This Should Piss Off Right Wingers

A friend sent me this, not that I’m giving her any credit 😛 Most of us should have figure out Tim Minchin’s message by now but it’s nice to see it  put so eloquent and peppered with  humor.



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370 Responses to This Should Piss Off Right Wingers

  1. Lizard Island says:

    Like this piano piece. Relaxing
    Fabrizio Paterlini – Viandanze

  2. J@*k says:

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    follow the link below

  3. RF Dude says:

    Hi Blue, Plutocrats, Caller, Ms. Barb, Haru & All!

    Just a quick drive-by, gotta get up early tomorrow and I’ve been dragging all week.

    And F&@K The RepubliCONS!

  4. MSII says:

    just saw boner, er boehner and cantor do their spin-lies-bullshit (latest), oh my speaker-of-the-loons swore (to show us how upset he is). More reich-wing insani-tea playing to the teavangelicals….

  5. MSII says:

    Oh this sounds absolutely worthy!
    Tell John Boehner to put a stop to tantrum-throwing, infantile Republicans and call a vote on a clean budget. We’ll send him a pacifier for every person who signs.

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