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  1. Jackhole says:

    In north carolina they want to pass a law banning welfare recipients from playing the lottery. The one thing that comes to mind is how do they plan to check if the person buying a ticket is on welfare? May be a national lottery ID?

    • PocoToo says:

      The more levels of bureaucracy the better government works for you. Don’t worry these programs will be paid in full with the monies saved from clamping down on social leeches.

      • BassFace says:

        And all the while, military spending continues out of control… maybe in a couple of years our troops will be home from Afghanistan, which I’m sure will cut hundreds of millions from our Defense budget – and we can still maintain enough of a Defense budget to assist in securing peace & stability throughout our home & sphere of influence, but what does the GOP and the Bagger Horde say about that? They will say we “surrendered” to the terrorists and, screw domestic spending we’ll *increase* our addiction to the MIC…

        • cpad says:

          It’s absolutely heartbreaking Bass. The MIC is so powerful in the U.S. that it runs the politicians, not the other way around. They will have no problem ginning up another war.

          • Snoyoda says:

            Oh, but it’s all about jobs!! We are borrowing money at a stupid rate, just so we can support all this crazy military spending, worthless bases, out dated and useless military bases, and dum foreign aid. No sane person would be for this unless they were bribed. Oh, wait….

            • cpad says:

              Hi Sno! Yes, unfortunately it’s all about corruption and the hunger for more money and power. Certainly every country needs the means to defend itself, but the U.S. has gone far beyond that necessity.

            • BassFace says:

              Yep… all in the name of so-called “freedom”.

          • BassFace says:

            Indeed, cpad! The MIC has possession of some verrrrry potent meth…

  2. Snoyoda says:

    Crap. The coughing part of this cold is starting, so I am going to bed at a disgustingly early time. Peace, love and hugs to you all!!

  3. Jackhole says:


  4. BassFace says:

    Funk time… Stephen Stills “Nothing To Do But Today”

  5. Jackhole says:

    Ok someone give a new page!

  6. BassFace says:

    Must be heading off to bed now… nite, folks!

  7. I’m happy to hear that Mary Jo White is the permanent replacement for Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission. It gives me hope for the next four years.

  8. Think anyone would notice if I named my wifi “FBI Surveillance Van”?

  9. Jackhole says:

    anyone still out?

  10. BoyInBOYCOTT says:

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