Election Days

This is a re-post.

My first voting experience was motivated by pizza.

My old man wasn’t into quality time with us, other than for summer vacations; he went early to his shop and came home late. He was a creature of habit, always wore a suit and hat to work, ordered his lunch from the same nearby restaurant. If there were any passions in his humdrum world I certainly wasn’t a witness to them.

Tuesday, November 4, 1980 was an unusual day in the Household (*wink). That day the daily routine was broken, there was a sense of urgency suspended in the air—it was palpable and thick as lemon meringue pie filling. That morning the old man told me to come home from school, put on some nice clothes and wear a tie and to meet him at the shop, we were to “hang” that evening.

I was inconsolable, at the thought of missing my after school shows but there was the promise of something rare as a unicorn—an early week pizza dinner! (Something reserved for the weekends) All day long adults were abuzz with anticipation. They seemed to be bothered about something to do with a bad actor and the President or maybe it was that the President was a bad actor; I couldn’t care less, I was about to land some pizza and root beer—hell fucking yeah!

I got home and followed the old man’s instructions. I felt like a total dork having to wear a tie to go out to eat dinner. It took me a little longer to get ready than it normally would when I got home.  No sooner than I got home my asshat older brother began to tease me about my date night (unknown to me at the time he had a similar evening with the old man years before) with the old man, so we got in a fight.

Once in the shop I had to deal with old people complaining about taxes, the issues and a million other things I knew nothing about nor cared for. It was clear from the reverberations in the room that someone bad may become president. Dad closed the shop about three hours earlier than normal, and began some speech about civil obligations. Glazed eyes and nearly catatonic, some of what he said sounded right and must have taken root in my brain that day.

At our polling station dad stood tall in that gymnasium; for him, besides electing his candidate, it was the experience that mattered. It was about a Democratic continuity from the first election to now. To him elections were Open to All Americans.

I didn’t know it then but I was witness to something special—that day I saw the peaceful transition in government, from one party to another, it’s democracy at it’s finest. Too many people around the world still feel the boots of autocrats at their throats; totalitarian regimes will stomp down democratic elections like vermin. The past few years we have seen people living in oppressed nations rise up and fight for something many Americans take for granted.

Things have changed, the old man is long gone, I no longer love pizza in fact I detest it. The old shop has become many things over the years; I no longer get into fistfights with my older brother though he’s still an asshat, childhood preoccupation’s and responsibilities have morphed into the adult super-sized versions. What hasn’t changed is the proud feeling I get when I vote. It won’t be marred by ideology whether my choice for President has or doesn’t have a shot at the White House. The issues are still the issues and ironically mine to worry about, taxes must still be paid but every four years citizens of the US have a chance to be part of something bigger than themselves. Who knows? Maybe this year I will wear a dorky tie, as I stand proud and vote; maybe I’ll take my wife for some (I shudder) pizza but beyond anything the evening will be about continuity, it will about being an American.

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233 Responses to Election Days

  1. BoyInBOYCOTT says:

    Aretha Franklin and George Michael – I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)

    MSNBC has Melissa Harris Perry in Chicago at Obama’s celebration..this should be FUN

  2. Lizard Island says:

    Ron Paul!!!

  3. termgirl says:

    Why doesn’t something like this happen when I’m around?
    I would so enjoy “fixing” the problem.
    “No Parking For Democrats”
    http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2012/11/pennsylvania-democrats-no-parking .

  4. BoyInBOYCOTT says:

    As soon as VA is called for Obama, this night is OVER for Mittler, and VA counts it’s votes fast.
    I suspect the networks will be VERY cautious calling VA too soon, they know it’s decisive for Romney’s loss.

  5. Coppernicus says:

    Just to mix it up I voted GOP on the front and incumbents on the back.

    Interesting tid bit,
    At the polling place (church) they only had 5 booths and 6 tables. I opted for the table, for I have nothing to hide and am proud of my vote.

    • BoyInBOYCOTT says:

      Hey copper
      I use to vote in a Greek Orthodox school in Uptown area of Minneapolis. It was a district with one of the HIGHEST voting turn out, (nearly 80%) it was half gay ghetto half affluent seniors living on the chain of lakes.

  6. Lizard Island says:

    Great article Jack. I enjoyed the read.

    • Jack says:

      YAY! How’s the arm?

      • Lizard Island says:

        Not as sore today, cleaned it again. I can almost compress my right fist now.

        • nebdem says:

          Hi, Orcas! You need to remember to turn the safety protocols [ON] when you’re riding your bike in the Holodeck. This leaving it [OFF] is not safe.

        • Jack says:

          Hey real bad injuries/road rash requires a look by a MD.

          • Lizard Island says:

            A friend is an MD from Stanford Med although she is not practicing. Involved in research. She will check it out this weekend. Some of the backcountry first aid books recommend carrying surgical needle thingies and surgical thread. Can you imagine stitching yourself up with no anesthesia? Coolness.

  7. nebdem says:

    I just got back from voting. Where I vote is not usually busy, but tonight it was. This is a good thing, but it is also bad because it shows how fracked up the Republican in charge of the polling stations did his job. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a lawsuit. The Republicans have tried in every state to frack with the Democratic voter. Tonight we need silence these mofo’s with our vote.

  8. BoyInBOYCOTT says:

    What’s a good VA song?
    US Navy Anchors Aweigh

    In the Navy

    maybe something with a Latin beat
    Santana – Smooth (feat. Rob Thomas)

    Black Magic Woman by Santana

    Ricky Martin – She Bangs (English)

  9. cpad says:

    Well the girls are here for another day – their Uncle can’t make it to pick them up until tomorrow. I’m disappointed, because I was looking forward to being glued to the T.V. all night. I still will be as much as possible – maybe it’s a good chance to explain to them the importance of democracy and of their vote.

    Hey BinB – you’ll like this one. They were playing princesses (they’re really girly girls) and talking about how the princesses were going to the ball to dance with the princes, and I said “Yes, and there will also be princesses going to the ball to dance with other princesses, and princes going to dance with other princes.” Earlier when they were talking about girls putting on makup, I also explained to them that some boys like wearing makeup too 🙂

    • nebdem says:

      Hi, Cpad!

    • BoyInBOYCOTT says:

      for some princesses
      Enchanted: That’s How You Know (with Lyrics) – HD PLUS MP3 DOWNLOAD

      So Close – Jon McLaughlin (Enchanted OST – High Quality)

      Enchanted Kiss

      • cpad says:

        Typing for oldest granddaughter: “Hi. Thanks for the movies. That was very sweet. And also, thanks for the Merida pictures. That was also sweet too. Now I want to tell you something else. That was so sweet. Okay, that’s enough, if you like. Or if you want to give me more, that’s fine.”

  10. Coppernicus says:

    This school was started by William Bell Riley who got his start at First Baptist in Minneapolis.
    Durning the war he put MN on the (little known) map of anti-semitism.

    • cpad says:

      Oh gawd that is despicable. That is disgusting. It’s their ignorant parents. What a horrible thing – to raise your children to hate anyone who is not like them.

  11. Coppernicus says:

    Let the games begin!

    Obama gets Vermont, one down 49 to go. 🙂

  12. nebdem says:

    Great page, Jack!

  13. Jack says:

    Romney Indiana and Kentucky Quelle surprise.

  14. Jack says:

    We need a new page yet?

    • nebdem says:

      Hm? Maybe you can drop a new one right before the next polls close, but if you want to make one now, I’m game.

  15. BoyInBOYCOTT says:

    Thanks for the RENT link, I adored it, saw it live in St Paul, and have the DVD
    Rent, The Musical, La Vie Boheme

  16. BoyInBOYCOTT says:

    Watch when VA call Tim Kaine, as goes Kaine so goes Obama

  17. BoyInBOYCOTT says:

    Democrat area of OHIO breaking 2008 records…..hot-cha-cha-cha

  18. classicalgas says:


    Obamas Return to White House as Romneys Return to 1954! ~ Borowitz Report

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