Republican Breed

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Don't worry I'm not trying to be a Legitimate time for it and no money in it, just have fun.
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  1. Hokeysmokes says:

    I prefer reading the conversation closer to the box. Just sayin’.

    • Cabin Ague says:

      Yeah, no box at the top.

      I left for a few minutes, came back and refreshed, and got turned upside down!

      I’m game for the experiment, though, boss!

  2. Jackhole says:


  3. Hokeysmokes says:

    Well this has thrown a curve at the welcome wagon. Can we get the comment box up top, Jack?

  4. Yocepuc says:

    Oh, now I know why some posts I’ve seen on other pages are all about the tea pot. I thought it was a personality disorder type thingy. Very resourceful, Jack.

    On another note, can the comment box be put toward the top of the page, too?

  5. yehweh says:


  6. Cabin Ague says:

    My earliest recollection of the teapot song is on Captain Kangaroo. I went looking on youtube but cannot find a video of him singing it, alas. Many others, however!

    In any case, the song is playing on continuous loop in my head now!

  7. msbadger says:

    Yeah… that’s a problem if the comment box has to stay down here at the bottom…. Guess I’ll stay with my email method for now.

  8. feistyslug - spelled correctly says:

    Is everyone else upside down or is it just me?
    Tired of studying and stopped by and things are topsy turvey.

  9. Yocepuc says:

    Going out for the night. Have a great evening, all!

  10. Hokeysmokes says:

    We stand prepared.

  11. feistyslug - spelled correctly says:

    Go Wisconsin!!

  12. msbadger says:

    My thought for the day, hopefully relevant to someone else here. Ima gonna give it my best shot, anyhow.

    “I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.” ~ Groucho Marx

  13. msbadger says:

    Groucho- He’s not just for humor anymore. :)

  14. snoskier says:

    I just love this Groucho:

  15. feistyslug - spelled correctly says:

    Civil Disobedience time!!

  16. feistyslug - spelled correctly says:

    Go Wisconsin government workers!!

    • MontanaHome says:

      Absolutely. Not sure what’s going to happen here in Indiana – Mitch is pretty pissed, as is that asshat arrogant bastard, Brian Bosma (House leader for the Rs).

  17. Hokeysmokes says:

    What up?

  18. yehweh says:

    This page for make typing now?

  19. snoskier says:

    Wow. I got lost.

  20. feistyslug - spelled correctly says:

    Seeing what Scott Walker is up to, seems Jack’s title should have an In attached to the front of Breed.

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