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  1. majorwiblit says:

    Men Men Men! After Effects project .

  2. boyinboycott says:

    Beau got a photo of a great nephew with toys like this by him, Beau thinks I should crochet some

    I think they are bad copies of these

    which is a pattern for 41 bucks, but I think I coud figure out a close aproximation

  3. majorwiblit says:

    6108 Fans
    4 minutes ago (10:33 AM)
    It’s so bad the comments need to be moderated.
    same shit over there,,,,seems like every freakin thread,,,about every freakin thing

  4. boyinboycott says:

    KAREN fizzled to just rain and winds less than 40 mph

  5. Good news for Ricki – House Passes Bill To Give Back Pay To Federal Workers Furloughed In Government Shutdown

    • majorwiblit says:

      Afternoon CG,,MS!!

    • waverly says:

      Hi CG,
      This is good news. Now if they can just end this thing.
      btw – how’s the weather where you are. It’s been kind of freaky here, thunderstorms all week, tornado warnings, and now second day we are covered in fog.

      • Hi, waverly – sorry, had to go out and take care of some things. The weather today is gorgeous! The snow hasn’t melted off yet and the sky is a brilliant blue. We had about three days of overcast and snow snizzling this past week. It’s going to be getting back up to the 50’s this weekend, I hear.

        • waverly says:

          Yeah, it’s getting warmer all over. I think it’s Karen pushing warm air up from the gulf.

  6. majorwiblit says:

    Rough Night last night Jack???

    • waverly says:

      Glad to hear there’s no more Karen. Every single year they predict a hellacious hurricane season. This is what makes people complacent. The forecasters need to stop scaring everyone or soon they’ll just stop paying attention.

      • boyinboycott says:

        That’s what happened before Katrina, about a month earlier the weather channel OVER HYPED a nothing tropical storm, and people spent two hours on roads to leave New Orleans and ran out of gas, which meant many didn’t leave the city for Katrina.

        • waverly says:

          yep, my brother lives on the barrier islands on the center east coast of Florida and when he evacuates they drive inland to Orlando. A drive that normally takes about an hour becomes six hours.

  7. MSII says:

    This years Simpsons Tree House of Horror opening!

  8. waverly says:

    Afternoon MS, BIB, CG, Major, Ricki Lee,
    How is everyone this fine Saturday afternoon ?

  9. boyinboycott says:

    Boehner solves the shut down and debt limit

    • waverly says:

      Nice picture. No surprise the HP headline reads:
      ‘Unmistakable Sense Growing In Capitals Around The World’… U.S. Looks ‘Increasingly Befuddled’
      The US looks like a bunch of nitwits.

    • MSII says:

      Now that is definitely a typical reich-winger answer! Yup I can see them coming up with that!

  10. J@*k says:

    Phillip Taylor is still on HP.

  11. boyinboycott says:

    a litle sumpin’ for jack
    A Taste of Honey – Boogie Oogie Oogie 1978

    “if you’re thinkin’
    you’re too cool to boogie?”

  12. Haruko Haruhara says:

    Grrrr, I *really* need to stay off the “Redskins” threads at HP. They really get my dander up.

  13. CobaltBlueDawg says:

    I’ve added two dishes to my list of, ‘Jesus, that was delicious’.
    Corn Maque Choux and Merguez Sausage. I’ve already made the Maque Choux and it came out great. Wifey took a bite of the sausage and loved it. Then I told her it was made of lamb, she could have cried. She says I’m not allowed to make it in our home kitchen. We’ll see about that.

  14. boyinboycott says:

    Beau has changed Lady Chablis line , from Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, for Gina.
    ” from my top to your top
    from my bottom to your bottom
    scritch me in the middle
    and I might let you sleep a little”

  15. J@*k says:

    DAWG! I decided to make Corn Maque Choux today. I see online some are soupy some a drier. How do you make yours?

  16. majorwiblit says:

    Good Afternoon to All!!!

  17. J@*k says:

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NEW PAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    follow the link below

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