Live Stream: Nelson Mandela Memorial

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  1. majorwiblit says:


  2. Bebe says:

    We helped them to build up the way there were.
    Now greed sets in and I call it a self destructive site where they eat their own…ugh…

    • Ricki Lee says:

      Absolutely! I guess Aribannya decided to come out of her Con Closet!

    • waverly says:

      It’s just like a corporate raid. We are the assets, and they are selling us off to make money. This does not bode well for HP in the long term. But something tells me this was AOL’s plan all along.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi, all.
    There are a number of posters with two or three fans praising the new HP “system.”
    Yeah…… I’m sure those are their actual names.

    See ya later, guys.

  4. BreitFart’s Revenge – they managed to kill the most vibrant liberal community online. Wonder how much the Kochs plowed into getting this accomplished…

  5. Caller no. 8 says:

    I find it darkly amusing that their headline screams V-DAY. V for verification of identity.

  6. BlueEyedBull says:

    I’m down 20 friends and counting.

  7. Haruko Haruhara says:

    The Mandela funeral story has a whopping 300 comments.

  8. Darth Pluto says:

    So the rumor was true after all, huffy finally went through with order 66–the purge. I guess that means they’ve been lying to us all along. but, but, they wouldn’t do a thing like that now would they?

  9. Caller no. 8 says:

    Of course, we could simply write a letter and identify each other.

    • RF Dude says:

      I am really General Zod – this fakey nice-guy thing is my ploy to take over the World!!


      (Paid for by the Zod for Supreme Earth Leader 2014, a PAC funded by Big Brother Koch and Little Brother Koch. “Zod – Kneel before Him!” .)

  10. Haruko Haruhara says:

    Oh, well. It’s a new beginning.

  11. RF Dude says:

    @Tim McDonald: Get a clue, dude…

    2 Fans
    . I refuse to do facebook.

    . General-I-Zation
    . 258 Fans · Generalizer generalizing general generalities.
    . Smart move.

    . Tim Mcdonald (hp_blogger_Tim Mcdonald)
    . Political Pundit · 839 Fans · Director of Community – The Huffington Post
    . Thank you General.

  12. algebrapalin says:

    look at the front page.
    i dunno if the comment number means anything, but HP seriously fucked up.

    • RF Dude says:

      The comment numbers dropped dramatically when they rolled-out the new format. Now that they have effectively banned a large part of their commenting population all they help left will be the corporate-account Trolls.

      I have suspected for a long time that HP has been selling blocks of socks with ‘special’ posting capabilities that bypass the moderation. I think all they will have left on that site are the worthless trolls with their talking points, pre-‘verified’ to fake FB accounts (if that is even necessary for them).

      HP sells everything, it has always been about the $$ and not about the community that formed there.

  13. Bebe says:

    Oh my word…this was another one to me I posted above…
    Now the Name is showing Up !!!!

    Harold Callahan (Peppers_Dad)
    1,182 Fans·My GR’s are just like me, except they’re innocent.
    Not new posters. Other posters. We had our time, now it’s time for a new generation.
    10 DEC 11:01 AM

  14. Darth Pluto says:

    And they called me a conspiracy theorist… Is there anyone left who believes that they were acting in good faith? A few seemed to be holding out on that vain hope. not anymore I suspect.

    • USAGramma says:

      I was one. I really thought when they said they understood my security concerns and I didn’t have to worry about it that it was a done deal. Now I’m just keeping my account open to watch my fan count drop like a brick.

      • Darth Pluto says:

        They lied to you gramma, to all of us, they only sought to postpone the inevitable purge so they didn’t have a mass exodus, they let it trickle out slowly over months. It will be interesting to see what happens now.

  15. USAGramma says:

    I’m down 15 fans today.

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  17. gmb007 says:


    FUCK HP.

    I’m so pissed off I can barely think.

  18. gmb007 says:

    FB/HP wants your mobile number (that’s the actual “verification”) because GPS tracks the location of your phone – and YOU.

    Makes life SO easy for NSA and LEO to snatch your ass if your stray off the Approved Comments Reservation with an unapproved, subversive, “terroristic” post.

    Remember – AOL is one of NSA’s “source partners”.

    Welcome to HuffHell.

  19. gmb007 says:

    “So, I went to verify, and got this message: “The Huffington Post will receive the following info: your public profile, friend list, email address, News Feed, birthday, interests, current city, personal description and likes.”

    Do you really need all this, HuffPost? What are you going to do with it? …”
    – Mary N (fallenarches)

  20. gmb007 says:

    HP is being overrun with slavering, obedient, docile lemmings.

  21. gmb007 says:

    AMAZING how all these (new) anti-anonymity fans all of a sudden sprouted out of the woodwork and can’t praise HP enough!

    More like fake-account, pro-HP provocateurs.

    HP has morphed into the Online 1984.

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