I have decided to support the Republicans on the shut down. So from now new pages will have no images, I will not provide anymore:



Fixing-up broken pages

Haruko won’t be  banned daily

No more snarkiness

And I just doubled everyones sun  rent.

This measures are sure to bring Obama to his knees.


Making this page required some snarkiness but no more after it’s posted.

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403 Responses to Shutdown

  1. boyinboycott says:

    I’ve added Keith Haring’s baby for my avi

  2. boyinboycott says:

    HP headline Speaker Spineless
    I posted …Speaker Sackless

  3. boyinboycott says:

    Haring’s angel baby reads better

  4. nebdem says:


  5. termgirl says:

    Hi, Realm.

    “We’re not going to be disrespected, We have to get something out of this. And I don’t know what that even is.”
    — Rep. Marlin Stutzman (R-IN), quoted by the Washington Examiner, on the government shutdown.
    (Yep. You’re clueless.)

    • Haruko Haruhara says:


      the most overused word in the English language.

      • termgirl says:

        Hi, HH.
        and the phrase “The American People.”

      • BobbyRay says:

        Sucks being in the minority, isn’t it, Stutzman? And yes, the ‘Pukes ARE the minority whether they can fathom it or not… only the gerrymandered districting and other fraudulent practices is what’s making them a faux “majority” in the House.

  6. Haruko Haruhara says:

    We’re watching “Now You See Me.” This is a really interesting movie.

  7. boyinboycott says:

    I’m tired, Gina thought it amusing to wake me a 3am, and the TV was showing a Bogart and Bacall movie, so I watched for awhile. Next thing ya know it’s 6 am.
    Lauren Bacall Whistle

  8. boyinboycott says:

    Lauren Bacall interview – talking about Humphrey Bogart – Part 1/2

    Lauren Bacall interview – Part 2/2

  9. RF Dude says:

    Posted by Humuhumunukunukuapuaa re: The Shutdown:

    – Can I burn down you house?

    – No.

    – How about just the second floor?

    – No.

    – How about the garage?

    – No

    – Let’s talk about which part of your house I can burn down.

    – No.


  10. boyinboycott says:

    BET is showing For Colored Girls

  11. J@*k says:

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NEW PAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    follow the link below


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