Oh, Huff! Did You Think I Forgot?

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  1. Beowoof says:

    For MsHoneyB
    OK Go – Skyscrapers – Official Video

  2. termgirl says:

    “In the dead of night before the shutdown, the Republicans forced through a rule change, one which effectively handed over control of the government over to one man, Eric Cantor”
    .http://www.addictinginfo.org/2013/10/13/eric-cantor-rule-change/ .

  3. waverly says:

    Bet Texas sure is glad the shutdown has closed the CDC
    Typhus returns in Texas

  4. majorwiblit says:

    I do Macrame too,,,working to get enough done to do a show or two
    This piece is about 30″ X 40″,,,with Oyster Shells

  5. Ricki Lee says:

    Wow!! Interception Jags ! 59 yd run and score!! YAY! Lost 2 pt tho but 12-14 Denver – halftime now!

  6. When you have a few minutes, this stuff is a TRIP. It’s beautiful, and a little creepy, but so different! I think I really like the finished product- at least to look at.

  7. Okay- hunger is setting in pretty seriously, and I must get back to work in here. See you guys later, I hope!

  8. waverly says:

    This is why the GOP will NOT be voted out of the House in 2014
    Why is congressman Howard Coble R-N.C. (see below) still in office after 13 elections ? We need term limits. Throw these bums out.

    MOUNT AIRY, N.C the Sixth Congressional District.
    Pundits and political analysts have long bemoaned the seemingly intractable differences between the two parties, exacerbated by gerrymandering, which preserves safe House seats so they remain uncontested. But to understand why members of Congress seem hellbent on digging in their heels, it’s instructive to observe how their own constituents have also dug in their heels, something you can do well from a place like Mount Airy, nestled in North Carolina’s very red Sixth Congressional District.

    In the Sixth District, while constituents are frustrated with Washington, they are more or less in sync with their congressman,

    **** Republican Howard Coble, who has been serving in the House since 1985 and has won his last 13 elections with more than 60 percent of the vote. ****

    They are unlikely to throw him out of office anytime soon, even if he voted against a “clean” spending bill that would have funded the government and if he cosigned the letter that urged attaching a budget to defunding the ACA.

    Phil Berger Jr., district attorney in neighboring Rockingham County, who pays close attention to politics and is a loyal GOP voter, is thrilled that House Republicans, like Coble, are standing resolute for a change.

    Berger dismissed the notion that the bruising budget and debt ceiling fights are taking their toll on the party that vowed to rehabilitate its image after the losses of the 2012 election.

    “The Republicans cannot survive as Democrat-lite,” he said. “The face-lift that’s needed for the Republican Party is more conservatives who are willing to speak up and not fall prey to the inside-the-Beltway echo chamber.”

    That synergy of views makes it unlikely that Coble or any of the other conservatives driving the House GOP strategy will cave to mounting political pressure across the country.

    Some say creative redistricting is at fault. Indeed, to preserve the maximum number of “safe” House seats, state lawmakers cut a snakelike sliver out of the Sixth District to exclude chunks of Democratic-leaning urban Greensboro and added it to the district of Democratic Rep. Mel Watts, another longtime incumbent.

    • Beowoof says:

      Waverly, the GOP campaigned long to get Willie Brown out and we got term limits in California thanks to them, but just as we all predicted, staff members and politicians from other offices in both parties just took their places. It was the system and money all along. Term limits actually would get rid of the Bernie Sanders and Alan Graysons and take away our right to vote for them and allow the right to vote for the same kind of people that screw with the system in the first place. Since the moneyed interests can’t be stopped, we can only strive for ideas and ingenuity in our representatives if they’re beholden to big interests, or at least aren’t going to fight them. Whether it’s global thinking with trade and finance, or just what we want our nation to look like physically and socially, it’s up to bright, driven people with ideas other than NO NO NO NO NO NO NO, or perpetuating a virtually broken system with little to add.

  9. Coppernicus says:

    As much as I’d like to see Africa here is yet another reason to not go (aside from the large number of venomous and poisonous things and diseases),

  10. Coppernicus says:

    Jack this is for you yo. Oh this is a real treat today, shuttle Atlantis takeoff 2006,

  11. Jacko latent says:

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