Dogs Of War Deux

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Hey it’s a  Dog page sort of.

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543 Responses to Dogs Of War Deux

  1. PagingStaff says:

    I’d love to see him backpack around Europe right after high school instead!
    That is all. I guess enough said on all of this from me tonight.

    • PagingStaff says:

      And thanks for listening – and your input.

    • Haruko Haruhara says:

      Can you talk him into Peace Corps, perhaps?

    • Jack says:

      Hi paging,

      I have been drifting in and out today. Other than supporting what most have said and you said I don’t have much to add. I have family members who made a career out of the military. And although I have never supported Bush’s war or the continuation under the Obama administration I have always supported our troops.

      Whatever reason gets them there, they should never be ignored, alienated, and abandoned by the government or the citizens. Whatever it takes to make them acclimate to society once more is the moral thing to do.

      For your sake I hope he has a change of heart.

      • PagingStaff says:

        Thanks Jack, really. I’m SO glad I was able to come here tonight and y’all had not only wonderful ears but some comfort and a suggestion or two. My family & friends are VERY stolid in their opinions and were not going to be much help tonight. THIS IS WHY ANONYMITY MATTERS! And thank you all again.
        Sorry – just had to bust that out there (blush).

  2. Lizard Island says:

    ‘sup you crazy people?

  3. plutocrats says:

    Ted Cruz loves Jessie Helms long time. Trent Lott lost his job for that, I suspect Ted will get a medal.

  4. Jack says:

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!New page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    follow the link below


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