Out Of Your League

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“Damn you villains, who are you? And from whence came you?”
—Edward Teach 

Sorry about the last page—-I got the warning Mishi was making an ass out of himself again but I was on an important call, then my computer went nuts over some new software I added so I was late.

Mishi calls me a “craven coward” but lets look at who is the real coward. I gave him his own section on the realm to defend his views and explain all the falsehoods he spreads about liberals—I was naive enough to think we could actually get somewhere, instead he misused the opportunity and exploited the open forum to attic and malign others.

We have been this road before—let a maniac abuse the open forum under the guise of free speech, NEVER AGAIN! Mishi is state side and using his home IP, very stupid you put fear in no one troll. It’s with great pleasure that I ban you again.

Thanks to all the realmsters who showed him a thing or two—well done.

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538 Responses to Out Of Your League

  1. varexsythe says:

    Personally, I find his most recent choice in avatars fitting. He just happened to choose a fat, hypocritical, lying, former addict, sexist dipshit with access to a microphone to reach people who are easily influence and cannot distinguish bullshit from fact.

    I have to give kudos to the Liberal-phobic little bitch for choosing such an appropriate picture to represent himself. It is a much better fit than Reagan, who despite being put up on a mythological pedestal as the saint of all Conservatives, was actually a fairly centrist President who did a lot of Liberal things by comparison to the Neo-Conservatives we deal with today.

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