One Man Against Goldman Ratz



“Capitalism is at once far too rational, trusting in nothing that it cannot weigh and measure, and far too little as well, accumulating wealth as an end in itself.” —Terry Eagleton

I  will be crude. Sometimes the universe likes to “Bitch slap” me. I complain that people are not doing enough to stand against the government  and big corporations; I’m particularly critical (maybe a little less so today….but not much) of  younger people.  I’ll forgo the rant about how they appear blind to what is happening outside of their “TEXTING” universe for now.

I  was rushing ( as always)  to meet a contact to sell the Chinese government classified information  ( Chillax NSA I kid,  I kid!) when I see this  guy mid  to late 20’s in a very Zen like pose sitting on the sidewalk in front of Goldman Sachs’ headquarters in Battery Park City. Other than it being a scorcher kind of day, and him being cool as a cucumber, it was not too surprising to see this kind of protest it’s NYC after all.  Then  I see his placard, the words resonated my own at times , though his lacked my rough edge and had a simple grace, ” Begin anew with compassion.”


I’m sure 99% of the 1% bugs (not everyone working for a financial institution is a villain but we can talk about that another time ) working at Goldman Sachs got a chuckle out of seeing him martyr ( too dramatic?) himself while they go to their offices with million billion-dollar views of the financial center waterfront.

So, how does his words compare to mine? I  have stated before in one way or another that while consider myself a moonbat I dissent in critical points with the rest of my left leaning  brethren.  To me capitalism ( Not the Reaganomics kind) does not need to be a dirty word, corporations and  financial institutions are not people BUT they are composed of people. We need to reach out to them as much as we need to kick asses; we need to set effective controls to avoid another catastrophic worldwide economic collapse. But what we need above all else is to, at the very least, agree to find a new paradigm. So yes this is my verbose way of saying  “Begin anew with compassion.”

Greed is not sustainable if our humanity is to remain –just take a look at Donald Trump; the guy is just an empty vessel.

Oh! I didn’t  forget about the Universe liking to “Bitch slap me” I  felt (and feel) like a complete fraud as I walked by the young man. My own preoccupations kept me from taking the time to talk to him–I just gave him thumbs-up which he acknowledged with a smile. I wish I had done away with propriety and responsibly  and sat next to him in support, it’s not just his battle it’s ours too.

I guess now like D. H. Lawrence I got shit to expiate.


Of course in my universe  Gandhiji would jump out of nowhere screaming you go mothafucka! show the pigs we’re not going to take it.

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  1. Jack says:

    Wake up you BUMS!!!!!!!

  2. Haruko Haruhara says:

    Voting Rights Act section 4 struck down. Sigh …

    … I was afraid of this.

  3. Haruko Haruhara says:

    I would say this is not a big deal, Congress just needs to update its voting district formula, but then I remember Congress wouldn’t even reauthorise the Violence Against Women Act until they were shamed into doing it. sigh…

  4. captainpoco says:

    mmmmmmmmm slow roast bbq brisket on a ciabatta with salad

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