Megyn Speaks!


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13 Responses to megyn-kelly-5

  1. Anonymous says:

    U are a moron…

    • You always were. you still have nothing intelligent to add.

      • Zeb says:

        Careful, your misogyny is showing! You’re a very SMALL “man.” Kelly’s “no rocket scientist.” Ya figure, Einstein? She only graduated from Syracuse and Albany Law School. While you barely manage to argue at a 5th grade level. This “I know you are, but what am I” is really sad for an “adult.” FYI – I’m only here because I was looking for her GQ spread from ages ago where she looked sexy as hell, this made me laugh, but your arguments are weak and you’re clearly a misogynist. You’ll have to look up that $5 word.

        • Hey if you needed to use your illusion fine, I don’t need to know about it. I’m not commenting on her academic achievements but rather on the constant verbal diarrhea spewing from her.

          So I’m the misogynist? Yet you’re the one searching for “SEXY AS HELL” pictures of her to objectify. I guess you’re not interested in her intricate analysis of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict or the formalist vs substantivist debate—Oh, wait there is none to be had from bubble headed bleached blonde-Sorry

          Hey, maybe you’ll get lucky and she’ll do a titty shot on playboy, of course you’ll only read it for the article ;-*

  2. Jon Finch says:

    I’ll second that. You are a moron, and it’s nice to see megyn has gotten your goat. I’m not sure what you have been doing with that goat, but that’s between YOU two.

    • Thanks for the reply. now doesn’t it seems that my image got your goat? so enjoy the honeymoon with the goat ;-*

      • Sarah says:

        This gave me a nice chuckle. Kelly is an absolute bimbo.

        • Hi Sarah. She’s certainly no rocket scientist and now with her recent Santa/Jesus comments we can see she’s also a bigot.

          • Anonymous says:

            The story of Santa Claus is German in origin. How many black Germans have you ever met? Jesus was neither white nor black, he was ethnically Hebrew. Megyn Kelly isn’t a bigot just because she said Santa and Jesus weren’t black. I just said that neither were black, but if you get off your ass and take the time to look it up, you’ll see that I’m correct.

            Put the race card back in the deck, everyone’s sick of seeing it pulled for bullshit.

  3. Old page are not, your ignorance is only exceeded by your obvious misogyny, liberal bias and total lack of reason. Other than that, you’re great!

  4. Scoot Severin says:

    Jack Charles is Pelosi’s strap-on tool

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