The Wednesday Hump!

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What is the Wednesday hump? just a collection of news, Pix, and general oddities that makes you go WTF?! Share what you find on the  Great Al Gore’s Internets.

India: Gold Bars Worth $1M Found in Plane Lavatory:

Cleaners found a stash of 24 gold bars worth more than $1.1 million hidden in an airplane lavatory after a flight from Bangkok arrived in eastern India, officials said Wednesday

Cops: Pa. Man Stole Backhoe, Drove Miles to Philly

 A Pennsylvania man has been jailed on charges he stole a $125,000 backhoe from a suburban construction site then drove it about 30 miles to a scrapyard in Philadelphia where he intended to sell it
Cat runs for office in Russia

BublikJumping on the political bandwagon, a cat in Russia followed the example of a fellow Virginia-based feline to launch a political career, aiming for a seat in the legislature of the country’s fourth-biggest city.
Woman charged with severing husband’s penis

A California woman has been arrested after authorities said she cut off her husband’s penis with a kitchen knife and ground it up in a garbage disposal.

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  1. majorwiblit says:

    81 Fans
    Good Morning,,,still morning on the East Coast..
    Looking at the Homepage,,I see (on all stories),that the click count is
    most definitely down,,,reading a few stories and looking at the threads I
    don’t see that same good people I always saw, almost every morning.
    People saying Good Morning,,commenting,,talking about there lives,etc,etc
    You know,,,a community,,,the community of people that would come here
    almost every day,,to talk Politics, or whatever was going on in the world.
    The community of people that “You” have built up over the years.
    I don’t know if they are gone?,,or if they were “gotten rid of” for some
    reason or another,,or have just chosen not to come here anymore??
    I see a lot of familiar faces on this thread,,both fans and friends of mine
    and yet,,not many on the others.
    It seems you have put a lot of thought and effort and $$ into this new
    format,,and yet,,nobody seems to like it,( for various reasons,,and different ones
    for everyone )
    I sure would like to see the old format come back,,along with my friends and fans,,
    but I truly believe that is not going to happen.
    And that,,makes me sad,,for what once was a “Community”,,has gone away.
    “It is what it is”,,,and when the dust clears,,,well,,we shall see
    I sorry,,I tend to ramble on,,,but that’s just me.
    Have a great day everyone!
    Due to the potentially sensitive nature of this article, your comment may take longer to appear publicly.
    Posted over on the “Whatever the Fk’ that is” thread,,,11:00,,11/21/2013

  2. waverly says:

    What’s HP’s lead story this morning you ask (ok, well maybe you didn’t ask, but I’m gonna tell ya anyway)
    Or as Bush would say “Nucular”

  3. USAGramma says:

    Hey, Jack, it’s Thursday now. HOBO!

  4. majorwiblit says:

    OK,,really got to run,,
    If you see Slacker Jax, 😆 ,,tell him will try to be back later

  5. Fluffed says:

    Hi Gram and Waverly! It’s Thursday and we’re still humping? I’m tired. 😛

  6. Fluffed says:

    I fricking hate you, Word Press! 👿

  7. majorwiblit says:

    Senate Passes New Filibuster Rules… McConnell: ‘You Will Regret This’…
    WASHINGTON — Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) pulled the trigger Thursday, deploying a parliamentary procedure dubbed the “nuclear option” to change Senate rules to pass most executive and judicial nominees by a simple majority vote.
    Just a fly by,,,,,out again

  8. fluffjo says:

    Jack has blocked me! Naughty Jack!!

  9. fluffjo says:

    Good morning Gram and Waverly! It’s Thursday and we’re still humping? I’m tired. 😛

  10. waverly says:


    Martha & The Vandellas – “Dancing In The Street”

  11. waverly says:

    “It’s a sad day in the history of the Senate,” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell told reporters, calling the move a Democratic “power grab.”

    Ah, blow it out yer bung-hole Mitch, you obstructionist SOB.

  12. algebrapalin says:

    ‘arianna huffington discusses online newspaper’s success.’
    troll bait.

  13. waverly says:

    Three Dog Night – Celebrate

  14. waverly says:

    Let’s Get This Party Started – P!nk

  15. waverly says:

    Kool and the Gang-Celebration

  16. Jack says:

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!NEW PAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    follow the link below

  17. algebrapalin says:

    george zimmerman isn’t allowed to have guns anymore.
    his penis has basically been cut off.

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