Arianna’s Roots Are Showing


For years people have been giving  Arianna Huffington the benefit of a doubt as to her true political ideology. I  have for the same amount of time  have been calling  her out as the undercover REPUBLICAN she is. As of today I think my case is a little bit stronger. Today the Huffington Post  sprung its latest dirty tactic to  * wink,wink* curb  troll comments, in fact it’s just the final nail on poster anonymity,  they are FORCING the community to verify their HP account via Facebook if WE want to post a comment.

The truth is that this is just a way for HP to make money. This is a dangerous trend as it will force you to reveal you ID to HP. The first thing it tells you  sing-up for this process is that your friends and profile will be made available to HP.

If these are the actions of  are that of a Progressive /Liberal site of that of it’s founder than YOU are better off posting On BreitbartTV,  the RIGHT-WINGNUT, late co-founder of the Huffington Post. Ironic that their right wing sewer does not ask you to give up anonymity.


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610 Responses to Arianna’s Roots Are Showing

  1. gmb007 says:

    Play HP HELL-VERSE v.2013!!!

    —> Hand over your cell phone#, FB profile, friends, contacts, interests, etc. – all for the snowball’s-chance to post an HP comment that will be:

    #1 Instantly zapped by The Huffinator due to uppity, subversive content and/or 100% truth or…just because.

    #2 Dropped down the Permanent CyberPending chute.

    #3 Posted three days later at the very bottom of Endless Scroll Hell, never to be seen by human eyes.

    #4 Posted but then arbitrarily scrubbed into oblivion after accruing 602 favs and 300 replies…all because one Bagger got his feelers hurt and flagged it.

    #5 Occasionally bump into your “friends” totally by freaking accident because you can no longer ever find them or their comments to engage in an “engaging” “conversation” on the tricked-out “Conversation Carousel Rat Maze”.

    Wow! What a deal! Sign me up!!!


    Hand over your personal data and geo-location so we can fuck you over any way we see fit.

    Friends, as of today in HP history, we really have lost NOTHING.

  2. gmb007 says:

    Damnation, I so miss the FAV button! I keep wanting to fav posts here!

    Aww, Jack, ain’t there a way to add a fav button? 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    So….Um…….is this where the cool people are now?

    Can I play?

  4. the1dood says:

    How the fuck does this work goddammnit!

  5. Nonconformancer says:

    Like rats from a sinking ship we leave, if only to maintain or own anonymity. Thankfully, there are other ships nearby on which to seek refuge. I will not be using HP again.

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