I H8 This Man Happy Birfday Johnny!



House Speaker Boehner Addresses The Economic Club Of New York



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  1. RF Dude says:

    CPAD!!!! Still keepin’ to the right? 😉 (by that I do not imply Right in the Johnny -ense!)

  2. nebdem says:

    Cpad asked, “What can we do to honor him (John Boehner)?”

    I can think of many things,
    First, we should all look within ourselves and root out that vile hatred for excellence, which Speaker Boehner is the embodiment

    Secondly, We should all join together and share our positive thoughts about his leadership. The man is a maven at politcial statesmanship, and speaking about ships…

    Thirdly, we should entrust Speaker Boehner with the helm of our ship of state. With his steady hand at the wheel, he can navigate us away from this rough sea of economic peril, and steer us towards better shores an lands of opportunity.

    Please feel free to chime in.

  3. Haruko Haruhara says:

    Sophia, you’re gonna blow them away!! 😛

  4. cpad says:

    @NK – Are you going to wear jewlery with it? A little bit of purple would set it off. Damn! I wish I was there – I’d lend you my Indian amethyst earrings – they’d go perfectly with that dress.

  5. nebdem says:

    Orange (Aurora)

    Upon a golden charriot she rides
    Her flowing hair and the rising Sun behind her
    She blinds men with her coming
    and that first feeling they hold for her
    never ends,
    because we will never see a dawnless day
    nor ever miss her beauty.

    Across the heavens, that are now fast alseep
    Her glowing smile, the aforementioning of warmth
    She races across the azure
    and that final feeling men held for her
    never dies, as they do, spread across the ground
    because they will never see her again
    nor awaken upon the shield.

    Oh, how the chorus sings
    a tragedy

    Your hands will meet again my dear
    This supplication, this empty home
    We shall stay by your side our lady
    and comfort you as the rays enter

  6. Sophia/NK says:

    okay you all, thanks for all the comments on the dress. I better go and sleep for a couple hours. I’m finally very sleepy. I’ll come and say hi on Saturday when I get back.

    Hugs to you all! You all are the best! xoxoxoxoxo

  7. nebdem says:

    If Russia were to attack Turkey from the rear would Greece help?

  8. nebdem says:

    On this date in 1978:

  9. nebdem says:

    I need to head to bed now. It was great talking with all of you tonight. Take care, my thoughts and prayers extend to everyone. Have a great day tomorrow.

    • Most excellent- good comments too, for a change!

    • R.F.Dude says:

      Excellent! I even heard Miss Linsey Graham squeaking tonight about how revenue enhancement must be on the table to move forward.

      Even the Republicans realize that if they don’t start “taking more of our money” in the form of taxes then the government that pays their salaries will not be able to supply the pork they need for reelection!

      Grover was threatening that Graham must tell the people of S.Carolina why he lied to them about no new taxes.

      Methinks Lindsey will probably tell them more about all the new $$ that he is bringing to them courtesy of a new tax on whatever…

  10. Jack says:

    I’ll give you a new page soon but after that I gone, nite you all.

  11. R.F.Dude says:

    I gotta go too, kidz. Beo shold be along shortly – probably about the time I press “send” on this 🙂

    It’s been another wonderful nite here, be well and please try to not share The Bug from all of our sick friends!

    Peace to you my dear friends.

  12. boyinboycott says:

    I would have added the definition of wet-brain
    One thing you can say about Boehner’s Birthday…”.that scotch ain’t getting any older.”

  13. boyinboycott says:

    Tang colored Weepy the wet-brain…..you’ve earned your spankings ya sniveling waste of flesh

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