Happy Easter


Call it a pagan ritual revamped by Christians or take it as the gospel mandates, Easter is a renewal celebration as much as anything else. Full of promise and timed perfectly ( most of the time) with spring, this is the season for the new generation of  life in the animal kingdom,  plants return from the dead and the bountiful season soon follows.

As an agnostic person I have out grown the Christian fables, not to say that I don’t find any of it without use–I’m a huge JC fan, his message ( at its core) is about love and understanding. I actually believe the story of the passion ( until it takes a supernatural twist) that a guy went around preaching love and was killed for it at the cross. It wasn’t the first time that has happened nor it was the last.

So, celebrate the season as your heart dictates but keep it in mind that it is a time for renewal and that love can heal the world if you let it–this is a message that transcends any religion.

But if you go near my Cadbury CHOCOLATE eggs I will Kill you! HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!!!!


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  1. RF Dude says:

    Happy Easter!

    Now, where’s that kwazy Wabbit??? 🙂

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