!!!!!!!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yue_minjun-between_men_and_animalArt by Yue Minjun “Between Men and Animal” (This was the original Realm header)

Welcome, Open the doors at your own risk…………..

Those were the first words posted on the “Jackhole’s Realm” I knew that beyond anything at some-point, somehow sparks were bound to fly. The idea was simple, make it a place to extend the camaraderie and wit that I saw was being choked to death on  The Huffington Post by excessive moderation and trolls.

The one rule is that there is no rule. Some mistook this to mean it could be a wild west and in the early days, I confused the mad rantings and personal attacks of a few tolls with freedom of speech—NEVER AGAIN. The thing is that other than the really messed-up internet loon, not any of the so-called HP super-villains showed-up–they knew that without the moderation they claim to hate so much HP to protect them posters here would take them apart.

That was the early “REALM” why the name change?

As people began to post here regularly it dawned on me that the place had changed from the sarcastic, wacky fun house to a more homelike place –it became as  the Tagline reads, ” An Online Oasis” YOU have infused the Realm with wit, kinship and craziness! But that’s not all you have contributed original poems, your professional work, images of your daily life, music and the list goes on. We have had Birthdays, we have share in others loss ( I’m still waiting for a realm wedding, it will happen someday ) when HP was useless filled with pre-moderated threads we were able to speak free and shared our grief over the Tuscon shooting that left Gabby Gifford permanently injured, the Aurora, the Colorado shooting, Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wis., the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting–what you will never see here are the words , “Our moderators screen these comments before they are published.”  I can go on and on  but we have also had so much fun as well, we play an occasional prank one each other ( fuck think about that, we’re on-line yet we find a way to do it) we party so it’s not  all doom and gloom.

Seems a bit self-serving throwing a party during one of the most traumatic weeks since 9/11 , but one thing we have learned ( at least I have ) is that these events are part of us all but they can never be allowed to become the one thing the defines us–there is so much more to life, there are much better things that we can take ownership of . If I’m lucky, as I have been so far, I will have another 3 years in YOUR Realm ( I just post new pages ) sharing in kinship—- I Thank-you all.


“Come on!!!!!!!!! Give me one more sec, I’m posting a new page,  Geesh! you’re so impatient.”

“What now Grammar Nazi?”

“I swear to G-d I should just post what you just said to me.”

“Of course I didn’t see it that’s what I have you for.”

“Why must you ask me if you can say that?”

“FUCK don’t say that”

“Don’t threaten me with pizza.”

“Hey watch yourself there are plenty of 80-year-old ladies who like me”—-in my neighborhood.

“Repeat what did you say?”

“Oh, come on everyone there is on their computer”–excuse I use for taking my laptop along when we visit her family.

These are some of the things I say on a normal day to my cuddle cakes A.K.A. Mrs.J. If  anyone is responsible for keeping this place going it’s her. She puts up with me spending so much time here because she has soft spot for you all. As long as I’m  sitting next to her, rubbing her feet as I play here she is happy–see honey, I’m not like those guys on TV award shows who forget to thank the most important person in their lives–thank you hokey!!!!!!! NOW I’M DEAD MEAT.

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