To Boldly Go Blah, Blah, Yuck!


“Star Trek The Motion Picture ” (1979) was “so bad,” with “ghastly dialogue, terrible plotting, miserable characterization” and “three lousy actors.” The film was “dehumanizing,” only appropriate for children or ”childish adults” because it wasn’t an accurate portrayal about FUTURE life.

“There is a very primitive sense in which Star Trek The Motion Picture is bad and the very INTUITIVE sense in which the others are good (BATTLESTAR GALACTICA), but it is all such a chaos, such a jumble, such a confusion, such a mechanical, technological whirligig, that– you don’t have any chance to associate yourself with anyone, “You see one set of robots, some of them ostensibly flesh and blood but actually just as mechanical as the three other robots, attacking another set of robots.

It zaps you, it races past you, projectiles are hurling this way and that, there’s nothing to get involved with, you might just as well be watching an animated cartoon, because finally all those special effects begin to look totally unreal. What you are left with is something Walt Disney could have done just as well with a drawing board and pencils and colors.


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