The Jackcave

This is the entrance to the Jackcave. Don’t ask where it is only a few albino midgets know it’s location and will kill to protect it. Yes! the is Kryptonite at the entrance, I made sure even Superman can’t get in.

The door’s key weighs 500 trillion tons, forged from the solid core of a neutron star. Sometimes the place gets dusty and why I rarely invite the in-laws over.

About Fancy Jack

Don't worry I'm not trying to be a Legitimate time for it and no money in it, just have fun.
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336 Responses to The Jackcave

  1. BoyInBOYCOTT says:

    The Young Rascals – Groovin’ 1967

    Crimson and Clover – Tommy James & The Shondells

    California Dreamin – Mamas & The Papas

    sugarloaf – green eyed lady

    Steppenwolf – Magic Carpet Ride

  2. BoyInBOYCOTT says:

    we have kind of a cloudy breezy day. I was weeding more of my sundial garden cutting back some long stems of silver mound, and just my luck the first branch I grab (barehanded) had a crappy little 4 or 5 hole paper wasp nest and got stung on my index finger…*^&&$#%^$##$%.
    Safer to stay inside and watch gardening videos.

  3. BoyInBOYCOTT says:

    How To Be A Gardener 7 – The Productive Garden

  4. Haruko Haruhara says:

    Jeebus! 14 people stabbed at a college in Texas.

    None of them are dead but two are critically injured.

    That IS a difference between guns and knives, NRA!

    • CobaltBlueDawg says:

      It’s probably an NRA zealot wanting to prove you can wound people without a gun. If he’d had a bushmaster there’d be a line of filled body bags.

  5. Haruko Haruhara says:

    BinB, the nursery down the road is giving classes in how to build an elf garden!

  6. fi says:

    Anyone here?

  7. ZombieJack says:

    What everyone still sleeping?

  8. fi says:

    Goodnight Realmfolk!

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