Happy Cristóbal Colón Day


It’s that time of the year for me to   rant again  about this ill Attributed, genocidal, megalomaniac historical figure.  First up in my agenda :

His name- while historical records do show enough evidence to support that he was an Italian  sailor; he spent the majority of his adulthood in Spain and Portugal, even his Italian name Cristoforo Colombo” is surrounded in doubt as no credible record has been found.  all records show  he went by the name Cristóbal Colón.   If we can honor people changing names, Cassius Clay  Muhammad Ali  and Prince became Prince logo.svg  then we can call Columbus  by his real name Cristóbal Colón.

His discoveries- Cristóbal Colón  discovered  most of the Caribbean and South America.  that is to say he was the first  “EUROPEAN” (Leiv Eiriksson  would have something to say about that)


If we are so fixated in having a European (the indigenous people of the Americas would have something to say about that  as well as Leiv Eiriksson) then let’s give credit to an exceptional Italian  Explorer Amerigo Vespucci.  he intelligently explained that the landmasses  discovered where continents previously unknown to Europeans.  His expedition was to catalog coastlines and native people. Whether he engaged in some of the barbarism Europeans were known for is not clear but certainly his expedition was about discovery not his own self glory.

 Does all this matter? I think it does, this information has been widely known outside of the US well into the early part of the last century but us Americans we are well-known for having our  heads up  our asses.    Wouldn’t it be nice  if our education system Stopped being a lot like the Texas Board of Education?

 But  who am I to piss on Teapublicans Cheerios? so,

Happy Cristóbal Colón Day!


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    Sucky AT&T same ol’ same ol’, but at least it’s back.

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    I checked my area for a gov’t. shutdown protest rally. There’s one at noon in Chicago on Thursday. This is so cool. I can take the train into Chicago. Something I’ve been meaning to do before I leave Milwaukee. Excellent!!! My big adventure. Will definitely take and post pictures. How cool is that !!! Living history. I’m so psyched.

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    Nico Muhly ~ Mothertongue Pt. 1: Archive

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