Fright Night—The Legend of The Jack O’Lantern

According to Irish folklore a man named Jack, well known for his drunkenness and quick temper, got very drunk at a local pub on All Hallows Eve. As his life began to slip away, the Devil appeared to claim Jack’s soul. Jack, eager to stay alive, begged the Devil to let him have just one more drink before he died. The Devil agreed.

Jack was short of money and asked the Devil if he wouldn’t mind assuming the shape of a sixpence so Jack could pay for the drink and after the transaction the Devil could change back. The Devil agreed again to help Jack out and changed himself into a sixpence. Jack immediately grabbed the coin and shoved it into his wallet, which just happened to have a cross-shaped catch on it. The Devil, now imprisoned in the wallet, screamed with rage and ordered Jack to release him. Jack agreed to free the Devil from his wallet if the Devil agreed not to bother Jack for a whole year. Again, the Devil agreed to Jack’s terms.

Realizing he now had a new lease on life, at least for a year, Jack decided to mend his ways. For a time Jack was good to his wife and children and began to attend church and give charity. Eventually Jack slipped back into his evil ways. The next All Hallows Eve as Jack was heading home, the Devil appeared and demanded that Jack accompany him.

Once again Jack, not too eager to die, distracted the devil by pointing to a nearby apple tree. Jack convinced the Devil to get an apple out of the tree and even offered to hoist the Devil up on his shoulders to help him get the apple. The Devil, fooled once again by Jack, climbed into the tree and plucked an apple. Jack took out a knife and carved a cross into the trunk of the tree. Trapped once again the Devil howled to be released and told Jack he would give him 10 years of peace in exchange for his release. Jack, on the other hand, insisted the Devil never bother him again. The Devil agreed and was released.

Almost a year later Jack’s body, unable to keep up with his evil ways, gave out and Jack died. When Jack tried to enter Heaven he was told that because of his meanness he would not be allowed into Heaven. When Jack attempted to gain entry into Hell, the Devil, still smarting from years of humiliation refused Jack admission. However, the Devil threw Jack a piece of coal to help him find his way in the dark of limbo. Jack put the piece of coal into a turnip and it became known as a Jack O’Lantern. On All Hallows Eve, if you look, you can still see Jack’s flame burning dimly as he searches for a home, DOOMED TO WANDER FOREVER BETWEEN REALMS.

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Don't worry I'm not trying to be a Legitimate time for it and no money in it, just have fun.
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  1. Haven’t been around earlier today so I don’t know if this is a repost. Wouldn’t be Halloween without it.

  2. BlueEyedBull says:

    Hello. Anyone here tonight?

  3. nebdem says:


    The strongest sherm
    Allow me your hand, my dear
    I shall dip your finger into this glass
    And with a match, I shall strike back
    Strike at all that ever was wronged upon me
    Roll my dear, roll for me something to inhale
    And dip your finger into the glass again
    for the strongest sherm is how far my mind will go
    for you to be the love for me.

    You, the beauty I inhale, bathed in kindle
    The strongest sherm
    And with a match, so went my life

    Like a tilted body in the night sky
    revolution so far away,
    I have lost my mind
    It just kept floating away
    My dear you’re the strongest sherm.

  4. Anyone for a little redrum?

  5. nebdem says:

    Are you here Blue?

  6. Haruko Haruhara says:

    Hi, Blue Eyed Bull.

    For anyone who missed it on the last thread

  7. BlueEyedBull says:

    Hi Haruko. Excellent.

  8. BlueEyedBull says:

    Hi have left over candy Haruko. It would probably take me a month to finish it off.

  9. nebdem says:


    Cornered, untamed,
    Whisked away, tended after
    Unitl that day came when you’re released
    The large mobs, the laughter
    The red in your eyes
    The taunting, the roses
    The adoration on inhumanity

    A free spirit in the world we now live in
    captured, stowed away
    Hidden from the rays of the sun

    Chased, hunted
    Erased, like Ancient Eyptian eyes
    carved out, looted, defiled,
    The large mobs, the chaos
    The red in your eyes
    The spilling man
    Slumped, worn,
    The adoration of inhumanity

    A free soul, rare

    They always peer in
    when they don’t understand
    They look through the netting
    unaware that they are outside

    Why are they outsiders?
    Because the never take things to heart
    Roses, fallen man

    The mob was quieted
    The song dripped from the horn.

  10. oldpol2 says:

    Ok gang, I am slipping quietly away. My book is beckoning. Sweet dreams everyone. see you tomorrow 😉

  11. RF Dude says:

    i’m going to follow OP’s lead. Happy Halloween, don’t eat too much of the leftover candy unless you have a good dentist in the family 🙂

    Peace to you all, my friends.

  12. fi says:

    Hi, everyone, I can’t believe you are all still up.

  13. Damn! It’s almost too late, but check this out!!!

  14. Here’s another: What I’ll be doing soon….

  15. Devil Hate says:

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!NEW PAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. nebdem says:

    I just have to share this one:

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