AOLanna’s Friday the 13th

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  1. fi says:

    We have not had a disco night for a long time!

  2. RF Dude says:

    USW and others on the Poynter thread are reporting that users can no longer delete profiles @ the Poo.

    Can anybody verify whether the Red Button is still in your Profile>Settings options?

    If true, then they have locked the exit doors – the outflow on Tuesday and Wednesday must have been staggering!

  3. gmb007 says:

    The optional/stupid HP “Badges” program to connect HP accounts to FB was a total, ridiculous bust (proof that even most sheep aren’t that stupid) so they eventually discovered a way to FORCE everyone into The FB ID Program – “TROLL INVASION!!!”.

    Greed kills everything.

    • algebrapalin says:

      so that’s why my badges never showed up: i didn’t link my fb account.
      *smacking my forehead*.

      • lol Hiya! Are you a new convert?

      • RF Dude says:

        Something always told me to avoid the FB link thing. I never use FB to sign into anything – again, my online-paranoia whispering to me…

        I also never cache passwords, have to drag out my little book each time I sign into anything, and never use the same PW for any two sites – all are unique.

        Not that I’m immune from mischief – but unfortunately the door-lock analogy applies. You don’t need the ~best~ door lock on your house, just better than the rest of your neighbors…

        • algebrapalin says:

          i didn’t even KNOW they were linking fb before this.
          since about 2011, i’ve only signed into huffpo about five times.

          • RF Dude says:

            It’s all those ‘Like’ buttons cluttering every story – I’ve never pushed a single one, fearing that somehow it would link my FB to my HP (I think it does, at least through the story link) and cross-contaminate the two spheres.

            But I’m just soooooo retro on these things, not ‘Liking’ to FB and everything else (I do click the WP ‘Like’ button here once in a while because it doesn’t link to different platforms – what happens in WP stays in WP and that seems kinda OK to me…)

            • algebrapalin says:

              see, i didn’t even notice those ‘Like’ buttons.
              i would just open up Huffypo, read a headline, click, read three sentences of an article and jump down to the comments.

              • RF Dude says:

                Yep – always good to verify what the story was about and not depend on the headline to have anything to do with the actual article 😉

        • Haruko Haruhara says:

          I don’t know how, but I can function on FB without giving them a phone number.

          • RF Dude says:

            I think you can still set up a FB account, but to get it ‘verified’ you must provide the phone #. I haven’t tried it lately, but when I was asked for a phone number I either left it blank or put in a random number with a bogus area code.

            To ‘verify’ FB must send you a text code that you type in – pure BS to me, I don’t care if anybody believes I’m who I am or not (and nobody else seems to care either 8-S )

      • gmb007 says:

        Exactly! I never “connected” to FB or Twitter so I was also a Badge Pariah! LOL
        (One also never had the chance, as said pariah, to ever become a Pundit, no matter how smashing your comments were.)

  4. gmb007 says:

    FIVE GOLD STARS. Outstanding article delves into the dark, unexplored underbelly of online “sharing” and privacy.

    The issues raised fling open HP/FB Pandora’s Box.

    “With ‘frictionless sharing,’ Facebook and news orgs push boundaries of online privacy”

  5. Darth Pluto says:

    Ice Cube, Kevin Hart, and Conan Share A Lyft Car

    Hilarity ensues.

    • Darth Pluto says:

      ♩ ♬They stab it with their steely one-liners…. but they just can’t kill the beast♪ ♫

  6. Darth Pluto says:

    Living Colour ~ Cult Of Personality

  7. gmb007 says:

    “They trust me — dumb fucks.” – MARK ZUCKERBERG

    Mark Zuckerberg admits in a New Yorker profile that he mocked early Facebook users for trusting him with their personal information.

    Facebook CEO Admits To Calling Users ‘Dumb Fucks’ September 2010

    Frau Arianna just handed over the keys to Nazington Reich-Post to Herr Zuckerberg.

  8. I deleted my Facebook account years ago.
    I could have attached to my dog’s account. I didn’t make him give his up. But alas, old Dusty never got around to getting a cell phone, so SCREW HP

  9. Haruko Haruhara says:

    Test! This is just a test of the Haruko commenting network.

  10. Well kids spoke to a webmaster, been looking for one for months, and I think this guy was a good idea of what I want. But don’t count on a new site or improve realm until the new year.

  11. Lesse if WordPress let’s me log back in.

  12. fi says:

    Beddy-byes time folks, tired girl here.
    Good night all, have a good evening!

  13. Lizard Island says:

    More dinner guests tonight! Ackkkk!

  14. gmb007 says:

    “He gave his phone # on Twitter! 312-970-0846″
    ~ USAGramma

    I’m gonna use his phone number to verify my FB account! (NOT)

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  16. gmb007 says:

    Huffington Post Union of Bloggers

  17. gmb007 says:

    Comments on News Stories

    Various issues and fixes around the web.
    With links to Readings and Resources.

  18. gmb007 says:

    How many HuffPosters who’ve “applied” for anonymity do you think have been approved?

    My guess is ZERO. LOL

    (To top it all off, HP then still has your FB page/info! Aren’t they clever?)

  19. gmb007 says:

    Based on its 2012 income of US$5.1 billion, Facebook joined the Fortune 500 list for the first time on the list published in May 2013, being placed at position 462.
    – wikipedia

    HP-FB, Inc. Global Empire, Est. 2013.

    Hey, Arianna wants some of that gravy.

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