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Don't worry I'm not trying to be a Legitimate time for it and no money in it, just have fun.
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  1. Jack says:

    Fluff is it your Birthday for real?

  2. Haruko Haruhara says:

    Bass, how weird is this. Lance sues a British newspaper for libel for printing stories about his doping. The paper eventually settled, now years later the newspaper sued Lance back after its reporting turned out to be true, seeking to recover that settlement money from years earlier. Lance had to settle with the newspaper to give back part of the settlement.

    I’ve never heard of such a thing.

  3. fi says:

    10:45pm here, gonna go folks, tired girl here.
    Goodnight all.

  4. nebdem says:


  5. nebdem says:

    What’s new?

  6. Jack says:

    Ok I’m back—what’s afoot?

  7. BassFace says:

    Laundry-duty beckons… BRB

  8. RF Dude says:

    So Lance is still a crank?

    • Jack says:

      I’m shocked he still has not suffered in a big way but he is well connected with buddies such as W. People still shelter the creep.

      • RF Dude says:

        He’s getting hit in the pocketbook and his pride – two things that probably sting a bit.

        And he will spend the rest of his life (and be remembered ) as the non-achiever of the goals he may have been able to achieve legitimately.

        • Jack says:

          I agree except for the part that he “may have been able to achieve legitimately.” I watched his career early enough and he was an average cyclist, below par mountain biker—not that I begrudge that. Even then he will be 100x the athlete I was at my peak it’s just that he cheated.

          • RF Dude says:

            I’ll grant you that – you’re a lot closer to this than I would ever hope to be. And I was always suspicious of his run of wins anyway – it’s quite the achievement for a cyclist to win even once, such a combination of factors.

            To have that long of a consecutive-wins streak is quite beyond imagination.

  9. nebdem says:

    Incoming Rant! (Red Alert) Incoming Rant! (Red Alert)

  10. bubbagumpy says:

    We’ve had a Coinyer sighting….
    King of Doobiestan
    9533 Fans Unfan
    22 hours ago ( 9:13 PM)
    They sent me an email, and we’re in discussions over the new policy. [They kept my account open for now, apparently.]

    I’m still not sure what the outcome will be, but, as long as they are good enough to contact me, and address my concerns, then perhaps there is way to work things out.

    I shouldn’t say any more until I hear back from them again, but, feel free to let others know that I ain’t gone yet. I don’t want anyone leaving because of me….,
    Huffy Poo is negotiating with the KING OF DOOBIESTAN!!! LOL

    • nebdem says:


      It is great to see you!
      I saw that last night when I got home, I took a screen shot of that and also of his previous last comment. They realize that they need to backtrack, but I think the damage has been done.

      • bubbagumpy says:

        Great to see you too NebDem! 🙂

        I just hope Coinyer figures out how to come over here to JackHole’s Realm.
        I want to give him a hard time.

        “Coinyer, I know you love to share the weed … but please, not before a policy meeting! ‘Cause the Huff Post staff were smoking something this time!”

        • nebdem says:


          That would be fun to have him share his views here from time to time. HP really needs him, he is crucial to their site, they shouldn’t have put us through the wringer on this. After he closed his account I wrote a comment about how his leaving should be the Main Article.

          They better not piss him off because if he leaves it will seriously damage the perception of the site.

          • bubbagumpy says:

            I agree with you. Unfortunately, I’m afraid the H.P. Titanic isn’t afraid of icebergs. 😛

            • nebdem says:

              Changing a business model in real lie can lead to consequences, doing it on the Internet can and may be more explosive because there are more voices now. The last thing a company that has a blogging function ought to do is piss off the bloggers, because those pissed off bloggers will talk about it forever.

              • bubbagumpy says:

                Yep. You got it!

                Hey, I just noticed yet another low friend-count user (5) making a bold statement: “I’m not leaving. Yeah….I’m putting my name of what I post….” And what is ChrisWinfield’s chosen avatar? A photo of “V” for Vendetta — the poster-boy of anonymity! LOL. I asked him why that choice, not his current photo? Gotta wait for the mods to clear it; should be interesting.

  11. Jack says:

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