Congratulations Boston Red Sox-2013 World Champs


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  1. Caller no. 8 says:

    Katrina & The Waves ~ Maniac House

  2. captainpoco says:

    off to work, ciao

  3. Caller no. 8 says:

    Gorillaz ~ Dracula

  4. captainpoco says:–0RzA&hd=1 Iron Maiden – Murders In The Rue Morgue

  5. majorwiblit says:

    Good Morning!!,,,and Happy Halloween to One and All!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    THE MONSTER MASH ~ Bobby “Boris” Pickett & The Crypt Kickers .

  6. majorwiblit says:

    Redbone – The Witch Queen Of New Orleans .

  7. majorwiblit says:

    RACHEL MADDOW 10/31/13
    Harry Reid on standing up to Republicans

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid talks with Rachel Maddow about the recent showdown with Republicans over the federal government shutdown.
    watch video,,,about 9 mins;

  8. majorwiblit says:

    Truthdig / By Chris Hedges
    Is There a Revolution Coming? Americans Finally Realize Global Capitalism Is a Murderous Sham
    Popular revulsion for the ruling elite is nearly universal. Are we going to see an uprising?

    “It is a battle the corporate state is steadily losing. An increasing number of Americans are getting it. They know that we have been stripped of political power. They recognize that we have been shorn of our most basic and cherished civil liberties, and live under the gaze of the most intrusive security and surveillance apparatus in human history”

  9. majorwiblit says:

    AlterNet / By P. Scott Russell

    25 Facts Right-Wingers Desperately Want Us to Forget
    There’s a word for willful ignorance: Ultracrepidarianism.

    How quickly facts are forgotten—or drowned out—in today’s political echo chambers. There’s a word for this fact-averse facet of the current political landscape. “Ultracrepidarianism” is the habit of giving opinions on matters outside one’s knowledge. Stephen Colbert’s satires on “Truthiness” illustrate the rising tide of crepidarianism driven by a toxic blend of mixed-up facts and opinions from today’s propagandists.
    ~~ul·tra·crep·i·dar·i·an [uhl-truh-krep-i-dair-ee-uhn]
    noting or pertaining to a person who criticizes, judges, or gives advice outside the area of his or her expertise: The play provides a classic, simplistic portrayal of an ultracrepidarian mother-in-law.
    an ultracrepidarian person.
    Wow!,,,new word for me!! 😆

  10. majorwiblit says:

    Warren Zevon – Werewolves Of London – Live .

  11. majorwiblit says:

    Williams & Carlin on Golf .

  12. majorwiblit says:


  13. termgirl says:

    Happy Halloween, Realm.

    I’m about to leave for work, but wanted to share this article.
    “What FDR would say about Obamacare’s botched launch”
    (Re: the WPA. My great-grandfather was a skilled carpenter, but work was nearly non-existent in the depression era South, and he went to work for the WPA. That “socialism” helped my family survive. Sorry, to get so serious this early in the morning. Have a great day, everyone.),0,677153.story#axzz2jJBy1mTC .


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