After the Crusades, Perhaps A Little Inquisition?


“By now the crusaders had christened the most powerful French catapult ‘Mal Voisine’, or ‘Bad Neighbour’, while nicknaming the Muslim stone-thrower that targeted it for conter-bombardment ‘Mal Cousine’, or ‘Bad Relation’.”
― Thomas Asbridge

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  1. nebdem says:

    Be right back.

  2. nebdem says:

    Those Templar’s caused a huge stink back then after the Crusades because they were as powerful as an organization than both the Church and the Monarchies. The Hospitaller’s were also powerful but they were more favorable because the Catholic Church and Crown had a bit of control over them, until the Reformation. Both were important in the technological advances, masonry at the time.

    What drew the ire against the Templar’s was that they were growing so influential that they in some places were held in more esteem and more influential than the Monarchs and the Church. They posed a threat to the traditional order, thus they were rooted out on Friday the 13th, 1307.

    Here is a link about the Templar’s:

  3. Ricki Lee says:

    OK – i spilled liquid on my macbook keyboard!!!!! 😦 I guess I will not be around much anymore. DON”T start the parades yet! There’s always a chance the rice thang will work!

  4. nebdem says:

    Aside from the train wrecks, what about all of the recent Prison breaks in the Middle East? That is going to change things on ground there.

  5. BoyInBOYCOTT says:

    I found another tasty looking scone recipe

    • Lizard Island says:

      Good evening, BiB. Lucked out tonight. Some friends are fixing dinner. Have to leave in about 20 min.

      • BoyInBOYCOTT says:

        enjoy the dinner

        • Lizard Island says:

          I’ll take a few photos if I don’t forget. Their house looks over Eastsound on a bluff just south of Rosario Resort. Kind of like a Nordic fjord.

  6. BoyInBOYCOTT says:

    I’m feeling like a nap, my sleep pattern is so F’d

  7. fi says:

    Hi folks, can’t sleep, too hot for me.

  8. Jack says:

    I spy, with my little Jackhole eye…

  9. nebdem says:

    It is still too early, but so far the Pope is shaking things up.

  10. fi says:

    Someone on HP just posed an interesting question.
    In Kentucky, if you get divorced, is she still your sister?

  11. Jack says:

    “The one god comes to drive out the many gods, the spirits of wood and stream grow silent.”

  12. Jack says:

    To my Queen, “I gave up my castle and my lands, here is my domain, in this special skin. And I pledge all that I still own, muscle, bone, blood, and the heart that pumps it.”

  13. Jack says:

    Who shall head the inquisition?

  14. msolomon2 says:

    It is such good news about the bad fortunes of limpbaugh and hannity! Maybe their preachings of hate & fear can finally be silenced!

    • nebdem says:

      It is amazing that they may actually be limited on the radio.

      • Jack says:

        Back to the slime they came from.

      • msolomon2 says:

        I suppose it’s inevitable that as their constituency of old white men full of desperate hate & fear continues to dwindle away to the grave that they will become even more and more marginalized to the most absolute fringe.Eventually no tv, less and less am radio finally what, one of those ancient forums from the days of the 286 computers that ran on the 24k phone lines?

        • nebdem says:

          That is a good point. The key to politics moving forward is the internet, but the radio still has a huge audience. It will be interesting to see how they try to regain a foothold on the internet which unlike the radio is dominated by the older people.

    • fi says:

      Doubtful, they will either join Glenn Beck or start up their own company.

    • Jack says:

      I wish they would just blow away in the wind but hate has a bad habit of regrouping.

  15. fi says:

    Good news, Repubs have defunded Acorn………………………….again!

  16. termgirl says:

    Crusades and Inquisitions…. be damned.
    I’m for a little heresy and sorcery.
    (Don’t care if I’m on the RW religious nutjob’s watch list.)

    Hello, everyone.

  17. fi says:

    May I suggest Nebuliser as head of Inquisition!

  18. fi says:

    Ah, shit I’ve been busted, Mr Fi is swearing at me to shut that “bloody” machine down.
    Off to bed again
    Goodnight all!

  19. termgirl says:

    Iceland to cut ties with Russia over ‘gay propaganda’ law
    Reykjavik mayor, Jon Gnarr, says he does not want to share political and cultural ties with Moscow, a capital that disregards the rights of LGBT people

  20. nebdem says:


    Along a merry beat
    As ale spills
    From cup to floor
    Away from the din of battle

    The shade of war
    Still unwashed
    From the aged faces
    So wrinkled in smiles
    Eyes as seas
    In gaiety
    Finally home

    Along a merry tune
    As tales spin
    From ear to ear
    Away from the gloom and into the light

    The gleaming eyes
    Still awash
    In pools of flame
    In songs refrain
    Joined together
    The sounds of the living
    Finally home

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