Yes, Fiona, Laughter Is The Best Medicine

So, me and the Mrs are half catatonic in front of the  boob tube when the sports segment of the news comes up and we watch the clip above. If you watched you saw an average guy dunk one of those impossible shots winning $75,000. Every now and then we see some do it, hell some are right down amazing. This one will burn in my mind not for the feat or the jubilation oater but for my wife’s re-cap:

Mrs.J—“Oh look Lebron fell on the man and accidentally penetrated him —- he has been fertilized” Now it wasn’t because  it was hilarious( ok it was the guy has a big beer belly and it looks like le Bon humpped him a bit) it was the way she said it very matter of fact I have been laughing for hours—I think I should start a section about the shit my wife says.

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