I Still Hate Facebook




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  1. FOUR EYES says:

    I love deep dish pizza..I also love “real” pizza..Mrs.E is Italian, so shutuppa youface….8-)

  2. termgirl says:

    Pizza varies so much from region to region.
    Most of the “chain-store” pizza is pretty bad everywhere;
    cardboard with Hunt’s tomato sauce, basically.
    Those little round things that Dominoes calls meat toppings, just look weird and taste god-awful.
    I remember as a kid, waiting, what seemed like forever, with my mom and step-dad, at a local pizzeria. When it finally made it’s way to our table, it smelled so good, and was far superior to any pizza I have tasted since, although a pizza I had in Boston came pretty close….
    It’s all about personal preference when it comes to food. It’s funny…. but we all come equipped with taste buds, and yet our likes and dislikes vary so much.
    All I know, is that I enjoy talking about food, almost more than actually eating it.

    Bon appetite, Realm.
    Have a good day.

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