Get Rid Of The Whole Lot

Penn State coach Joe Paterno stands with his team before he leads them onto the field their NCAA college football game against, Saturday, Sept. 5, 2009, in State College, Pa. Penn State won 31-7.  (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

In 2002  assistant, Mike McQueary told Joe Paterno, Penn State’s football coach,  that he saw Sandusky in the Penn State showers molesting a 10-year-old boy. Paterno and other Penn State staff,  athletic director, Tim Curley, and a vice president, Gary Schultz swept the whole thing under the rug in what must have been pure greed and a feeble attempt to save the football program from scandal.

Personally I can kill all the bastards. These are not men they are the lowest scum, even lower than Sandusky, they failed to protect innocent children–they are MONSTERS. Mike McQueary should be ashamed of himself any man in his position would have grabbed a bat or any blunt object and pummeled the bastard, then called the police not some coach.

So one may say, “The people involved are being round-up and will be held accountable, that’s enough.” Normally, hell a few days ago I said the same thing let season continue as scheduled that is until I read that Paterno met with his staff and players told them he was leaving and broke down in tears. So what did these grid iron heroes do? Did they held him accountable for the cover-up? Did they turned their backs in disgust at the sight of this spineless bastard? No they instead gave him a standing ovation when he walked out.

It appears that not the University officials, The coaching staff, the players can’t do the right thing, I hope that the FANS see this and not attend any games scheduled for the rest of the season, even now that Paterno and those involved were removed. To the FANS  this is greater than some GODDAM silly game. Make no mistake this cover-up is about money and no one is going to let the welfare of children come between them and a check.


A few days ago I made a few images of REPUBLICANS  getting the support of pedophiles by using the satirical image of pedo bear ( in my mind the REPUBLICANS by their actions are just as bad as a pedophile, the lowest scum I CAN THINK OF) and now I find out that  both Jerry Sandusky and Joe Paterno are registered Republicans –I’m not the least surprised.

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  1. I need a muse for my next page.

  2. nebdem says:

    I’m having a really hard time with understanding how the concerns of women have just been completely swept under the rug at this debate. Herman Cain being on that stage is proof that, well, fuck the GOP.

  3. Haruko Haruhara says:

    Hey, Nebdem, is Nebraska going to cancel the Penn State game Saturday? I keep hearing it could happen.

    • nebdem says:

      I haven’t heard anything about it being cancelled by any source inside the University. I have heard though, that some are asking for Nebraska fans to avoid going because of how the mood will be in Happy Valley, some on sportstalk radio have basically issued a warning to any Husker fan going to the game. The enviroment for this last Home game for Paterno could get really nasty.

    • M Cubed says:

      Crap, do you know how many millions in TV fees, etc. they would be walking away from? that would be a real line in the sand.

  4. abby4ever says:

    Hi M Cubed, nice to see you too, it’s been a long time.

    Hi badge, said Hi to you before…but that was over an hour ago and you maybe didn’t spot it.

    Hi mjh, thanks for the ‘Pass’.

    Hi Raub. Welcome.

    Bye, Michelle.

    • M Cubed says:

      Hi Abby. I have enjoyed seeing you on HP–yours is a rational voice of calmness and humanity. No matter how nasty the trolls get. I wish I could be as patient as you.

      • abby4ever says:

        Thanks for the kind words…but you must have missed some of my responses to some of the HP trolls in the last 3 years. There was one, a one-liner, that was so bad that to this day I will never understand how it got the past the mawds over there. I can be a LITTLE WITCH when it comes to trolls…

    • Hi, Abby! Good to see you back here. 😀

    • Cabin Ague says:

      Hi, abby! What M said…

    • nebdem says:

      Hey, Abby! I got your mail and returned it! How are you doing? And yes Michelle is a goner. I can’t believe that she didn’t at least try to call Cain out on his recent scandal. Michelle makes me really, oh, I don’t have any good things to say about any of those GOP folk, I’m just going to move on from talking about them… Great seeing you though Abby!

      • abby4ever says:

        Hi Neb. Yes, they are a hopeless lot, and you know, their having THIS MANY debates may simply backfire on them, for having this many looks like desperation. Not to mention that fact that ech and e very debate is like either a failing circus or a bad opera. Imo, Bachman is the worst of the lot. And that’s good because if she ever got in, this country would be run by a religious zealot…and you couldn’t get a worse of state of affairs than that.

    • classicalgastoo says:

      Hi, Abby – time for a proper ‘Hello’. I’m glad you came back to visit with us. I agree with M – I always enjoy seeing you over on HP.

      • abby4ever says:

        Thanks, classy. I didn’t know you still go there, I must have posted on different days than you.

        • abby4ever says:

          What I mean is: I didn’t see your posts over there…unless you were just reading?

          • classicalgastoo says:

            Sometimes I just read, I tend to be over there much later than normal. It depends on the topic, though – if I get all excited about something early, I may just jump right in. 😉

            • abby4ever says:

              MY problem is that I get OVER-excited and then I end up mouthing off and then that offends someone and then… but you know, if you can’t say what you really think in a comment section, why bother?

  5. cobaltbluedog says:

    Sweet Dreams

  6. Got computer back in line, now I’m starving for some dinner. BBASAP!!!!

  7. M Cubed says:

    Hey friends, I got an interesting insight into the conservative and some political minds from an interview I did earlier this week. To wit:
    The best thing that could happen to a leader is an economic crisis that will force budget cuts. Why the best? Because it gives the leadership to cut away those things they have been wanting to get rid of. This is what Scott Walker and John Kasich were hoping for–use the crisis to do the dirty work. But they got caught.

  8. M Cubed says:

    Must go to bed, good night. Spending the day tomorrow at the Library of Congress-yay!

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