being a ‘paid poster’.
        * Or personal comments where someone talks about their their vagina (yes that’s true).

        Well, I’ve vented enough on this topic. Today is my daughter’s Birthday so I really have to go and take care of a ton of things. Peace to All


      • LiL Bit says:

        I agree 100%. : ) Have a great day.

  4. James says:

    Hello Jack,

    I am sorry for posting. I just needed to get my mind off an email, so please forgive me. The elections last night was bad for the democrats, but we are still in a better position than we were in 2005. The elections, despite the media’s narrative, is not a repudiation of progressive policies, but a rejection of business as usual. What we must learn from the elections last night is that the public demands a break from the usual back room deals with Wall Street and a return to a government that is for the people and not the powerful. Until that happens, we will keep seeing change elections every two years. You know, that is a good thing. When we were held captive by the “main stream media”, people bought into the whole narrative of a two party system, but last night showed me that the media’s narrative holds less sway over the populace. We, I feel, are on the verge of a real awakening in this country that will rid ourselves from the corrupt two party system that chokes the life out of our country. People are so sick of both parties, and they have a right to feel that way. The democrats had a chance to sever the ties that binded us to the corporations but they only passed legislation that perpetuated them, and last night was a rejection of that. So, I hope we don’t feel to bad for what happened because it is a chance to restore a party that is truly for the people.

    I really loved your article, Jack. The energy to which you refer is a great thing. I do believe that it wasn’t Obama that the energy derived from, but from people like you and others that inexorably fight for the lesser among us. That energy of compassion, altruism, Love, and brotherhood is only growing, and we must use it to purify our side from those that seek to compromise with the devil {republicans}. I guess what I am saying is I hope people don’t let the elections get them down because we are still in a pretty good position compared to the past, and that the power for and desire for what is right based on populism is growing.

    Well, I hope people here excuse the ramblings of a mournful soul. I will embrace the silence that is my cyber existence once more, so take care of yourself, Jack. Thank you so much for showing me the things you did. I will always cherish the things I learned. There are things I wish to say to you, but a good bye will have to suffice.

    • Tweety says:

      Oopsy! See my comment to you ABOVE.

    • Hey there James,

      It actually feels good calling you by a name rather than a caricature. I have always been in favor of new blood—having the usual players, with the usual Dogma is never a good thing. For this very reason I supported President Obama ( and for now still do ) but what happened last night is not surprising one bit.

      Every president from FDR to Bill Clinton — every president, Democrat and Republican–has lost House seats in at least one midterm election. In 1938, FDR lost 71 house seats; eight years later, Harry Truman lost 55 — in 1994 Bill Clinton lost 54. Republicans took some hits of their own. Eisenhower lost 18 seats in 1954 and 48 in 1958; the Watergate year of 1974 cost the GOP 48 seats, and Ronald Reagan lost 26 in 1982. So you see this is more about fickleness than a great move to fix the system.

      Wikipedia has the break down from 1789 up to now–“Midterm elections are sometimes regarded as a referendum on the sitting president’s and/or incumbent party’s performance. They usually don’t turn out well for the party of the president; over the past 17 midterm elections, the president’s party has lost an average 28 seats in the House, and an average 4 seats in the Senate.”

      I would like to see more from the Progressives, but without a real Party, financial and grassroots support they remain just a myth. When I first began posting on HP—Long before there was a jackhole I suggested that we needed an alternative to the Tea Party, One that would be just as vocal and organized, driven to have their voice heard in opposition to the Tea-Party. Funny thing was I said, we can call ourselves the coffee party, chai lattes whatever—I got a lot of dismissive comments almost pitying my political naiveté for suggesting that the Tea-Party was a threat —-someone went as far as saying that HP is a blog and not a political entity that could start a counter movement. So, when 5 mo later the Coffee Party was born I was happy and angry at the same time. Happy because finally people had empowered themselves to fight the Tea-Party. Angry that someone used facebook ( which I find less useful when it comes to politics ) to start a movement while the political crowd on HP sat on it’s Laurels in perpetual battle with fucking trolls. Even more furious now because the Coffee Party is infested with the passive voice that is a sickness to all liberals. Their motto “Wake up and stand up” it seems it’s soon follow with play nice and cower like useless fucks. Did we see them duking it out with the Tea-Party during the mid-term elections? They have a few good folks like MJHammonds who I really like, but this is like the sentiment that a lot of us have in saying we need more people like Alan Grayson in the Democratic Party.

      I won’t compromise with the Republicans after they destroyed the world economy. It’s up to both parties to WORK together to fix things, more important that Obama acts more aggressive in dealing with both parties.

      • James says:

        It is so good to hear from you, Jack. I have thought about you a lot and I’ve missed you. It’s weird when considering our past, but like I said months ago, You have a certain allure. Someone told me you were a vampire character on HP and I went back and read the comments you put. I have to say that my heart was broken. Your comments really tugged on my heart strings because they were so dark, deep, and somber. I guess that is why I came and posted on your site today. I needed to get my mind of that, and there is nothing better to divert one’s mind than Jackhole’s playground. I had to read the comments you put on HP, so I am sorry for going back. I want you all to know with the exception of reading those comments today, I have not been back on that site since about 5 months ago and I have no desire to return. I will keep my word to you, Jack.

        One more thing about that. I really loved the fact that you knew the truth about a certain subject. I thought I was the only one. Just reading what you put, and the way you stood up against the popular moment because you knew the truth was awesome. I felt like Chris Mathews when he first heard Obama’s 2004 speech when reading your comments.

        You are absolutely right with regards to politics. Every president with the exception of George Bush have lost a lot of seats during the first mid terms of their first term. I honestly think we didn’t do to bad either. We will have 53 seats in the senate, the presidency, and we will only need to win 20 or 30 seats to take back control of the house in 2012, so we are still in a better position than we were before 2008. Plus, the economy is already showing signs of massive strengthening, so that should aid us as well. My only concern with regards to the economy is that republicans are going to try and take credit. You should watch the Colbert Report tonight. He did an awesome spoof of that. It was so funny and a reflection of what will come.

        You are also right in that we need a strong progressive party with financial support as well as a strong grassroots organization. The things I learned while reading your comments is that you are always proven right eventually, so lets hope the coffee party will rival the tea party. One more thing about last nights elections, last night results did a lot in purifying our party from the dogmatic blue dogs that only sought to negotiate with the republican party as the expense of true change, so I believe we are a big step closer to realizing the potential of the party you spoke of so long ago on HP.

        One thing we should learn from last night is that “playing nice and cowering like useless fucks” will only serve to get us a political beat down, so we do need more people like Alan Grayson to do battle the evil that is republican conservatism. I don’t want to get into HP politics because of my own history with it, but all I will say is I agree with you.

        Well, I am sorry for posting today. I just felt really bad and needed to get my mind on something else, so please forgive me. I will continue my indefinite leave after this comment. Oh, here is a good song I wanted to post, so I hope you like it.

        In this moment-Forever:

    • HITO says:

      Why are you sorry for posting?

      That’s what we do here. Keep em coming.

      • Tweety says:

        My thoughts exactly Hito. Politics is my passion and there is nothing I love more than having a civil dialogue and debate with intelligent, knowledgeable people who have a passion for Politics as well, no matter what political party they are from. I used to work for a State Senator for 8 years. Back then I was a Repub…………*shocker*.

      • Anonymous says:

        Tweets was a Repub?


        Well….You’ve come a long way, baby!

        And you’re twice as smart for having made the journey.

      • HITO says:

        I’m “Anonymous”.

        Forgot I’m at work and my info doesn’t automatically load.

        Sorry Jack.

      • James says:


        You do know the caricature I represented, right? Well, I was formerly known by a name that spurs a lot of raw emotions (mostly negative), so I am sure some here would much rather me go into the dark abyss that is yesterday’s cyber forms. Plus, I promised Pepe and Jack that I wouldn’t insert myself into their affairs anymore. I wanted to stay gone, but after reading what Jack put as his dark alter ego, I felt like my heart was used for a game of Whack-a-mole. I didn’t know what to do with the pain I felt, so I came to post a message to Jack. I ended up not posting what I wanted to because it would have been a little uncomfortable. Well, that is the reason I apologized for posting.

        I just felt really bad for the things I did. Jack has shown that he is a very good person, and I realized how deep his soul was while reading his comments. I guess I just miss him, and I apologized because I know the memories that derive from my presence.

        LOL! I really hate my need to answer questions :). You always had a way of making me open up with my feelings. Well, I really should go now. {{Says in a hypnotizing voice}}} I was never here.

        The way I feel:

      • Pepe Lepew says:

        Tweety, you used to be a Republican? [gasp … holds up crucifix]

      • James says:


        {{ It Burns!!}}

      • Tweety says:

        Shhhhhhhhh!!!! *whispering* Not so loud. I don’t want anyone to know I used to be a TalibanEvangelical.

  5. HITO says:

    Holy Shit! Look at this!

    I’m going to have to read all you kids in the morning…Tweets, James, Jack.

    Good to see you all.


    • James says:

      It’s good to see you as well. I hope you and others are doing great. Last night was a bad night politically for the current democrat party, but it will not stop the change you and others fought so hard for. You got that ball rolling and next year, I believe, will produce great results from the hard work strong progressives put in.

      Again, it is good to hear from you. Take care of yourself and keep being the strong passionate woman I know you are.

    • Tweety says:

      Hiya Sis! Your post above was EXCELLENT! Love Ya’!

  6. HITO says:

    OK these reply buttons are very confusing.


    I didn’t see anything about the Coffee Party on HP. Where the hell was I when that went down?

    I am realizing that your “finger” extends out into many arenas of information. I hope you share more on here.


  7. HITO says:

    James, let it go. All of it. Today doesn’t have to include part of yesterday.

    “I am sure some here would much rather me go into the dark abyss that is yesterday’s cyber forms. ”

    Fuck ’em. Public blog. Jack decides what stays and goes. I only know of one time he deleted something I wrote, and he was correct, I shouldn’t have. And I’m sorry I did that, if you saw it.

    “Plus, I promised Pepe and Jack that I wouldn’t insert myself into their affairs anymore.”

    Don’t know what that’s about. But I don’t think your posting on here designates you as an insertionist. Maybe then I’m an insertionist too. Poor LTTL and Jack put up with me everyday.

    I’m glad you showed up yesterday. I’ve wanted to apologize to you for thinking I knew who you were in the past. I was wrong many times. It was Beej alot and I know that now based on recent events.

    As a former catlick, I’m aware of what guilt can do to your sense of well being. It’s important to keep things in an proper perspective too. Acknowledge your mistakes (to just yourself is OK too), apologize to those who you may have hurt, forgive yourself, and move on to the next.

    And I do like apologizing to you in this public way. Keeps things real and accountable.

    • James says:

      You have nothing to apologize for. I was responsible for everyone thinking I was every nasty troll that showed up on HP. Plus, it is easy to get caught up in “Guess the new sock”. There once was a time when I seen Paul Pete behind every username, so I know how easy it is to get lost in that.

      I am sure Jack deleted that comment in regards to the feelings of the people involved. He always uses good judgment in what he does, I believe. I don’t think I seen the comment he deleted, what was it about? I kinda wish he would delete all of my drunken angry rants because they are a blight on this site. But I understand why he doesn’t. He respects free speech and he expects people to own up and live with what they have done, and we all should respect that.

      As for Beej, I think he/she has changed for the better also. Beej is no where near where he needs to be, but compared to where he was last year, he had made a lot of improvements. OMG 🙂 Wow, he really was a wild one back in the day.

      On another note, The Dylan Ratigan show was awesome today. He had a panel that included my political heroes Cenk Uyger and Glenn Greenwald. They expressed my feelings so well. I would encourage everyone that wants to know what is happening with Obama and the political system to check out the first 20 minutes of that show today. They also expressed what Jack touched on in his comments. We need a new party.

      Well, I am really going to try hard to make this my last comment. I have an addiction and I need to break it. I already broke my addiction to HP a long time ago, but I think Jack’s site is a lot harder because it’s funner. It was nice to remedy the ill mood between us HITO. I am so happy that we can end on this positive note. Tell Seek I am sorry for the things I did in regards to him as well. Take care and be happy.

      I will leave with my fav quote and one that I should try to leave by more often~~

      “Chronic remorse, as all the moralists are agreed, is a most undesirable sentiment. If you have behaved badly, repent, make what amends you can and address yourself to the task of behaving better next time. On no account brood over your wrong-doing. Rolling in muck is not the best way of getting clean”–Aldous Huxley

  8. Barb says:

    My feelings of amazement, gratitude, and blessed relief are pretty strong right now. I want to give my love and best wishes to all concerned- James, Jack, Tweety, Hito. We are all GOOD people and perhaps we’ve been reminded of that fact by what has occurred in this election. Whatever the reason, this healing seems like a miracle to me, and I am in awe.

  9. Pepe Lepew says:

    Really, the results of this election didn’t surprise me … nor was it as bad as I feared. Reid won, O’Donnell lost, Patty Murray won, Miller is going to lose in Alaska … the country hasn’t gone COMPLETELY mad.

    That being said, when McConnell comes right out today and says the goal of the Republicans is to get rid of Obama in 2012, there’s no reasoning with these people. And I can’t understand why people think a kneejerk vote for the party of opposition is somehow going to make things better in D.C. At the risk of coming of elitist (OK, I know full well I’m an elitist) too many voters are just flat stupid … especially those damned “undecideds” who voted Republican and KNOW Republicans are going to let them down (A recent poll confirmed this.)

  10. James says:

    Last comment I promise!!! I just felt I had to get this off my chest. There are some very strong democratic voices that frequent this site, so I ask you all to fight for the people and not for the politicians. Obama, I feel, will try to cut social security and medicare later this year or early next year, so please fight against those transgressions on the well being of the most vulnerable. He also will extend all of Bush’s tax cuts but there is little we can do about that now. I know it will be hard to fight against the person that inspired so much hope in 2008, but it is something strong progressives have to do. He is not some grand strategist that strung a clever trap for republicans. He is a corporate compromiser that will sell out the liberal philosophy. Was letting the republicans take the house part of his grand plan? I don’t think so. He is not the one we have been waiting for. We must find someone that is who we have been waiting for and someone that will fight for the average person in spite of the rich and powerful.

    I have read many here advocate for a more vocal party that will rival the tea party, and the perfect shot for that is when they try cutting our safety nets in the name of “reaching out”. That is when we should form that party in opposition to the white house and the republicans. That party would immediately garner the support of many people that worry about their standard of living. I hope I am wrong about Obama, but I don’t think I am.

    Well, I just wanted to say that. I know I am not liked here, but I ask you all to consider the message with no consideration of the messenger. This is very important. To many people depend on strong voices like yours to protect them from a government that will placate the rich while sacrificing the weaker among us.

    Here is the link I mentioned earlier. I ask people to watch it because they expressed my concerns better than I have.

    Take care of yourselves and keep being the port in the storm for all those that seek help.

    • James you are welcomed to post here as is anyone else, so if this is the last it’s up to you, I wish you keep posting your views.

      • Anonymous says:

        Chris Matthews hates women!!

      • HITO says:

        And himself!!!!

      • James says:

        Chris Matthews does have a thing against women. He always cuts them off during mid sentence to let the guy on the panel talk, and he has been very disrespectful to a point he had to apologize to several women organizations. Well, all that is bad, but what really got me in a tizzy was when he spoke ill against our dear speaker of the house. I absolutely can not stand Harry Reid or Obama, but Nancy always fought for the most progressive legislation she could and passed it. She couldn’t help it if Reid was incapable of getting the most basic progressive legislation through the senate and Obama was unable or unwilling to use the bully pulpit effectively.

        Chris Matthews should show some respect for the first woman speaker instead of pounding his fist on his desk while parroting back GOP talking points in trying to get her to resign. I believe the GOP’s torrent of criticism and requests for Nancy to step down and resign from congress shows what an effective leader she has been, and for that, Nancy will always remain my Iron Maiden.

        Run for minority leader, Nancy. Never let the men;s club deter you from what you want to do. I love you.

        Fuck Chris Mathews!!

      • James says:

        {{Shakes fist at sky}}

        Why must you forsake me, O Mod!? One of my comments went into mod purgatory, and I was wondering if you could help me with that. It was about Chris Matthews.

        I would love to keep posting my views where smart posters like yourself could read them, but I have some very strong and controversial views that might get me in trouble. I remember when I use to go on HP a long time ago, every time I would post my disdain for Obama’s weakness or whatnot, people would flag me in mass and delete my comments, so I don’t want to risk getting you all mad at me or something. They would also call me a troll.

        Well, thank you for the offer, Jack. It really means a lot coming from you. I am sure I told you this many months ago, but I do hold you in a very high position.

    • SeeknDestroy says:


      I hope you come back and post as yourself.

      Bygones and all that.


      • James says:

        I get really nervous when you say “come back and post as yourself”. I am using my real name or should I come back and use my social security number for a username? LOL, I am just towel snapping you, Seek.

        I am sorry for being such an asshole for so long, Seek. I hope you know the things I said during my drunken angry tirades were derived from anger and didn’t mean anything. I know you are smart, strong, and loyal. Take care of yourself and HITO.

  11. Barb says:

    James- You already know how I feel about this. I hope you will take everyone at their word and keep posting here. Obviously you are welcome, and I’m so very glad of it.


    • James says:

      You know how I feel about the situation as well. I would love to keep posting here, but my views are rather strong and they might anger some. Plus, posting on the internet will only keep me in that rabbit’s hole longer, and you know how I feel about that. I absolutely love Jack and this site, but for my well being, I should stop posting all together.

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