Curse Of The Mummy

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  1. nebdem says:

    Helen in Egypt

    Twas never so
    That she cried behind Trojan walls
    Nor fled in fear when they fell
    To the guise of ruse
    Nor ever true
    That she ran through the city
    In Bacchic ritual
    Leading a procession in ecstasy
    For the assailing Greeks
    Pillaging the old world
    Aeneas left behind forever

    The cruelty of Aeolus
    Unleashing the wind from its cave
    Blowing astray and away from Asia
    The Spartan ship
    Carrying her away from Menelaus
    In the throes of Paris

    Twas so
    That she cried alone
    For 10 years
    As sadness filled the air
    With its sighs and wails
    And so oft the tales
    Place her before Priam’s court
    As the desire of a thousand sails
    As the prize for injured pride
    So known it is said of this
    But alas, she never left Memphis

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