You know the drill, no post? Insert Cat Video

“One of the most striking differences between a cat and a lie is that a cat has only nine lives.”—–Mark Twain

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302 Responses to You know the drill, no post? Insert Cat Video

  1. Jack says:

    Wake up you bums!

  2. Lizard Island says:

    Gotta get busy. Laters.

  3. BoyInBOYCOTT says:

    hey all, Gina was FINE, she got an Rx for a general steroid and antihistamine, to take for a few days. She was told she’s FAT…again, and right to her face. She was indignant, and said she’ll start her diet TOMORROW, as we shared sausage McMuffins.

  4. BoyInBOYCOTT says:

    for David

    hey closet case….. take my name out of your mouth…it’s not a DICK

  5. BoyInBOYCOTT says:

    it’s the d*ck that killed the thread

  6. BoyInBOYCOTT says:

    Gilda Radner – Lets Talk Dirty To The Animals

  7. BoyInBOYCOTT says:

    Megyn Kelly Getting Sean Hannity’s 9 PM Slot: Drudge Report

  8. BoyInBOYCOTT says:

    here’s an HP profile of the twitter thugs
    “It’s not humor when you threaten bodily violence.”

  9. BoyInBOYCOTT says:

    on chat again

  10. Haruko Haruhara says:
  11. Haruko Haruhara says:

    I should make a video of Murph playing video games.

  12. BoyInBOYCOTT says:

    tricked Gina into taking her pill….peanut butter works everytime.

  13. classicalgastoo says:

    An artist to love:

  14. Jack says:

    What’s up?

  15. Jack says:

    Looks like I will have to make another cat page.

  16. Jack says:

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!New page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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