We Built This City


We built this city, we built this city VOTE BY VOTE
We Built this city, we built this city VOTE BY VOTE
Say you DIDN’T VOTE FOR  me or recognize my face
Say you don’t care who goes INTO THAT CAPITOL place
Knee deep in the hoopla sinking in your fight
Too many TEAPUBLICANS eating up the night

CANTOR plays the mamba, listen to the radio, don’t you remember
We built this city, we built this city VOTE BY VOTE

We built this city, we built this city VOTE BY VOTE
Built this city, we built this city VOTE BY VOTE

REPUBLICANS always playing corporation games
Who caresROMNEY IS always changing corporation names
We just want to dance here someone stole the stage
They call us LIBS write us off the page

CANTOR plays the mamba, listen to the radio, don’t you remember
We built this city, we built this city VOTE BY VOTE

We built this city, we built this city VOTE BY VOTE
Built this city, we built this city VOTE BY VOTE

It’s just another Sunday, PUNDITS ON TV
Police have got the choke hold, oh then we just lost the beat

KOCH counts the money underneath the bar
MILEY rides the wrecking ball in to our rock guitars
Don’t tell us you need us, ‘cos we’re the ship of fools
Looking for America, coming through your schools

(I’m looking out over THE CAPITOL BUILDING

Don’t you remember (CONGRESS’member)(CONGRESS’member)

CANTOR plays the mamba, listen to the radio, don’t you remember
We built this city, we built this city VOTE BY VOTE

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387 Responses to We Built This City

  1. captainpoco says:

    hey beastly boys and guesome girls how are we all? holloween preps coming along?

  2. waverly says:

    At a lunch meeting in the Capitol, Senator John McCain asked a roomful of Republican senators if they still believed it was possible to reverse parts of the [ACA]. According to someone briefed on the meeting, no one raised a hand — not even Ted Cruz.

  3. fi says:

    Good evening folks?

  4. fi says:

    Jeabus I don’t know how the Prez can bear to have those lying, cheating, seditious Barstewards up at the WH again, the place will need to be fumigated!
    BTW, why have they not been arrested yet?

    • RF Dude says:

      Hi Fi.

      Yeah, the Prez has to maintain the appearance of listening to the spoiled children throwing the tantrum. I wish he’d just get out the switch and thrash ’em soundly!

      (And I hope he makes sure none of the T’baggers walk off with any of the White House silverware or china. Hold ’em up by their ankles and give ’em a good shake as they leave, see what falls out of their pockets!)

    • MSII says:

      They should be EXECUTED for their sedition, their TREASON!

  5. Coppernicus says:

    What a horrifying story and this is one of those red states where compassionate christians live.

    • MSII says:

      more and more of the same it seems in these cases why no prosecution because of some kind of nepotism, some “connected person(s)”. This is where this country is going further and further, the new feudalism.

    • waverly says:

      Hey Copper, top o’ the morning to ya, (or afternoon)

    • Ricki Lee says:

      Horrible!!! I read this and know we did the right thing for C2 but still the wrong by letting the effin perp get away with it. It is a nightmare no matter which direction you take. And this case is why do many rapes continue to go unreported.

  6. majorwiblit says:

    Here Are The Sleaziest Things Congress Has Done During The Shutdown

    Keep the congressional gym and other amenities open as essential services.??
    Complain that the gym is gross and doesn’t have enough towels.??


  7. waverly says:

    Even Chuck Todd is sick of Cruz
    Chuck Todd excoriated Ted Cruz on Monday’s “Morning Joe” after the senator questioned the accuracy of a recent NBC News poll about the government shutdown. He called Cruz’s recent appearance with Sarah Palin “odd,” adding, “What planet are you living on here?!”

  8. waverly says:

    Veterans Angry Over Tea Party Takeover Of March On Memorials (Nothing but eyesores all of them)

  9. waverly says:

    Harry Reid Reports Progress In Debt Ceiling, Government Funding Talk
    Grand Funk Railroad – I’m Your Captain – Shea Stadium 1971

  10. waverly says:

    The current impasse is exactly how our system is expected to function. We need to change it

    Fixing a system of nakedly partisan gerrymandering does nothing to cure the problem of disproportionate representation in the Senate, but it would at least be a move toward regaining confidence in our own capacities to engage with our fellow citizens in building a more democratic society and even, who knows, returning the United States system of government to serving as a positive, instead of a cautionary, model to the rest of the world.

    Article 5 of the Constitution allows the proposal of constitutional amendments not only by two-thirds of each house of Congress — fat chance with regard to curing single-member districting — but also by a constitutional convention that must be called by Congress upon petition of two-thirds (34) of the states. It would be wonderful if America had a constitutional movement to get behind the call for a new constitutional convention that would address the various ways our democracy is in fact at stake and what kinds of changes are necessary. We could easily begin with the mode of selecting our representatives and presidents — public opinion polls, for example, have shown consistent opposition to the Electoral College from the 1940s onward — and then move on to address the way we finance elections. Perhaps we could begin escaping from the truly dangerous malaise in which more and more Americans, across partisan political lines, feel increasingly alienated from their government and bereft about the possibility of necessary change.


  11. waverly says:

    Lily, Rosemary And The Jack Of Hearts

  12. Jacko latent says:

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  13. termgirl says:

    Hi, all.
    Hope everyone’s having a good day.

    Can’t stay, but wanted to share this.

    A lot of people have been asking “why aren’t people taking to the streets?”
    Apparently, some people are. There are events planned nationwide for tomorrow:

    http://usaction.org/2013/10/events-nationwide-tomorrow-to-tell-the-gop-cease-and-desist/ .

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