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  1. majorwiblit says:

    Afternoon All!!

  2. Bebe says:

    Hiow about…Linda Ronstadt – Desperado (Simple Dreams Tour – Atlanta 1977) instead

    perfect vocals

    • RF Dude says:

      Beautiful, Bebe!

      She did that on her “Prisoner in Disguise” album years ago, too, if I remember correctly… It seems to be stuck in that folder in my head, at least. Heard her version way before I heard the Eagles version, hers is the version I always compare others to.

  3. fi says:

    How about some Abba?

  4. algebrapalin says:

    my account is still there, but when i type and press submit, nothing shows up.

  5. Darth Pluto says:

    I really like that epoch site, but Realmsters FTW.

  6. Caller no. 8 says:

    Charles Brown ~ Please Come Home For Christmas

  7. majorwiblit says:

    For Jack,,,,,in regard to Neil Fu*king Diamond!!!!
    Slim Whitman – Indian Love Call 1952 .

    Goes right thru ya,,,huh???????????
    just like Neil!!!! 😆

  8. waverly says:

    Another disillusioned blogger “Huffington Post: Big Brother is Unstoppable”

    • RF Dude says:

      Thanks Waverly – I just cross-posted this to Epoch, keeping the information flowing back and forth. Excellent find!

      • waverly says:

        Thank RF, Much appreciated. Did you see my post about HP teaming up with LinkedIn – Literally my worst nightmare !!! 😯

      • Bebe says:

        Dear RF…enlighten me…what is ” Epoch” ?
        Is that a legit site..who runs it ?
        More like puffo poo ?

        Asks clueless bebe

        • RF Dude says:

          Hi Bebe – it’s a news platform that publishes in multiple languages and uses Disqus for commenting. Right now there is a large (~100) contingent of HP expats congregating there, several of them have posted on the AOLana page Jack put up here.

          I dunno who runs it, but the Modz have been on the thread talking with us. One, Ben_Chasteen, says Epoch is independent and will not go the FB verification way.

          So far, Epoch and Poynter are the only two news sites breaking this story. I’ve been over there a lot helping to keep the HPers that land there from ‘bouncing’ out – the community has gone from zero to >100 in the past week, many will probably stay there as it is quite similar to the HP of old days.

          Hope this helps. Running back and forth.

  9. Caller no. 8 says:

    Jim Reeves ~ Senor Santa Claus

  10. fi says:

    Paul Simon and Miriam Mekeba………………

  11. Bebe says:

    Oh pleezeee…stop !
    This is called pitch perfect…Joni Mitchell-California (BBC)


  12. waverly says:

    HOLY FUK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The Huffington Post, one of the first publishers to integrate Facebook Connect and the first to publish a Twitter edition, will soon integrate with LinkedIn, says the HuffPo’s CEO Eric Hippeau in this video interview.

    • waverly says:

      Not only that but you get to see what the dirtbag CEO of HuffPo looks like. And if anyone want to register complaints to HP This is the guy to whom you send your grievances: Eric Hippeau.

      Don’t waste time talking to anyone else at HP. It all flows down hill anyway.

    • Caller no. 8 says:

      We’ve been replaced by their hope to garner an aggregate community.

    • USAGramma says:

      Wouldn’t it be nice to know the date of this interview?

  13. fi says:

    “She’s got diamonds on the soles of her shoes”………………….

  14. fi says:

    Gonna sya goodnight now, I’ll leave you with some LadySmith, Black Mombazo……………..

  15. gmb007 says:

    THIS is why Arianna wants on the FB Gravy Train so bad.

    Why she so eagerly offered up all her faithful, loyal HuffPosters on the sacrificial Zuckerberg Alter.

    HP’s Army of “Trolls” (you know, the ones she aided and abetted) was the perfect ticket to join Zuck’s Money Train Party.

    …“If you can understand what people’s status UPDATES are about, you can build a model of who they are and what they’re into, and target advertising to them.”

    Zuckerberg took that even further: He promised in the earnings call that Facebook could turn our DATA POINTS into “the clearest model of everything there is to know in the world.” …
    (i.e. “ad targeting”)

    And who has more [comment] “updates” and “data points” than the entire membership of Huffington Post + their FB accounts?

    Forget Google.

    HP is Evil.
    FB is Evil
    FB is is morphing into The Digital Global Gatekeeper: no key, no access (see HP lockout).
    FB is Big Brother.

    > Don’t forget – AOL and FB are both NSA “source” partners.

    Therefore, by extension – as of Dec. 10, 2013 – so is Huffington Post.

  16. gmb007 says:

    For anyone interested, Facebook’s Q3 2013 Earnings Call Meeting Transcript.

    All of Wall Street was there, licking Zuck’s sneakers.

    Kinda surprised Arianna isn’t yet on the Board of Directors.

  17. This was posted over on the Epoch thread:

    (name removed)
    “Last year I discovered trolls increasing the “fan” count in a long dormant account.. Had the computer tech next door look at it. He jiggered around for a few minutes, and advised they were posting from HP servers…there were in excess of 200 trolls hiding in there. Some were the most vicious, baiting posters on the threads.
    Coinkydink ?”

  18. Caller no. 8 says:

    The 12 Days of 12th Perigee (alpha edition)

    I haven’t a clue what this is, but it works for me.

  19. Caller no. 8 says:

    Shitmat ~ Last Christmas I Gave You a Shitmat CD

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