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  1. waverly says:

    Internal Emails Reveal Warnings HealthCare.gov Wasn’t Ready

    HealthCare.gov could barely function on the day the health insurance marketplace debuted, and internal emails show at least some top health officials could see the failure coming. You can at the committee site. But here are the most dire warnings detailed in the emails between Henry Chao, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services project manager in charge of HealthCare.gov, and other officials:

    – Three months before launch, only 10 developers from contractor CGI Federal were working on a crucial part of the site — the marketplace for choosing plans — and of those, only one was “at a high enough skill level.”

    – Coordination issues between two main contractors — CGI Federal and QSSI. In all, HealthCare.gov has at least 47 different federal contractors involved, but CGI and QSSI won the big contracts for major chunks of the build. It seems QSSI and CGI couldn’t seem to work smoothly together. Today, QSSI is the “lead contractor” in charge of getting everyone on the same page.

    – The only developer who was working on the payment pages for enrollment quit CGI without programming the 10 key user interface pieces of the transaction part. “Needless to say it is in jeopardy,” wrote CMS’ Jeffrey Grant.

    – The part of the system that does monthly payment calculation of insurance plans did not get priority by the contractor, who called it “not an October 1 item.” (The health care insurance website launched Oct. 1.)

    – “Seriously substandard staffing,” is how Grant described its contractor’s people power. The key contractor, CGI, missed deadlines due to “insufficient” programmer resources. A month from testing certain parts of the system, no development work had even started. CGI Federal got at least $93.7 million to build HealthCare.gov.

  2. Pope Francis has to cancel a speaking engagement today because he has a virus.

    When Pope Frances sneezes, does he say, “Bless me?”

  3. The guy who shot the black teenager on his porch in Michigan waited an hour before calling 9-1-1. 👿

  4. USAGramma says:

    Where’d you all go? Did you miss me so much you’re all just staring at your screens waiting for my return?

  5. Joan Jett kicked off the South Dakota Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade because she’s a vegetarian and South Dakota ranchers do not approve:


  6. plutocrats says:

    I’m not a big proponent of the paleo diet, I think it’s a bit silly myself, but this looks frikken good I have to admit. nummy. m/post/56076300574/mango-avocado-salsa-on-pan-seared-salmon

  7. Jack says:

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!NEW PAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    follow the link below


    • waverly says:

      Nice, here I am posting away and you’ve already thrown up a new page. Shheeeeesh. Now I know how BEB feels.

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