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    • bubbagumpy says:

      Yahoo changed the photo order! Not sure if it still works.

      • MSII says:

        the “authorities” were shooting madly! To say the town is on-edge seems to under-rate how worked up these people are. There seemed no reason for a horde of cops to go ape-shit on that little car, but they did!

  1. plutocrats says:

    I’m hearing different things here. So did the lady actually try to ram a barrier or did they overreact? Or both?

    • waverly says:

      Yeah, she drove into one.

      • plutocrats says:

        In a sedan, with a kid? And “rammed” or drove into? There are many barriers in DC, some even pop out of the ground. I’m just asking becuse the distiction is important I think and the media isn’t helping, being first is probably more important.

        • waverly says:

          Yeah, being first is the media priority.

        • waverly says:

          According to the Washington Post:
          It began near the White House, at 15th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue NW. Oregon residents B.J. and Susan Campbell saw a black Infinity driven by a woman heading west on Pennsylvania, into a security checkpoint. The driver went about 20 yards, B.J. Campbell said, before rapidly turning the car around at the concrete security barriers.

          “The Secret Service guy was just having a cow,” B.J. Campbell said. “Yelling at her and banging on the car.” The Secret Service officers pulled a black metal gate into her path and she slowed to try to go around it. Then the agent moved the gate in front of her again.

          At that point “she just gunned it,” B.J. Campbell said. “She ran the barricade down and the guy; knocked him up onto her hood. He rolled off into the street and she tore off down Pennsylvania Avenue.” The whole encounter lasted about 20 seconds, he said.

  2. Robert Reich:

    As the United States comes ever closer to defaulting on its debts, corporate and Wall Street executives who for years have been bankrolling the Republican Party are beginning to get nervous. Their Republican Party has become a Frankenstein monster. These corporate patrons of the GOP don’t mind a temporary shutdown, because their low taxes and special loopholes aren’t affected, and many regulations aren’t being enforced. But a default would cause bond prices to plummet, interest rates to surge, stocks to sink through the floorboards of the New York Stock Exchange, and the global entire financial system to suffer a major blow.

    But what can the titans of corporate America do now that the monster they’ve created is on a rampage? Plenty. They can cancel all GOP funders, stop writing checks to Republican senators and representatives and instruct their corporate PACs do do the same, tell their Washington lobbyists to cease all activities on behalf of the GOP, and urge all their suppliers, contractors, and corporate customers to follow their lead.

    In other words, they can starve the beast.

    They can also tell the President that they will stand behind him when he decides to ignore the debt ceiling and continue to pay the nation’s bills even if the monster throws a tantrum.

    • plutocrats says:

      Idealistic to say the least, but their bank accounts are what they really care about, so he does have a point. As soon as their wallets take a large enough hit anything is possible… so long as those very same people don’t rush headlong to bail them out.

    • J@*k says:

      I think the Koch Bros see this as an early X-mas.

    • MSII says:

      If they even do a small percentage of what he suggests it would be devastating to them, excellent! They do seem to be starting to wise up and see the monster they’ve made, again excellent!

  3. J@*k says:

    What is happening people?

  4. boyinboycott says:

    the lady shooter is either dead or very seriously injured…all the drama is over

  5. fi says:

    Hey, someone is pissed at the folks on Capitol Hill!
    I wonder what that can be about?

  6. majorwiblit says:

    Elizabeth Warren is on the floor of the Senate now
    Gawd,,I love that woman!!!!

  7. majorwiblit says:

    Afternoon People of the Realm!!!!

  8. J@*k says:

    Ok I’m caught up. She was killed the child is ok. Who knows what the provocation was but it definitely sounds like some emotional issue.

  9. plutocrats says:

    Sounds like a psychotic episode, and with child too. Psychologically vulnerable people can snap when pushed to the breaking point, they need help. So lets just make mental health treatment even more unaffordable, republicans. That’s the smart thing to do. What a tragedy.

  10. J@*k says:

    People in America are unhappy, desperate, angry. Politicians need to wake up.

  11. J@*k says:

    Ok I think we need a new page to lighten the mood.

  12. plutocrats says:

    Congressman Castigates Park Ranger For The Memorial Closure He Voted For

    I don’t wish harm on anyone but if this guy accidentally fell into a wood chipper I’m not sure I’d lose any sleep over it.

    • majorwiblit says:

      the crowd should have picked him up and carried him back to the House,,,dump
      him there,,,and tell him to “GO DO YOUR JOB NUMB-NUTS!!

    • coppernicus says:

      These people are delusional, it’s like that saying if you hear a lie long enough you start to believe it.

  13. Ricki Lee says:

    So did this woman make a wrong turn into the security gate and then tried to turn around to exit? Coming in at the tail end – can anyone answer this?

  14. coppernicus says:

    New page………………….

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