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  1. Jack says:

    Where did that kiwi go? I didn’t even get to ban her.

  2. Darth Pluto says:

    Never underestimate the power of BACON

  3. nebdem says:

    Greetings!! I hope all is well? On my end of this grand deal I’m getting clobbered in my Fantasy Football match-up this week. The person I’m facing is set to score the highest amount of points ever in the league, and more likely will also have the largest margin of victory ever in our league. It hurts, but the good thing is that next week the Playoffs begin, thankfully this didn’t happen next week.

    • Haruko Haruhara says:

      You need to hire a guy to kneecap him!

      • nebdem says:

        It is insane, Haruko. Two of his three WR’s have scored over 100 points, ( Josh Gibson and Alshon Jeffrey ) It could have been worse! He didn’t play Eric Decker who right now has around 80 points. Oh, he also has Peyton Manning and Reggie Bush.

        • USAGramma says:

          Just so you know, Aaron Rodgers WILL play again!

          • nebdem says:

            It sucks that he got hurt. It looks doubtful that he will return this year. It would be nice to have him back, but I think they should take it slow since they’re almost out of the Playoff race.

            • USAGramma says:

              We’re kinda screwed with injuries overall this season. But last I heard, he practiced last week and was expected to return. The break was on the non-throwing arm side.

              • nebdem says:

                Tough season for the Pack. They were dropping like flies throughout the middle of the season. Hopefully Rodgers can get back into action before the season closes. But if not at least he will not need to risk re-injury. They should work on staying healthy and trying to pull an upset on one of the teams they play near the end.

                • USAGramma says:

                  Agreed. We have no chance at glory this year; I’d rather have him heal completely and take it all next year.

                • nebdem says:

                  I agree. It would be good if they can get out of the season healthy from here on. They will be back next year, they have a strong running game now which will make them very tough to beat when they are all healthy.

                • USAGramma says:

                  Superbowl champions (again) 2014!!!

    • Jack says:

      I can say without reservation that I know even less of fantasy football than the real thing. Salutations son of Mogh.

      • nebdem says:

        Greetings, Jack!! It is a fun game to do with friends. If you don’t really know that much about football, one season of being in a league will teach you practically everything you need to know about the sport. How is your day going? Also will you be on for much longer? I would like to chat with you.

        • Jack says:

          Soon it will be wife time so let’s do it now.

        • Haruko Haruhara says:

          It seems so counter-intuitive to me because you’re cheering for individual players, and not for teams.

          • nebdem says:

            In some ways that is true. But it does offer an insight into each team, it makes you follow every teams offense and that helps you figure out who is playing better and what teams do to win games, how they call certain plays, certain formations. A little more in-depth, but it does take sometimes away from the enjoyment of watching a game because people are concerned about the success of their players.

    • BassFace says:

      Q’Plah! Jags win again!! Only their 2nd this year, so…

      • BassFace says:

        Correction… their THIRD! 🙂
        (forgot they also beat Houston last weekend)…

        • BassFace says:

          And they play Houston again next Sunday @Everbank. And I have tix! 😛

        • nebdem says:

          Ace Sanders is developing really well since Justin Blackmon was suspended. Cecil Shorts III is a great receiver, it was good to see him grab that clutch touchdown at the end to win. MJD is slowly getting his Mojo back.

          • BassFace says:

            Sanders is definitely a huge improvement… we needed a receiver like him! Blackmon was OK, but he was also inconsistent, and of course the baggage he carries with him…

            Henne was good today, but Henne is also Henne! I don’t think we’ll see much of BLAINE anymore. Jags will likely have a top pick in next year’s draft, they need to get a good QB and send Gabbert on his way…

            • nebdem says:

              I agree. I think Blaine’s days are over. I hope they can get a good QB out of the Draft.

              • BassFace says:

                And – unfortunately – It wasn’t all Blaine’s fault, either. He got thrown into the fire by Del Rio as a rookie with a terrible offensive-line and was chewed to pieces right from the get-go. Blaine needs to go to a team where he can study with a master (Brady, Brees, either Manning) if he wants to salvage his career. Sad to see…

                • nebdem says:

                  I agree, but at the time all of those rookie QB’s were playing well in the transition from College to Pro, but he needed more help, MJD being out his rookie season really hampered his initial growth.

              • BassFace says:

                (cont)… And I probably could put too much blame on Del Rio either (though he gets a large share of it)… a lot can be pinned on the sizable chuck of Jags-fans completely stupid-as-fuck in their cries for “TEBOW… TEBOW…” 🙄

      • nebdem says:

        Greetings, BassFace!! Big win for the Jags. They started out horrible this year, lets just hope they can gel and play well to close it out.

        • BassFace says:

          The defense was outstanding today! 3 turnovers!! Chad Henne wasn’t too bad either with 2 TD passes to Cecil Shorts III, and another TD on a option-play to MJD who pooch-passed to Mercedes Lewis after an Browns INT..

  4. termgirlt says:

    Good evening, Realm.
    As much as I complain about the weather here,
    I have to say….. today was glorious.
    I’ve never seen the sky so blue.
    I even did a little clean-up work in my yard. I enjoyed it.
    I had a week for the ages in fantasy football, and it’s not over yet. So life is good.
    HH….. I still root for the Packers, even when it adversely affects my fantasy team.

  5. nebdem says:

    Darn, brb in a bit.

    • termgirl says:

      Hurry back, neb.

      • nebdem says:

        Are you still here? I read you had a stellar week!! I’m on the opposite end this week, Oh I’m getting destroyed, highest total score and largest margin of defeat is being laid on me tonight. It still ain’t over. They still have Andre Brown and Pierre Garcon. They have Peyton, Alshon Jeffrey, Josh Gibson, Reggie Bush, they have Eric Decker but they sat him, oh! It would have been really bad if they played him.

  6. BassFace says:

    Jags so far have had all of their recent successes (what few there may be, granted) on the road (coincidence, Haruko? 😉 )… can this finally translate next Sunday to a win at “home”?

    Or is London calling? :mrgreen:
    I don’t think L.A. gives a hot shit anymore for hosting any NFL-franchise much less the Jags. It’s the league head-honchos with $$$$ in their heads who desperately want to see another NFL team in SoCal. Am I wrong?

  7. termgirl says:

    Man… WordPress is really slow.
    Anyone else having issues?

  8. Darth Pluto says:

    Greenpeace ad: The dark side of Volkswagen

    • USAGramma says:

      I didn’t know about their emissions resistance–thanks for sharing! Stomp them beetle-bugs, Greenpeace! (crunch-crunch)

  9. Darth Pluto says:

    I was thinking about Billoney today, I miss that guy. I was watching the boob tube and Monty Python’s ministry of silly walks was on and I’m thinking; “Hey, it’s Billoney!”.

    I was even watching Star Trek TNG and neb was there. Funny how avatars work.

  10. FOUR EYES says:

    HiYa, Realmees! I’m just jumpin’ right in all over..S33 you around! :4EYES.wave: ….8-)

  11. USAGramma says:

    I’m going nighty-night, dear Realmsters. Special thanks to RF Dude and Waverly. See you all tomorrow!

  12. Caller no. 8 says:

    Hi guys. I just found out my daughter has a Tumblr. I’m such a proud dad.

  13. Jack says:

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