This is pretty much my weekend.

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Don't worry I'm not trying to be a Legitimate time for it and no money in it, just have fun.
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  1. nebdem says:

    I will state for the record that there a lot of people who claim to be fans of Star Trek that are dissing the movie because they think it was done in a fashion that was disrespectful to the canon of the series. When you read those comments keep in mind that the reboot of the series was done along a different time-line. Those who are true Star Trek fans would not complain about that because truthfully how many episodes in all of the series took the approach of flipping the script along that manner? There are numerous episodes that embrace the flexibility. Sorry for the rant.

    • Beowoof says:

      Junior really wants to see a movie, but being such a cheap bastard who doesn’t eat popcorn soda or anything during films, I’ve also told him to wait until it makes it to the cheap theater————-I’ve been spending like a drunken sailor elsewhere. I’m looking forward to this rendition though—–I’m trusting you buddy.

      • nebdem says:

        You can save money by not seeing it in 3D. I plan to see the movie again in the standard Imax, doing it this way will save you at least 5 to 6 dollars, but then you have to pay for popcorn and soda. If you wait until the dollar theater that isn’t a bad idea at all. I plan to go to them more often, I used to when I was little, but haven’t in a while. It is so much cheaper and it is always better to see some movies in a theater.

      • Haruko Haruhara says:

        They show 2D matinees that aren’t too expensive.

        Us, I just use my big bag to sneak in snacks! I could carry a 12-pack of beer in this thing and none the wiser!

  2. Beowoof says:

    Willie Dixon——Bassology
    One for you Mr BassFace

  3. PocoToo says:

    So…I’m doing my motorcycle endorsement this week.
    Hopefully I’m not this guy…

  4. Okay – who broke wordpress?

    Hello, The Realm!

  5. BassFace says:

    Prodigal-Kitteh back where she belongs… on my keyboard. :p

  6. Space Cowboy says:

    Only 4 embeds the page should still run smooth.

  7. Lizard Island says:


  8. Beowoof says:

    Happy belated birthday to BlueEyedBull May 15th

  9. termgirl says:

    Good night, all.
    Two Advils and a pillow are calling my name.
    Tak care.
    Peaxe and love.

    • Beowoof says:

      Sweet tune Copper—-thanks

      • PocoToo says:

        He is my new fave Indie Folk artist.

        • Beowoof says:

          Henry Rollins said about the war in Iraq something like “fuck it, we can’t stop it, so rock and roll—-make of it what we can artistically and make our voices heard while we can”. But the after effects(and during) were as awful as we all thought they would be.

    • Beowoof says:

      well, shouldn’t say sweet, sad as hell really, but it’s a sweet sound.

    • Lizard Island says:

      I see Jack would like to rebuild and older Indian motorcycle. Thanks for the link.

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