Obama Fixation: How Huffpo Plays People Like A Violin

Have you notice how HP, depending on the general mood, basically trolls it’s readership? When Obama is on a high it’s YAY Obama—An assortment of  Teabagging Repunks come out and LIBS feed on RIGHT-WINGERS like Grizzly bears on spawning Alaskan salmon. Of course on down times HP is worse than the best troll—OBAMA, YO MAMA, NOBAMA! you often see clumps of outraged Liberals in disbelieve, “What has become of our Liberal ( I’m sure someone will object to the term because WE are all now progressives—whatever that means) Elysian Fields? ( Arianna baby you like the greek mythology reference right? )”

Outrageous headlines, Right wing proliferation, and endless teasing. Which side will the take tomorrow?  Tune in.

What can  say? when I was a teen I  had a girlfriend who never let me get past second base–HP is the same thing, just not as fun.

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    Filastine ~ Btalla and Dance of the Garbageman

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