Happy Birthday Cpad And Fiona!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just who is this  C pad person you may ask– let’s find out with the help of my automated system.

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Before anyone asks, all the images are from  pad things.


FIONA the nurse with the magic touch( come to think of it CPad is also a nurse, things that make you go WTF?) Fiona has a healing touch but her greatest gift is soothing the wild beast Mr.Fi was a nice guy from the start but did you know the story of Angus (the cat?), he was feral as they come. Here is some early footage of their relationship—in the end Fi won and Angus is as tame as a bunny.


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  1. MSII says:

    The Kochs Dirty Secret is Out in Chicago
    What happens in Alberta doesn’t stay in Alberta. Petcoke, the dirty high carbon residue of Canadian tar sands refining, fouled Detroit. Detroit ordered the petcoke piles out. Now petcoke piles are covering south Chicago with black dust laced with toxic vanadium. Petcoke, the tar sands residue that is worse for the climate than burning coal, has been piled up near midwest refineries awaiting export to countries that allow it to be burned. Because it’s a waste product of oil refining the Kochs sell it for prices cheaper than coal to poor nations willing the accept pollution as a trade off for cheap energy.
    (I find myself forever asking why some true patriot hasn’t “eliminated” these evil-bastards)

  2. termgirl says:

    FreedomWorks CEO:
    “A real possibility that the GOP splits in two.”
    (Well, I think that sounds like a SWELL idea.)

  3. Drive-by “Hello” and see you later. Stuffs to do.

    I still say the tea needs more stevia…

  4. waverly says:

    In case not everyone has seen this, here is the final vote to reopen the gov’t. It will be my next labor of love to register republican for the 2014 primaries and work toward eliminating as many of the 144 who voted against as I can from this list.

  5. BassFace says:

    Anyone notice the resemblance Ted Cruz has with German actor Karl-Maria Alberty..?
    Makes you wonder… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Csv1wXOr5tY

    “Zis Obamacare isn’t to fall into ze hands of ze American people!”

  6. plutocrats says:

    Man, that cat in the video is pissed! I guess I would be too if someone dropped a fresh one in my litter box. http://i600.photobucket.com/albums/tt82/ROCSoundMan/HCG/want_karate_cat.jpg

  7. Jacko latent says:

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