Omaggio a Lucio Dalla

Hard-headed blockhead
I would love you even here
In the toilet of a nightclub
Or above the table in a bar

~ Lucio Dalla, Canzone.

I’m late by  1 year, 2 months and 6 days in this memorial page to the late Lucio Dalla, I just found out today as I read a comment made last night by Lizard Island ( originally known as Orca’s Island—he’s trying to clean up his KILLAZ image ) that Lucio had passed away a year ago.

It was in the 90’s I started to listen to Italian music as a way to “pick-up the language” Soon I was listening just for the pleasure. Out of all the Italian talent one stood out. His was a voice that at times seemed to be coming out of vocal cords treated with sandpaper drenched in melancholy–Caruso

He  always experimented with music staying current, however one of my favorite songs is one of his oldies, L’Anno Che Verrà–The Coming Year, a song about one friend writing  another during the Christmas/New year holidays.

Attenti al lupo a cautionary tale– Beware of wolves

I can go on about Lucio Dalla but I don’t want  to rob you of the experience in discovering more about this master yourself

Addio maestro e grazie per la musica.

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  1. CobaltBlueDawg says:

    Anybody need to tear up?
    Matt Kemp gives his jersey, hat, cleats and autographed ball to disabled fan:

  2. nebdem says:

    Is that a hockey helmet or a Viewmaster on your avi’s head?

    • nebdem says:

      Oops, that was meant for Pepe.

    • Caller no. 8 says:

      It’s tropical fruit… oh, you weren’t talking to me…

      • nebdem says:

        Ha! How are you doing today, Caller? I see that you’re not off the hook.

        • Caller no. 8 says:

          I’m good. Glad you liked the Patti Smith song. A friend turned me on to it last night and immediately I thought of you.

          • nebdem says:

            Thanks for sharing it with me, I really enjoyed it. It was great that the lyrics were added in the description.

  3. nebdem says:

    10 Days until Star Trek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Pepe Lepew says:

    This is a Red Wings helmet, dammit!

  5. Pepe Lepew says:

    Mmmmm, barbecued Fooly Cooly ….

  6. nebdem says:


  7. BoyInBOYCOTT says:

    hey again, the meat pie was TASTY, I made 4 large calzone style pasties, with brown gravy on the side.

  8. Fluffington says:

    ♫ Some people were made for each other,
    Some people can love one another for li- i -ife….♫

  9. BoyInBOYCOTT says:

    CRAP Mark Sanford won

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