To Fi And All Cancer Survivors

“Women you can’t live with them and you cannot win an argument against them.”           —-Jack H. 

What a mundane thing for Fi to do, get up take the rollers out of her hair, do the grooming routine, make some JASMINE tea, hopefully make the big guy some brekkie ( I feel so foreign saying that) or dinner as her schedule may dictate, hit the highway or the metro in order to make a living helping those who are sick.

What you missed in the paragraph above is the valor and strength it takes Fi to start a typical day. We all know that Fiona underwent cancer treatment. I think most of us understand what it is to face cancer or any other serious illness either by personal experience or by proximity.  You all have seen me breakdown over a hangnail ( hey! it reeeeeeeally hurt ) and we all have had some injuries/illness that we have shared here—sometimes we make fun of each other as a way to let one another know we care. ( BTW—Captain Poco email me later I have a killer ribs in black bean sauce recipe for you) We also know that sometimes, certain illnesses are personal and we hang back. Fi just know that just because I never make any mention of your ordeal it doesn’t mean I don’t care what dark hours you have faced—I have never forgotten about YOU.

I will never forget a kiss I gave about six months ago—I nearly shattered. It happens, unfortunately too often, dark times visit us all.

I have seen courage in women of all ages, showing “True Grit” in unexpected ways. From the way my mother faced her last days to recently when my dearest rug rat had the courage to stand-up to her whole class for what she felt was right. I think men would be better off if they had more women heroes in their lives, instead of honoring some idiot who killed another or scored some point in a game. I think I’m an average man ( If average men were G-ds :wicked: ) and can speak for my brethren and say that although we don’t say it we know how amazing the women in our lives are.

Yes— Fiona’s day may, like so many other cancer or debilitating illness survivors, start out humdrum but their lives are remarkable in ways I can only begin to fathom. They forge on because life, as cruel as it can be at times, will also present us with beauty and love, that in any estimation is worth fighting for. My love goes to Fi and all the men, women and children fighting and recovering from cancer.

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