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  • joan jett September 22, 1958
    Age: 55 years old
    Birthplace: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
    Occupation: Singer
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    Pianist, Singer 
  • paul muni1895 | 71 years old
    Film Actor, Television Actor 
  • scott baio

    Born: September 22, 1960
    Age: 53 years old
    Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York, United States
    Occupation: Television Actor, Television Producer

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Come on who wouldn’t want to share a B-Day with Charles In Charge Am I  right or what?  But who better than RF a solid guy all around.  Totally cool Sasquatch err RF is around for anyone who needs him, which in my book makes him THE MAN!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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482 Responses to HAPPY BIRTHDAY RF DUDE!!!

  1. Haruko Haruhara says:

    Oh, how ironic, BlackBerry just now announced it is being sold for $4.7 billion.

  2. BoyInBOYCOTT says:

    Hey HH, caller, MS,and major
    the chow mein turned out delish. and made up a double batch

  3. Caller no. 8 says:

    Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs ~ Your Move / All Good People

  4. nebdem says:

    qoSlIj DatIvjaj, RF Dude!!!

    • Haruko Haruhara says:

      Neb, I haven’t seen you in forever.

      Is Bo Pelini still the coach in Nebraska?

      • nebdem says:

        Greetings, Haruko! I’ve been toning down my computer time lately, I think I have reached my limit of reading about the news for a few months, nothing good seems to come from it lately, just headaches and frustration. I hope all is well for you and yours. Your 49ers have a few some issues they need to resolve. And yeas, Bo Pelini is still here. He has the easiest schedule n his tenure this year and next year, hopefully he tanks a few games and they fire his no defensive coaching ass.

        • Haruko Haruhara says:

          I know, you really can’t let HP get to you. I feel so bad when people get so worked up by the trolls, etc., there, and their ridiculous headlines.

          • nebdem says:

            HP is probably the least informative news site on the internet. Or, maybe it is simply the information overload that is causing the problem? Too much information to think about with the advances in news coverage? Heh, advances! More like regression.

            • Haruko Haruhara says:

              Well, it’s just got so much side boobs and what idiotic thing did Miley Cyrus tweet today. Wish they’d lose that stuff, but I guarantee it generates clicks, which is why they keep it.

              • nebdem says:

                It’s kinda like the MTV channel, you know, they no longer play music videos anymore, everything is a reality distraction. Miley “Smut” Cyrus has nothing on Justin Bieber, thankfully Justin is staying out of the spotlight. I guess Marky Mark may have set him straight?

                • Haruko Haruhara says:

                  Hee. Maybe he threatened to punch him out.

                • nebdem says:

                  If I find out that that is the case I may have to have a little talk with Mr. Funkybunch. Nobody puts Bieber in the corner.

                • Haruko Haruhara says:

                  Mark’s a semipro boxer now.

                • nebdem says:

                  I’m still questioning his decision to star in the Transformer movie. I recently watched “The Happening,” and oddly I actually enjoyed the movie more when I kept in mind that the actors in the movie were so written as to portray them as idiots, he did a great job in that movie in certain scenes because he has that dumb expression on his face.

      • nebdem says:

        Hi, Caller! How have you been? I hope all is well on your end of the line.

        • majorwiblit says:

          Nebdem from HP?

          • Haruko Haruhara says:

            Yes, he’s a regular here!

          • nebdem says:

            Greetings, Majorwiblit! I’m Nebdem78 on HP, plain ol’ nebdem here. Nice to meet you!

            • majorwiblit says:

              Nice to see you here,,I always enjoyed your post over there,,QAPLA’

              • nebdem says:

                Thanks! I’m glad you decided to check this place out! It is a wonderful change of pace over here. No worrying about comments going into pending, and nothing is off-topic!

                • majorwiblit says:

                  I know,,good people here,,,sometimes I enjoy troll slaying,,lol,,,and sometimes not
                  sometimes between the pending and the nastiness,,,just got to go

                • nebdem says:

                  I’m still debating whether or not I should post there. If I do it will be sarcasm only, I’ve given up on trying to be serious in expressing my thoughts there.

                • majorwiblit says:

                  I do try and post thoughtful things,,but it seems the longer it is,,the less chance of it posting,,and then I am reduced to funny and snarky 1 liners
                  gotta run,,,be back later all,,,good to see you nebdem!!

                  ghIj qet jaghmeyjaj—MAY YOUR ENEMIES RUN FROM YOU WITH FEAR

                • nebdem says:

                  I have experienced the same thing, the longer the post the more likely it will go into pending, which really ruined my desire to actually post comments with thoughts, it is probably geared that way to get more one-liners and smaller comments.

                  A wonderful quote!

  5. nebdem says:

    I’ve been trying to avoid thinking about the news lately, it feels like a complete waste of time in my opinion now to even worry about some of the stuff going on. Television news is a complete waste of time. Every channel is so full of themselves that they can only offer nothing to any discussion. Thankfully, I have been staying away from HP, which is a relief because I’ve spared myself from reading the trivial arguments of the day. But enough of the bitterness- I liked your recent J-Files page, Jack! I actually had just finished watching the X-Files series when you posted that page! I really liked that series, it did a good job of showing enough humor in instances not to force the show to be to serious in nature.

    • Haruko Haruhara says:

      I gotta turn it all off sometimes, too. I’m too empathetic for my own good.

      • nebdem says:

        Sometimes it gets to a point in which it becomes so lopsided when feeling empathy about people that are facing a tragedy, that it can bog down your own life to an extent. It is crass to say but sometimes it is better to have some things ‘out of sight out of mind.’ Take for example what is happening in Kenya. Sometimes it gets to the point that it turns you sour and that is the time when the empathy you feel turns into anger about the situation. For example the recent Navy yard incident and what is happening in Kenya.

  6. nebdem says:

    Great week of NFL! I was surprised to see the Giants get shutout. This may be Caughlin’s last season as coach? They will rebound, but going down 0-3 is really going to make it difficult if Dallas can continue running the ball the way it has been,

    Big win for the Ravens, I was shocked that they beat the Texans the way they did, by shutting down both Schaub and Foster. I’m still uncertain though if they will make the playoffs though because it is tough to get back the next year, but they are off to a decent start.

    The Chiefs are playing good football, they needed Andy Reid, they have had such a horrible stretch of inconsistency from the head coach over the last few decades that it will do them good to have some stability.

    The Colts are looking good, major coup in getting Trent Richardson, and Andrew Luck is the real deal, I thought he was all hype, but I have been proven wrong. It also looks like the Browns are going to firesale their remaining offence, which only goes to show that being a Browns fan has to be one of the worst decisions a football fan can make.

    • Haruko Haruhara says:

      Good for Alex Smith. He got treated like dirt by the 49ers.

      • nebdem says:

        I thought it was a mistake they dumped him for Kaerpernick, they should have kept him. Kaepernick is too much like Nebraska’s QB Taylor Martinez (the key difference though is that Kapernick can actually score fro time to time using his legs,) But once the other teams have film on them they can adjust and once you get either rolling out of the pocket it only leads to mistakes. Kapernick can be effective only if they can sustain a consistent running game, once he is forced to use his arm he is so much like Martinez. The spread option will work in the NFL, but the 49ers are really hurting in the WR core, Crabtree’s injury is now magnified, and Vernon Davis missing the last game really showed how limited they are in the passing game.

        • Haruko Haruhara says:

          We noticed everyone is forcing him to run to his left and he can’t throw running to his left. Teams have figured him out.

          • nebdem says:

            He was a flash-in-the-pan. No he has to go through the learning cruve, the rest of the league has caught up to him. When nobody has film on a player it is when those players do their best. Kind of like RG III last year (Or as we have recently nicknamed him RG III & Out!)

            This is one reason why i’m so impressed by Andrew Luck. I don’t see a Sophomore slump coming from him.

            • Haruko Haruhara says:

              Well, RG III does have an excuse. He’s only playing on one leg.

              • nebdem says:

                He looked better yesterday. He will be fine though if he can get through this season unharmed. I would rather have him have a struggling year than another injury. The way the league is trending towards mobile QB’s is going to make things very interesting in the next couple of years. As bad as he may be playing at least he isn’t struggling like Josh Freeman is considering he has been in the league now for 3 or 4 years. Cam Newton might have a great year?

    • nebdem says:

      One thing I have also noticed is that the very rules they implemented to reduce concussions seems to have had the opposite effect. I expect to see more this year, and the new rules for tackling is going to lead to a lot of reconstructive knee surgeries.

      • Haruko Haruhara says:

        I think there’s some validity to the argument that if you want to get rid of concussions, get rid of the helmets.

        You’d probably end up with some guys getting killed — literally — but you wouldn’t have guys leading with the crown of their heads anymore.

        • nebdem says:

          I think it was Teddy Roosevelt(?) that forced the league to make the change to a helmet because several were dying from their injuries.

          I think they should stop worrying about it to be honest, it is simply a risk involved in the career, yes, that may be crass to say, but why do millionaire football players get more sympathy than regular people who work in jobs that are 100x more dangerous? The only concern should be about the youth playing the game.If they keep it up with their nanny approach they will ruin the game for good.

          • Haruko Haruhara says:

            Except a lot of these guys are dying in their 50s and 60s from their injuries. It’s hard to look at that and say, “it was their choice.” It’s like soldiers who sign up and get PTSD later, or smokers who get lung cancer.

            I don’t have an answer. It’s a multi-billion dollar business and wildly entertaining, but it’s killing some of these guys early in life.

            • nebdem says:

              I completely agree, the Sport does take a toll on their bodies and to write it off as simply “their choice” is a lame cop-out. I remember watching an NFL films documentary on Otto Graham. That one still gets me, every time he got out of bed or walked when he was retired all you could hear was every bone in his body cracking. The NFLPA did get some concessions but small ones recently considering how much money the league hauls in. They should be investing money into their workers more than the product, but as long as they make money it won’t change. How they have been able to skirt the steroids (PED’s) seems to indicate that the eye will be turned as long as they are making so much money considering how the MLB is still trying to regain its image.

              • Haruko Haruhara says:

                It’s amazing how 270-pound linebackers can run a 4.4 40 today!

                They never could before.

                • nebdem says:

                  Which is one reason why playing without a helmet could be a problem, the size and speed due to the training regimens is so much different now than it used to be. It is amazing to see how fast some of the lineman move down the field.

            • CPAwADD says:

              The best thing the league can do is make it as safe as possible or they won’t have top quality athletes to replace their current players. My son was on a soccer team with the son of a former NFL player, and I’m sure there are other NFL players whose kids are playing soccer.

  7. Haruko Haruhara says:

    Happy birfday, Neptune! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neptune

  8. Haruko Haruhara says:

    OK, no gas and no water for 2 hours now. It’s 50 F outside and we have no firewood. Brrrr!

  9. CPAwADD says:

    The issue of PEDs in the NFL is about to get a lot more interesting with the news of Vonn Miller trying to manipulate the drug test. Who could have thought that someone who collects urine from people for a living could be bribed? It sounds like such a cherry gig. Anyone think Von Miller is the only one who’s pulled this scam.

  10. nebdem says:

    “The Greek authorities have launched an inquiry into allegations that members of the country’s armed forces have helped to train hit squads formed by the far-right Golden Dawn party.”

    “Highlighting the menace rightwing extremism now poses in a nation hobbled by economic collapse and political division, the country’s president Karolos Papoulias said that his top priority was to protect Greeks from neo-fascism. “From the time I was a young man I fought fascism and Nazism,” he told reporters as he went into talks with the leftwing main opposition leader Alexis Tsipras. “It is my supreme duty as president of the republic to defend democracy and the Greek people from the storm that is approaching.”

  11. CPAwADD says:

    Well HH, Nebdem. Take Care, I’m going to go do stuff.

  12. nebdem says:

    Political observation

    In my opinion, out of all the cable news shows / channels, the best Liberal voice on TV right now is on FOX: Kirsten Powers. Whenever I flip through the channels looking for news lately the only voice that makes any sense to me anymore coming from the Left on TV is from her. Every time I’ve seen her talk about an issue with a Republican she kicks their freaking ass every time and she does it without using talking points, she is a force to be reckoned with.

    Some of her recent highlights: http://youtu.be/Z4kkw3oe5xE !!

    http://youtu.be/DFVBD0-0iok !!

    A great article: http://www.mediaite.com/online/mediaite-interview-how-kirsten-powers-became-foxs-liberal-to-be-reckoned-with/

  13. majorwiblit says:

    All you folks here need to get on Eastern Standard time,,,G’s

  14. majorwiblit says:

    Gandalf: It is in Men that we must place our hope.
    Elrond: Men? Men are weak. The Blood of Numenor is all but spent, its pride and dignity forgotten. It is because of Men the Ring survives. I was there, Gandalf. I was there three thousand years ago.
    I was there the day the strength of Men failed.

  15. Drive-by to share an interesting site: http://www.brainpickings.org/

    Neb, you ought to like this one!

  16. Lizard Island says:

    Everyone Run!! Here Comes the Reign!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjqmNfizoAg

  17. J@*k says:

    Time for a new page. I will return after the page is done and according to the comments I will find the theme.

  18. J@*k says:

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NEW PAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    follow the link below


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