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  1. trumbull desi says:

    It’s official … there’s a website for everything. This is an interesting one on the state of health of every president. Fun to peruse.

  2. forpeace says:

    Hello everyone, of course if anyone is here!!

    Something weird happened today.

    I just went to All-len-All to say hello to friends, surprisingly I got the message that I had to open an account in order to post comments!!!!!

    I used to post there once in a while as a GUEST, after what happened with HP …… now this?

    • fi says:

      Hi FP, I guess they are all jumping on the FB bandwagon, they obviously think there is money to be made, that may be so, but not on my back!

    • Bebe says:

      Dearest forpeace…yesterday I tried so did TD…it says I am not allowed to go in there , obviously a glitch..

      But with my email mess last time I don`t feel comfortable going in there.
      It is a new site after all and I am not comfy posting there at all.
      Also i can not run around all over the net.

      • forpeace says:

        I hear you, BB.

        After my email crashed and loss of all my data, I do NOT want to sign up there, NEVER.

        I would like to post as a GUEST just to say hello to old friends, that’s all.

        Sadly, HP aka Foxington Post was the ONLY place I had an account with, and I have no intention of being all over the net either.

    • trumbull desi says:

      WordPress is the only thing you need. Yesterday they were having serious technical issues.

    • Ricki Lee says:

      Hi, forpeace. There was a system wide outage with Disqus yesterday, which lasted most of the day, and that might have something to do with it.

  3. forpeace says:

    This is a very interesting article:

    Updated April 23, 2012 2:45 p.m. ET

    Facebook Buys AOL Patents From Microsoft for $550 Million

    • waverly says:

      Hi there Forpeace, thanks for the link. This is just another telltale sign that FB will eventually acquire HP/AOL.

      • forpeace says:

        Hello, waverly, there are several articles dated in 2012 in regards to AOL and FB deals.
        Something we did not pay attention to before, simply because HP was lying to us all along!!

        • waverly says:

          That is the truth. It’s all becoming very clear to everyone now.

          • forpeace says:

            Yes, I’m very disappointed at how they treated the long time users who kept their site going on for 7-8 years!!! 😦

            Their loss, not mine.

        • waverly says:

          Here is an interesting link from Four3y3s to an article describing the real Arianna, She sounds about as cut-throat as they come I’d say:

          • forpeace says:

            I never paid attention to Arianna, I never believed anything she has said.
            I was never able to post even ONE comment on her own threads NEVER, not even once in the past 7 years I’ve been on HP ……….. they never published my comments to her.

            • waverly says:

              This article was very eye-opening. It seems from her past behavior the HP community was just a tool she used to climb the corporate ladder of success and make money. There NEVER was any interest in a “community”. That was all just smoke and mirrors, and a lot of hot air.

  4. forpeace says:

    Where is everyone?

    Anybody home?!

  5. forpeace says:

    History Repeats – Facebook is the new AOL
    Facebook Buys AOL Patents From Microsoft For $550 Million In Cash | TechCrunch
    Posted Apr 23, 2012 by Ingrid Lunden
    Facebook Buys AOL Patents From Microsoft For $550 Million In Cash
    Although Facebook didn’t buy AOL’s patent portfolio the other week — it was gobbled up by Microsoft for $1 billion — it’s going to get a big serving of those patents anyway: Microsoft and Facebook today announced that Microsoft would be selling to Facebook 650 of the 925 patents that it bought  from AOL to Facebook for $550 million in cash.
    It will also get a license for the remaining 275 patents that Microsoft bought from the AOL portfolio, which Microsoft will continue to own. On top of this, Microsoft also has a license for the 300 patents that AOL still owns; but at this point, Facebook will not have a license for those patents still owned by AOL.
    The deal gives Facebook a much stronger position in the world of patents, where it had been weak up to now and has been facing lawsuits, most notably from Yahoo, over infringement. It now appears to own 1,460 patents (750 from IBM, these 650 from Microsoft/AOL, 60 of its own) plus applications for more, plus any it may be getting through acquisitions.
    More big Facebook news from today:
    Rather Than Pay Off Yahoo, Facebook Built A Fortress 1400 Patents Strong
    Facebook’s Amended S-1: 901 Million Users, 500M Mobile, Paid $300M Cash + 23M Shares For Instagram
    Zynga Contributed 15% of Facebook’s Revenue In Q1, Down From 19% A Year Ago
    You Earn Facebook An Average Of $1.21 Per Quarter

  6. gmb007 says:

    I imagine HP is what state censorship feels like in China.
    Guess the next step at Nazington Reich-Post will be midnight knocks on front doors. LOL

    Corporo-Goliaths like HP really are beyond frightening in their scope and power.
    Like the Twilight Zone, they can control everything you see and hear – and everything you DON’T (which is even more frightening).

    “It would seem HP has locked out any stories about this from most of the search engines, google, yahoo, bing, and msm searches with the word huffington in them all return HP articles. “user outrage at huffington post”, 1st 5 pages all HP articles. It would seem they were prepared to control the message.”
    ~ Vega Epoch Times

  7. fi says:

    I guess Jack must be out and about buying Christmas pressies for us all.

  8. fi says:

    BBL, feeding time!

  9. Bebe says:

    Now where did you disappear to forpeace ???

  10. gmb007 says:

    OK, dear friends, time for me to head to work.
    See you all tonight! Luv. 🙂

  11. USAGramma says:

    Just peaked in at the HogPen. I’m down 135. Only ONE article on the front page has over 1K comments. The lead story has 13. 😆

  12. forpeace says:

    Here is another link:

    AOL Advertising – New York, NY – Online Advertising Service, Advertising Service | Facebook

    Advertising Service
    We created the most powerful, effective online advertising tools in the business. Below are a few of the things we’re working on and talking about.

    • And Timmeh is heavily into marketing. It’s no longer about community – it’s about $$$$$$$$$$.

      • waverly says:

        Hey CG, I think Tim is a tool who does what he’s told if he wants to keep his job.

        • I would have to disagree – I read his website and twitter feed. He’s into marketing, pure and simple. That’s what he was hired to do, imho.

          • waverly says:

            I read his Twitter feed too. It looks as though it is written by one of his administrative assistants, all little neat, sweet, trite tweets. (tweets are for twits, LOL – I kill me 😆 )

            • Then check this out… His webpage –

              • waverly says:

                I may very likely be way out in left field with this, but after taking a good look at his website, it also looks like the work of an admin asst. They do the work, and he just signs off it. It reads like typical corporate propaganda in an attempt to make the company look like it’s worth more than it actually is.

                Tim: “Hey, look at me, I’m a hustler, I make lots of money for the company. Our earning potential is through the roof.”

                IMHO – Timmy was instructed by his superiors to increase the attractiveness of shareholder value, and that’s what he’s trying to do. Decision making is above his paygrade.

  13. Afternoon all. How goes it?

  14. I just read HP is thinking about random drug testing commenters. Is that true?

  15. forpeace says:

    Okay, lovely people, it’s time to leave.

    I wish you all a very joyful Saturday.

    This is not the end of the world ………. there is always a better and GREATER Life after HP.

    Be positive, stay strong, and let your voices to be heard.

    See you all some other time!! 😉

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