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92abe869669365d4c238e4b38104f11eOk. I’m gonna post these items relative to the early August story of the “mommy blogger”, Katie Vyktoriah, aka Kathleen Carpenter, aka Katie Reed, in Florida who claimed she and her son were harassed at a local Wal-Mart, which Huffington Post fostered and fueled the emotional reactions of millions around the globe and how they subsequently pretended they never had a thing to do with it once it was found out she was an inveterate liar and fabricated the story. Their reason, as many of the posters who took her side, even when they realized she lied, was that the CAUSE was the most important thing, that being anti-homphobia, which I, as a parent/ally of a transgender child, totally am on board with, but not at the expense of the truth, which didn’t matter to HP nor quite a few folks who flagged mine and countless others posters who tried to warn HP and our fellow readers/posters that Katie Vyktoriah was a liar and her story was a lie.

 Despite countless posters posting and emailing them HP neither acknowledged their failureto the public in not vetting this woman and her story. Never took us posters seriously when we tried warning them via posts and through countless emails. And never apologized to the public on the front page for misleading them, and by the second week knowingly doing so, promoting a false story to the world allowing other media to take it up as legit based on the fact HP promoted it, and especially did not apologize to its many posters who tried to help them save themselves from humiliation and also help our fellow readers/posters to the real truth of this story.

They also never, despite I and others forwarding the stories from Florida, reported on the fact the woman was taken by police to a mental facility for observation and never reported that they story was a fake because HP didn’t have the guts,integrity and honesty to admit they;’d fucked up big time.

P.S. this was the thing,HP’s reaction to we posters trying to help them, and their subsequent pretending the whole thing never happened, and not making a public apology, that turned me against
To whit, just some things gleaned from the net relative to this story:

Here is the list of “things about her” she once had on her “mommy blog” under the name Katie Viktoriah in which she listed a few true items, many half truths and some really big outright lies/whoppers thatmany of us on HP posted a link to, when the original screen shot was still available on the net, which posts were deleted or not allowed as fast as we could post them. In it as you read perhaps you, too, will realize she’s BSin’ up a storm:

“Katie Vyktoriah: 102 Things You Never Needed to Know About Me”

* as per “The WayBack Machine”,230189,230211 because the original screen shot of her page has been apparently successfully deleted by her. But this is the list as she once had it on her own “A Mother Thing” blog “ ”

101 Facts
My birth name is Kathleen Rebekkah Carpenter.
I was named after my grandmother, so I’m actually Kathleen R Carpenter II.
I hate my name.
I currently hold three legal last names, and 2 separate legal aliases in addition to those.
This makes the mail man very confused, and he has to ask for ID when delivering packages under my different names.
I used to be fat. Like really fat.
I had a Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy in June 2008 and went on to lose lots of weight.
I had the surgery in the Czech Republic. I went by myself. My parents were not pleased.
My first job was cleaning gravel out of my grandpa’s yard and throwing it in the driveway. He paid me $1 a day.
My first REAL job was as a waitress in a diner. My bosses were an old married couple called Flo and Jack.
I went to University to study journalism.
I dropped out of University.
I have never been turned down for a job I applied for – bar once. The manager came to the interview drunk and got confused.
He was a tosser.
I once threw up on my boss.
I quit that job seconds later.
I didn’t like it anyway.
I once worked as a Flight Attendant for a subsidiary of US Airways.
It was a few months after 9/11.
I did it to get over my fear of flying.
It didn’t work.
Two months after I left that job, the flight I used to work crashed and everyone on board died.
Three months later, the same flight crashed again.
I was meant to be in NYC on 9/11, but I cancelled last minute.
I was less than 60 miles from where Flight 93 went down on 9/11.
I have had 4 failed kidnap attempts on me.
Three of them were in the same month.
I have had one successful kidnap attempt on me.
It ended well.
I was supposed to be on the train involved in the Ufton Nervet train crash in 2004.
I missed it.
I was once offered a job as International Business Development Manager for BMW.
I had absolutely no relevant experience for the job.
I turned it down (though I wish I hadn’t).
I took a job as a Marketing Manager (though I had no experience of that either).
I left it after a week.
I have been dying my hair since I was 11.
I honestly have no idea what my natural hair colour is.
I moved to the UK to get married in 2003.
I split with my husband in 2009.
I met my current partner in 2010.
We had a baby in 2011.
My divorce came through only 3 weeks before the baby was born.
I got engaged to my partner when I was 7 months pregnant.
I asked him.
Over pizza.
In our living room.
It was STILL more romantic than the telephone “proposal” my first husband gave me.
We named our son Dexter.
My partner thinks it’s because of the cartoon, Dexter’s Laboratory.
I maintain it’s for the lead singer of The Offspring.
I used to work as a Radio Producer and Voice Over Artist.
It was the only job I ever loved.
I’ve had a lot of jobs.
I found out I was pregnant after two weeks of hard partying in Vegas.
That was a bit scary.
Let’s just say there was a lot of drinking and smoking on that trip. And rollercoasters.
If I could have any job in the world, I’d be a beekeeper.
I like bees.
They may be little harbingers of death, but they are amazing.
I’ve met many celebrities in my time.
Most recently at The Elle Style Awards in London.
I love to cook. LOVE it.
I hate to bake.
I can’t follow a recipe to save my life.
If I could have any job in the world, I’d be an artist.
You know…. in addition to being a beekeeper.
I love to paint.
As long as I’m going for multiple careers, let’s just throw in Novelist. I’d love to write novels.
I have no time to write novels. Or paint. Or keep bees.
I secretly lick my kid’s nose while he’s sleeping to clean out his boogers.
I know it is disgusting, but it’s the only way it gets done!
I MAY also occasionally lick inside of his ears to clean the wax…
I am still good friends with my ex-husband.
And his girlfriend.
I love hummus but hate chickpeas.
I could eat an avocado every day and never get tired of it.
If I had to pick one store to spend all my money in, it would be Oil & Vinegar.
My ex-boyfriend and I had the exact same birthday, which also happened to be the day we met.
His best friend turned out to be a guy whose mother had shared a hospital room with my mother when they were giving birth to us.
I believe in astrology when done properly.
I believe in magic.
I am a full-on Aquarian, and I believe it has shaped the person I am.
My son is a full-on Aquarian, and I am worried he’ll turn out like me.
If it were an option, I would happily take an under-sea train to America rather than fly there.
My biggest fear is dying in a plane crash.
My second biggest fear is dying in an elevator shaft.
My third biggest fear is getting stuck in a chimney.
I’m quite afraid of drowning.
I didn’t learn to swim until I was 19.
I have three tattoos. They are all black ink, no colour.
One of them is the Pearl Jam ”Alive Guy” logo on my left calf. I was advised against getting it because the tattoo artist said that one day I’d get tired of the band and regret the tattoo.
I still love Pearl Jam.
I hate my tattoo.
I hold a special place in my heart for country music.
I love tea, but I hardly ever drink it.
I had to give up drinking Dr Pepper in September 2011 because I was too addicted to it.
I used to be completely anti-smoking. Then I started smoking. Then I got pregnant. Now I am anti-smoking again.
If I could have a superpower, I’d choose the power to read minds. But only when I want to.
If I could have one wish, it would be never to have to bathe again.
So there you are, 102 random things about me that you probably never wanted or needed to know.” – Katie Viktoriah: A Mother Thing

Another posted commentary that goes to the crux of the matter, thatits the truth, not the cause, that matters most, especially to a given cause:

Drunky McCamouflage
08/09/13 20:18
The heading of this “article” is: “Mom’s Pink Headband Attack Story May Have Been A Lie- Does It Matter?”
It says: “Whether or not Kathleen’s story actually happened the way she tells it, or whether she exaggerated some aspects of it, or even if she fabricated it entirely, there is some kind of truth to it that resonated with people. Even if homophobia doesn’t literally reach out and grab our children, we know that everyday people commit acts of cruelty, large and small, often through the Internet, under the mask of anonymity. And maybe Kathleen wanted to put a face to that cruelty, give it a flesh-and-bone body, so we could confront it.”

Well, The Stir, to answer your question YES, IT MATTERS! This is just terrible journalism and none of it sits well with me. I’m wondering how many others will be justifying her lies “for the cause” now that people are becoming more skeptical. I hope so much that we know the absolute truth soon.

A few updates at the time:

“A deputy added that “possible video of the incident may be obtained and viewed to in fact verify that the incident actually did occur or if it was all made up.” – Orlando Sentinel

“UPDATE: HuffPo has removed her post saying “We have also confirmed with investigators that they are in contact with the author.”

UPDATE: She has now been released and told The Ledger that “she doesn’t care whether deputies find proof in the Wal-Mart surveillance footage.” She added “I don’t think it will do any good…I just want it to go away.”” – GOMI

Excerpt from an anonymous poster on a blog:

“Carpenter told deputies, according to the report, “that the attention obtained by her story and the negative comments and communications to her had become too much stress and she could not handle the situation…anymore,” and was thinking of killing herself.”

I’m sorry for harping on this but suicide is something that is a horrific and also not-so-horrific action that has greatly affected me. Tiny back story: 1) Extremely close family member, with children, would state that they would commit suicide or were thinking of suicide whenever someone would “hurt” them. 2) Another extremely close family member committed suicide after a terminal disease caused extreme physical pain.

I know that it is impossible and also many times wrong to try and convince a truly suicidal individual to not commit suicide. Trying to offer help, or calling authorities is sometimes helpful but those who are truly suicidal will mainly fake their way through a hold and end their life when they are released or be successful even during a hold. Sometimes intervention is successful.

With katie however, and yes I know this likely because of my experience: I don’t believe her saying she wanted to kill herself was real. I believe that she was caught. And it spiraled out of control and there was nothing she could do and she panicked and said what she said to hold off the investigation which would prove her lies.

And yes, I do think she was lying. Especially after her “husbands” remark that the CCTV would probably not have anything.

What hurts the most here, is her kids. She used her son for fame. She was found out. People began questioning her. And as she’s obviously unstable she continued to lie and use until she couldn’t…and she did the “I want to kill myself.” No matter how young her kids are, they will find this. They will see this. And they have an unstable mother who is more concerned with her own image and her own fame than she is with them.

This is such a screwed up situation. No one wins here. Her kids were used. The LGBT+ community was used. People have lept to her defense and rallied for her–they are being used. And now, with her psych hold it’s even worse. Because when it’s revealed that she lied, people will probably still rally behind her and state that she needs support because she wanted to kill herself.

Does she need support? Yes, obviously, but it’s her kids that really need it. She’s been using them since they were born. And she’ll most likely use them again and again no matter what support she gets.

She can wipe and delete as much as she wants. If her son doesn’t remember the incident others will. If someone doesn’t ask her son about it at some point? He’ll find it when he’s old enough to Google his name. Her kid will be remembered for this. And unlike “balloon boy” who was a willing(?) participant he wasn’t.”

Final update as of current.She has returned to blogging on various blogs of her own without a single mention of the story above. Here are two of her sites:

Facebook page under the name “Katie Reed”:

“A Mother Thing” under the name of “Katie Vyktoriah”

Just wondering,anyone recall this from August and the big todo on HP?

As always guest post are the property of their respective posters and available here at their request–Jack.

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