Happy 4/20

homeronpot_12801                       “Why is marijuana against the law? It grows naturally upon our planet. Doesn’t the idea of making nature against the law seem to you a bit . . . unnatural?”  ― Bill Hicks

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479 Responses to Happy 4/20

  1. Haruko Haruhara says:

    Whoa it’s snowing like crazy!

  2. BassFace says:

    Another big round of rain coming…
    But that’s OK, everything’s Ducky around here!
    “Fuzzy Duck” (1971) – full album http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4LZFm82OgTk

  3. CobaltBlueDawg says:

    Bootsy Collins – Munchies For Your Love:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVYwZ1hgNiU

  4. ZombieJack says:

    did anyone see where I put my eyeglasses ?

  5. Caller no. 8 says:

    Led Zeppelin ~ The Rain Song

    Evenin’, Realm.

  6. Caller no. 8 says:

    Sly & the Family Stone ~ Hot Fun in the Summertime

  7. Caller no. 8 says:

    The Kinks ~ Sunny Afternoon

  8. Caller no. 8 says:

    Donovan ~ Sunshine Superman

  9. Caller no. 8 says:

    Sun Ra ~ Sun Song

  10. Caller no. 8 says:

    Glenn Frye ~ The Heat Is On

  11. Caller no. 8 says:

    The B-52s ~ Lava

  12. BassFace says:

    If anyone was at the Sea Otter Classic bike-expo & races this past weekend, they got a glimpse of what has been known in Europe the past several years about this incredible woman…


    Vos came to California barely a day after winning (for an unprecedented 5th time) one of cycling’s great classics (in both men’s and women’s fields), La Fleche Wallonne – comes to the Sea Otter Clssic and wins both MTB-races she was registered for, beating some of the word’s top MTB-talents (Catherine Pendrell, Georgia Gould, Katerina Nash)… granted they’re still building their form for the World Cup races this summer, what what Vos has accomplished these last few days was nothing short of extraordinary!

  13. Caller no. 8 says:

    Annette Funicello ~ Jamaica Ska

  14. ZombieJack says:

    I guess we need a new page.i’m on it.

  15. Caller no. 8 says:

    David Byrne & Brian Eno ~ Moonlight In Glory

  16. ZombieJack says:

    well kat is here so no new page.

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