The Frozen Apple

About Fancy Jack

Don't worry I'm not trying to be a Legitimate time for it and no money in it, just have fun.
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718 Responses to The Frozen Apple

  1. Jack says:

    new page in a few minutes

  2. Caller no. 8 says:

    Why is Jack our Burger Meister Chief?

  3. BassFace says:

    i have a picture of my new bike-shoes, but I think I’ll wait for the new page…

  4. Caller no. 8 says:

    I think Jack is going for the midnight turn. Get ready.

  5. Caller no. 8 says:

    Maybe midnight Central.

  6. Lizard ZX-2 Cyber says:

    It’s like Jeopardy here….

  7. BassFace says:

    I’m crashing… see y’all in the mañana..

  8. Caller no. 8 says:

    Endurance lurking separates the OCD from those with a life.

  9. Classy, are you Hokey? I can’t tell,

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