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  1. majorwiblit says:

    R. Carlos Nakai – Kokopelli Wind ( Canyon Trilogy ) .

  2. majorwiblit says:

    Spanky & Our Gang – “Sunday Will Never Be The Same” .

  3. majorwiblit says:

    You Will Be Shocked at How Ignorant Americans Really Are
    What Americans don’t know and don’t understand is quite an obstacle to progress.
    AlterNet / By Marty Kaplan

    If you think the widening chasm between the rich and the rest spells trouble for American democracy, have a look at the growing gulf between the information-rich and-poor.
    read more;

    • coppernicus says:

      I’ll take solace in the bit about about our self segregation into news ghettos is a myth.

    • coppernicus says:

      The one part I don’t like about it is it really doesn’t address readers of the news. I don’t watch any news, except for clips online. But I read read at least an hour a day online, no where near the 90 seconds.

  4. majorwiblit says:

    AlterNet / By Janet Allon
    Lies, Nonsense and Totally Off-the-Wall Behavior — 10 Doozies from the Nutty Right Wing This Week
    Atheists can’t serve the hungry and the devil has been very, very busy.
    Some really crazy things came out of the mouths of the frothing right wing this week —
    read more;

  5. majorwiblit says:

    Life under austerity
    For more than a hundred years, coal anchored families to the mountain hollows of eastern Kentucky. But a dying mining industry, and government austerity, has left folks chasing any rumor, any scrap, any whiff of a job that’s still to be had.
    Slide Show ;

    • waverly says:

      This austerity bullshit is really hurting our entire country right now, especially by limiting job growth.

  6. majorwiblit says:

    Carole King – So Far Away .

  7. majorwiblit says:

    Carole King- It’s too late .

  8. waverly says:

    Good morning Major !!! How’s everything out your way this morning?

  9. majorwiblit says:

    Steely Dan – Deacon Blues .

  10. waverly says:

    The Who – Going Mobile

  11. waverly says:

    Donald Fagen – Florida Room

  12. waverly says:

    Flying Monkey Orchestra – Back In The Pool

  13. waverly says:

    Pat Metheny Group – Imaginary Day – a story within the story

  14. termgirl says:

    The vetting process for Romney’s VP choice, was done in code, out of fear of Chinese hackers.
    Known as “Project Goldfish.” Each of the potential candidates were given an aquatic codename.
    This article gives some really fascinating insight into
    Christie aka “Pufferfish.”
    “The Hunt for Pufferfish” .

  15. waverly says:

    Didn’t Romney call him blowfish ? Same thing I guess.

    Hi there TG, How are you this fine Sunday morning ?

  16. waverly says:

    Steve Khan, Rob Mounsey – Local Color – Gondolas

  17. Haruko Haruhara says:

    Rand Paul challenges Rachel Maddow to a duel?

  18. waverly says:

    Why, why, why did I have to look. Oh cheese an’ crackers, I had to go to the otherplace and post on that damn thread. Now I need to go pick up another white chip. 😐

    • waverly says:

      Hey my post came up in under 30 minutes. That’s new. Will wonders never cease.

      • Lizard Island says:

        It is a bit wonky. I had one post almost immediately but it seems that responses to other people’s posts take forever.

        • waverly says:

          Hi there Orcas, Well prior to this I think I was on some mandatory goto pend list. And usually I wouldn’t see my comments until the next day. Maybe because I was away for so long they stopped flagging me.

          • RF Dude says:

            Saw your post, Waverly – niiiiiccce!!

            I don’t know about white-chips, but if it’s related to visits Over There I probably have a cargo-container full of them by now…

            Mebbe I can build a shed (or a condo)

            • waverly says:

              Hi RF, thanks for the compliment.
              The white chip (used in most 12 step programs) represents the first marker on one’s road to recovering from an addiction. Several weeks back I swore off HP, but as you have just observed, I relapsed back into my addiction. These things happen 🙂

  19. MSII says:

    Image of the Day: Patrick Stewart’s delicious Halloween lobster dish
    alittle late, but had to show it.

  20. termgirl says:

    Oh, my goodness.
    “World’s Biggest Jellyfish” .

    • Lizard Island says:

      hmmm..first comment is that it is probably a hoax.

      • termgirl says:

        It probably is.
        ” The largest recorded specimen (Lion’s mane) found washed up on the shore of Massachusetts Bay in 1870, had a bell (body) with a diameter of 7 feet 6 inches (2.29 m) and tentacles 120 ft….” (I wouldn’t want to encounter a jellyfish of that size.)

  21. termgirl says:

    “The state’s energy regulator, the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC), is expected to begin hearings on the net-metering proposal in November. Four of the five commissioners are members of ALEC, the group backed by fossil fuel interests, major corporations and the ultra-conservative Koch brothers. In 2012, ALEC dedicated its efforts to dismantling renewable energy laws around the country and though they failed completely in that effort, leaked documents from their recent annual meeting indicates they have no intention of backing down from the fight against clean energy.”
    (My disgust with ALEC and the Koch brothers knows no bounds.)

    “In Heated Arizona Solar Battle, Top Regulators Tied To ALEC” .

    • MSII says:

      They need to be ELIMINATED! that is alec, and the kochs, not clean energy. I find myself more and more in favor of assassination and domestic terrorism if it’s against these SCUM.

  22. captainpoco says:


  23. Haruko Haruhara says:

    I take this as good news. Opening weekend, Ender’s Game makes $28 million; the film cost more than $110 million to make and generally, most movies earn 30- to 40-percent of their box office during the opening weekend. So “Ender” is going to struggle to break even … and hopefully that’s the first and last time Hollywood will buy a story from that homophobe Orson Scott Card.

    Thor made *109 million!* internationally for its opening weekend.

    The Hunger Games sequel is expected to make $180 million for its opening weekend.

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