Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea


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Don't worry I'm not trying to be a Legitimate time for it and no money in it, just have fun.
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836 Responses to Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea

  1. beatlex says:

    Has this site gone all Squirrelly? No surprise with Jack in charge!

  2. Hey I will be back on a new page soon.

  3. it is crazy outside, unusual winter storm with lightning and thunder.

    • waverly says:

      Enjoy, these are the best winter storms. The lightning releases all kinds of negative ions which are actually have positive effect on your mood.

  4. BassFace says:

    Wow… flashbacks!!! Who put the opium in my oatmeal??

  5. Tuktuk Tukkedadah says:

    To all the squirrel hearts, I protect thee.

  6. Lizard ZX-2 Cyber says:

    While we are all anxiously awaiting Jack Sqwirl’s new page here is some Jeapordy “page-waiting music” :

  7. thedood says:

    Finally….quality couch time! What’s going on?

  8. BassFace says: update: Had my dentures refitted this afternoon, they fit MUCH better now! Still, the gums are still a few days away from enough healing that I can even think about attempting to eat with these dentures on (still a little raw, but the pain is minimal enough now that I stopped the Oxycodone yesterday).

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  10. termgirl says:

    Good evening, Realm.

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